Natal/Birth Chart Reading

A natal chart, often called a birth chart can provide insightful details about your personality, motivations, and desires. It can give details about the trajectory of a person’s course of life, details about personal relationships and more.


Annual Profections

Year after year we grow and change, did you know that you can get a look at the year ahead and see what can happen by examining your natal chart? You can with Annual Profections! Every year of your life is ruled by a different house in your birth chart and it’s planetary ruler and the planets in the house can tell us about the year ahead. This package also comes with 4 monthly horoscopes


Forensic Astrology and Cartomancy Readings

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and feel the need to look back and re examine the situation in order to cope with grief, if you are struggling with a missing loved one or would like more insight into a cold case murder or missing person’s report please contact me for a free reading. Basic forensic readings that do not pertain to missing persons or cold cases are donation based readings. Even if you can only donate one dollar to the cause every bit helps me to be able to find the time to focus on these cases and help people who desperately need it.


Monthly Horoscope

learn about the month ahead with the monthly horoscope! Great for determining how new and full Moons impact your life. I highly recommend this service during eclipse seasons to help navigate the crazier times in the world and our personal lives.


Solar Arc Reading with Midpoints

Look into the development of your character, social life, relationships, health and well being for one year to see how your life will unfold. This package includes four monthly horoscopes


Tarot Readings

I charge 5 dollars a card with a minimum three card draw. Tarot can be very insightful and helpful for those of us struggling and going through a hard time.



  1. Hello,

    what type of reading should I choose in order to see when i’ll meet my future partner? Or when I’ll get married again 🙂


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