Juno in the Horoscope

In mythology Juno/Hera is said to represent the Principle of Relatedness as the Goddess of Marriage, Queen of the Heavens and a Triple Moon Goddess. She is said to rule Libra and Scorpio and her polarities are intimacy vs. Manipulation.

mythologically Juno was kind of tricked and pressured into marrying Jupiter/Zeus, but other stories it’s said that that she relinquished her power in order to experience marriage.

However, Jupiter/Zeus did not live up to her dreams and expectations. Jupiter trapped Juno into the monogamy of a traditional marriage and would not allow her to participate in her religious practices, he destroyed her cults, cheated constantly on her, and even had children with out her. Zeus or Jupiter failed to fulfill her needs as a husband. Juno became a vengeful and angry wife, often she would leave and then end up going back to him.

In Astrology Juno describes the need for a committed, equal relationship and suffering that arise when a relationship is denied or unequal. Juno was praised for fidelity.
In Greece, Juno/Hera, Zeus’ sister, was swallowed along with her siblings by her father Cronus/Saturn. After being escaping from his stomach, Zeus had a odd romantic interest in his sister in the myths associated with the duo. In order to trick Hera he turned in to a bird and caused a rainstorm. In disguise he flew, shivering and frozen from the cold, to Hera. Hera felt bad for the bird and warmed it with her cloak. When Zeus took on his true form he violated her. Shamed by assault, Hera married Zeus out of humiliation and guilt.

After that Zeus and Hera had a tumultuous and abusive marriage. In some stories Zeus was said to have directed thunderbolts at her. Hera covertly worked to come out on top and humiliate Zeus When she could no longer bear his cheating and abuse she got revenge by tying Zeus to his bed with knotted leather. Zeus got freed and took revenge on Hera by hanging her from the sky by her wrists and putting anvils on her ankles. It seems marriage deprived of her sex and she was basically put into a situation where she was denied children by her husband.

Zeus, however, went on to have numerous sexual exploits with other goddesses and mortals too. Forced into a submissive role, Hera arranged for the deaths of his lovers and even the children.

The tensions in Hera and Zeus’ marriage got worse and worse. By withholding sex, Zeus took from Hera sexual and emotional fulfillment. She missed out on the experience of having a child with her husband. Hera, refused to give Zeus a male heir. As you can see, the story of Juno is one of Jealousy.

Astrologically, Juno represents the need for a committed and equal relationship which she is denied and it resulted in suffering. Juno, for some reason, represents the partner and qualities we project onto our partners. Juno can describe any close relationship, such as business partners or even close friends. Juno represents our significant others no matter what our sexual preferences are. By transit, Juno allegedly describes possible the timing for the beginning of relationships as well as stressful periods of crisis or separation. She governs the topic of courtship, engagement, marriage, wedding anniversaries, and divorce.

In synastry, Juno is a primary indicator of compatibility and karmic connection. Karma can be a tough thing though. Thus, the use of Juno as a relationship significator provides information that could not be shown with traditional relationship through planets like Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, and the signs on the fifth-, seventh-, and eighth-house cusps, etc.

Due to the infidelities in her marriage, Juno came to represent the suspicious wife, who is a fierce opponent for her husband’s lovers, according to author, teacher and scholar, Demetra George, she can represent “competition, backbiting, and cattiness toward other women, Jupiter came to represent the type of man who views his wife as personal property to be jealously protected from any potential male trespasser,” Demetra goes on to say that “Astrologically, therefore, Juno depicts the issue of sexual fidelity as well as the patterns of oppression and force that are often used to maintain it. Juno also represents the humiliation, shame, anger, and revenge that erupt when the slighted partner finally retaliates”.

What sign and house is your Juno in? Does it make any aspects?

For more information about Juno I encourage you to read Demetra George’s book on asteroid goddesses. It’s one of the best books written about asteroid goddesses.

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  1. Hi. I found you on youtube on a channel called AT Astro, you did a cool video with Mike. He seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet, do you know if he’s OK, is there a way to contact him?


  2. I adore Mike, we are still friends. Yes he has definitely been quiet for a while now on YouTube but we still message some times. I think that he ended up going to work some place that has been keeping him busy. I should check up on him and just say hi.


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