Lilith in the Horoscope

In this article I will discuss asteroid Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith. Let me know where your Lilith is, and what it means to you, or how it has played out in your life! Please like, share and subscribe.
Asteroid Lilith, #1181, represents repressed anger and conflict resolution. Astrologically, Lilith 1181, addresses issues of personal, sexual power and repressed anger. In interpersonal relationships, she shows where we withdrawal to arguing and how we sexually manipulate others. Positively she shows the propensity for skillful negotiation and compromise. She can show where we may hold anger from being rejected. This Lilith, again, represents an extreme amount of re-pressed anger. This rage, when active, can result in sexual domination and even violence in some cases. In the horoscope, a prominent Lilith can represent our quality of independence and the refusal to submit to another. A prominent Lilith may not allow people to compromise their beliefs because Lilith is so independent. Stressful placements of Lilith point to the perception of women or femininity as evil (the seductress). It can also show the possibility of rape and sexual abuse if aspected to Toro or Saturn according to Demetra George, or the inability to reach agreement until issues of personal power are resolved. Lilith’s aspects to other planets show the contacted planet deals with conflict resolution. In synastry, Lilith contact can show the need for the individuals to learn negotiation and the possibility of our problems surrounding sexual fears, feelings of anger stemming from rejection and suspicions.
According to legend, in Hebraic tradition, Lilith is the first wife of Adam and represents the first stage of the feminine as a consort. She found herself in conflict with Adam, who wished to have rulership over her but she believed that they were equals due to them coming from the same earth. So, Lilith chose exile and loneliness rather than domination. To punish her for rejecting her husband, Lilith became regarded as the personification of feminine evil. She was seen as a dark demon who was viewed as a threat to pregnant women, according to legend, she killed children, and seduced men to destroy them. Her was the worst fear of men and made them fearful regarding their sexuality and potency. Lilith appears as a female demon or group of demons in Babylonian mythology. Seen as one who supposedly seduced men in their sleep (succubus), it was said harmed women in childbirth as well, and stole babies right out of their cradles. According to Jewish folklore Lilith was the “first Eve” and left Adam, resulting in her being the mother of hundreds of demons.
The Waldemath, Dark Moon Lilith, # h58, may or may not be a real body. According to Ivy Goldstein, in her book, “The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology,” Lilith’s intent is to injure humans. In the beginning of her book she describes her as sinister and malevolent. She states that Lilith denies any good from the house it is placed in. She states that it will effect the native physically if placed in the first house, If in the second then financially, there may be issues with siblings or neighbors in the third, in the fourth house father or family issues, and in the 7th denial of marriage and so on. She states that the more angular the placement, the more people are fascinated with the native and the native maybe seen as overly friendly, flirtatious, and if afflicted she can show jealousy and marital problems. Ivy went on to say that her position should also be noted in horary charts. I wondered why.
The Dark Moon is said to be like the bad side of Neptune and liked to be like the unfortunate attributes of the 12th house (Self undoing, crimes, isolation, and mistakes). This Lilith stands for temptation, seduction, betrayal, infatuation, and a loss of morality. It can show where things are abnormal in a chart, or in what area of the chart there may be illicit activity. It is said that she can bring about situations such as poisoning, death in child birth, still birth, abortion, and abnormal physical or emotional development.

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  1. Wow, would not want to hang out with lilith! She’s @ 6 degrees in Aqua in my 9th, sextile to Neptune (7H) & Trine to Pluto (5H) but next to the MC (9 degrees), what does that mean?

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  2. The Babylonians considered Lilith the patron demon of abortion, she was believed to stalk the night and have hatred for human women and pregnant women especially, causing miscarriages and stillborns due to her jealousy of Eve.

    Some religious (Manfred Hutter, Lilith, in K. van der Toorn et al. (eds.), Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, Leiden, Brill 1999, pp. 520–521. ISBN 90-04-11119-0) text refer to Lilith as the second-wife of archangel Samael and due to being demon and not human, while some scholars believe that Samael refers to Satan, although there’s an argument over that due to Samael being said to be still in favor with God.

    I would like to highlight the difference between the modern day overtone and the Babylonian one. These days the Lilith egregore is associated to our natural human dark subconscious, but in historical context Lilith was considered a demon, while demons more or less could be considered by some occult circles to be entities that swim in the subconscious and manipulate humans out of spite.


  3. Hello this is Megan woodard I wanted to know if theirs any kind of way could read my brother I lost him in April of suicide it’s really hit me hard could you please help me


    • I sure could. Please email me the details and I will get to it as soon as possible


      • My brother passed away on April 20 he hung his self with his belt he was kinda not his self on the 17 th that was Easter he looked mad not really saying much I thought that maybe he was having trouble with his girlfriend since his passing ive have knocks on the door at three in morning I feel someone staring at me makes me feel uneasy I can smell him often and I just want to know if he wants me to no something my mom woke up one morning went outside and there was a number four on his window and it’s in the inside of his car he used his car to stand on top of it to tie the belt around the basketball goal to hang his self there still foot prints on top of the car there just a lot of weird stuff that’s going on and I just don’t understand why he commented suicide he was loved by so many people we never thought he was this bad off that he had to leave us im so heart broken I just need some help


      • Megan do you have his birth chart? If so you can send me it and I will read it


      • I was wondering if you was able to get Jonathan reading


      • My brother name is Jonathan rawls


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