Mars conjunct Neptune

This is a time where we should keep a low profile, seclusion will be a good thing. Break out your sweat pants, flop down on the couch and grab your remote control – because Mars and Neptune are about to conjoin. This aspect is one where no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to achieve the end result you were looking for. It becomes difficult to carry plans to fruition because hindrances and denial seem to pop up left and right. Embrace the failure, embrace the laziness, and keep a low profile.
People are likely to be more miserable at work and this is a time where people can feel more irritated and self destructive than usual. On the other side of the coin people can feel very inspired and artistic as well. Just make sure you are 100% aware of the repercussions of any decisions you make or actions you take because things are not exactly crystal clear right now.
Infections and epidemics are very much associated with the combination of Mars and Neptune on a mundane level so it is possible that a new strain of covid or something else like that may come about. Actors, musicians, fanatics, and religion may be under the microscope during the conjunction, which will last about a week. This is an aspect associated with crime, addiction and sexual abuse so we can assume that these themes will combine on some level. Mars rules iron and Neptune rules water so these natural resources can become a hotter topic than usual.

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