4 Signs of Infidelity in the Horoscope

I wwanted to write a short blurb about 4 Signs of Infidelity in the Horoscope. If you have seen or experienced any please comment below. Let me know if you have seen any thing astrology wise through your own research…

Melanie Metheny Full Reading

Come join me as I discuss the forensic astrology of Melanie Metheny a missing young mother

Dennis Michael Ward and I Discuss Forensic Astrology and the Melanie Metheny Case

Dennis Michael Ward and I Discuss Forensic Astrology, Noah Tomlin and the Melanie Metheny Cold Case in this video. Please hit like and subscribe! Thanks for watching. https://youtu.be/0nURVNZkmAg

Zaylee and Shauna Fryar cold case

It all started with what should have been a short trip but it was one that was also sudden and unexpected.

A How to AMA: Reading a Yod

​Patterns are really cool. Especially yods, they are special. The best way to understand your yod is to break it down is one aspect at a time imo. Alot of people see patterns and look at them as one entity.…

How to: Forensic Horary Astrology

This is a list that gives a little bit of insight into how I break down and read a Forensic Horary chart.

Top 5: Useful Astrology Blogs for Forensic Astrology

This is a little list of some of my favorite blogs and sites I'm spending tons of time on lately.

A.A. Uranus in 2nd House

The Little Mermaid With the fixed star Baten Katos conjunct your Solar Return Uranus it will influence events surrounding Uranus with its constellation's themes. After reading your chart and thinking of Baten Kaitos the combination reminded me of the journey…

How To Predict Love with Astrology

I am going to start a, "How To," series about predicting events with astrology. These techniques might not be methods that other astrologers use. They may not be the popular indicators many people discuss regarding specific events. They are simply signs in the charts that as an astrologer I have seen come up before certain occurrences.

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