Lucas Hernandez


The Natal Chart


I looked at Lucas’s natal chart and went over his closest aspects.  Although I won’t adress all his aspects I will adress the ones who are the tightest and in my opinion the most important.  Firstly, the Sun and Jupiter opposition.  Oddly natal Jupiter is conjunct the Arabic part of violence, opposite the sun (life force).  The Sun is with Rastaban a fixed star. Rastaban lays in the constellation Draco.  The name rastaban means head of the dragon. It’s an impulsive  star that’s good for astrology and the government.  I always like to see Rastaban in a chart because it promises luck for an astrologer and the law. It’s a promise that one day we’ll get to the bottom of this.  Jupiter is retrograde in Lucas’s chart. Bringing up things like unfulfilled promises,  poverty,  lack of freedom and status. Too much severity impedes his future growth.  Jupiter rules professionals in court settings and due to its retrograde direction brings a lack of luck, and poor professionals running the show. In this case we might see a plea bargain because it is easier for the lawyers for example.

In Lucas’s case with this opposition effort goes unrecognized.  No matter how hard Lucas tries it’s never good enough.  Some one is jealous of him. His father is uninterested. Court decisions are unfavorable.  The people who want to help him are virtually helpless which is awful and brings back up themes of unfulfilled promises.  He likely had low self esteem and a broken ego. It casts his father in an unfavorable light. The day Lucas disapeared mars conjoined the sun and set this aspect off. In my opinion this was the end for him. It was violent and I won’t go much further than that because finding Lucas is more important than what happened.

In Lucas’s natal chart the moon and saturn square one another. Unlike an opposition like the one previously discussed which promises seperation and loss that can’t be changed the square brings obstacles that need to be a dressed right away. They are obstacles that can be over come usually though.  So a square between the moon and saturn brings depression (saturn) resulting from women (the moon).  This is a very intense woman at best. There is a sense of loneliness surrounding Lucas.  I believe that the aspect gives us clues to direction possibly. It shows a family life plagued with nit picking and nagging. He’s been very discouraged. Difficulty seems never ending for this little guy.  When looking for location clues the moon shows us themes of shipwrecks due to its conjunction with N. Ascelli. The moon is with Preaesepe as well. This star is the exhalation of piled up corpses. You’ll often find more than one body with this Star involved.  I have seen it active in other charts and more than one body is almost always found. Preaesepe brings themes of fires, murder and tragedy.

Lucas has venus conjunct his midheaven natally.  This is a natal promise of public or social events putting him in the spotlight.  female relationships impact his future according to the conjunction . He is in the public eye for unfortunate reasons.

The Solar Arc Chart:

The pink chart in the center circle above is his solar arc chart. Solar arc Mercury conjoined the natal node showing an important person coming in to Lucas’s life. This person was helping him. They were sharing ideas and planning something. As wonderful as it is to see someone there for a child going through what lucas was going through I’m really sad to see arcing pluto conjoin mars. This shows excessive brutality.  We are seeing an extreme force at play. Unfortunately this makes me believe that lucas is probably not with us any longer. He didn’t understand why he was being left out and why his relationships were breaking down. He felt left out of his family circle and he didn’t understand why he was an outcast.  He was insecure and nervous.  Things felt futile for him and he didn’t even want to try anymore.

The Horary Chart:


I used two older methods to establish a direction for finding Lucas. One method was William Lily’s , another was Ivy Goldstein’s.  The direction was a resounding south by east. Regardless of what planets I used as a signifigator  (the fourth house of the grave,  or the first house of a missing person) the direction stayed the same. As far as distance went I came up with a radious of a little over one mile. Using Mercury as Lucas’s signifigator as it rules the first house would show Lucas in 11th house Aries.  Using the Sun the ruler of the grave puts the grave in the 11th house and sign of Aries. Aries would show Sandy, hilly ground. Unfrequented places, places where instruments are used, near heat, or near blood as Aries does rule blood.  The 11th house rules the mother’s movable goods and resources of an authority figure.  The moon is in Taurus along with Venus.  They’re in different houses  (venus in the 12thand the moon also in the 11th ). The twelfth house rules confinement and jails. Venus naturally rules mothers and young women.  It comes as no surprise that Venus is in jail,  as Lucas’s step mom who is the main suspect is sitting in jail.

With the sun ruling the fourth house of the grave we have to look at the aspects made between the planets. A seperation of the sun and moon could show the step mother or a woman (the moon) leaving Lucas in a place connected to fluid, and it wasn’t a long trip. According to my dear friend Kirsty Mcintosh who recently released an excellent book on forensic astrology, “Criminal Astrology Vol. 1,” The Sun’s position in the 11th house could indicate that the victim may have been surrounded by or with some friends at the time or friends may know what happened. It shows the hopes and dreams of the victim being taken away.,” I would have to agree with her. Lucas was likely placed near a boundary or partition in an area the perp found nostalgic and beautiful. It was a cheerful place for her or him. A Negative aspect between the first house ruler Mercury and Saturn show a lack of time a proper planning likely occurred.  It also shows difficulty locating Lucas.  Eventually everything should get straightened out. There is an element of needing to reexamine the facts and locations he could possibly be. Something about this aspect could show a need to redo a task we or Lucas thought was finished already.  Mercury in the 11th could show us disorganization and a lack of facts to go off make narrowing down a location difficult. Others may be being very selective about what they share or say about Lucas.  It’s not being done because it is in his best interest. Saturn residing in the 7th house shows us the suspect is an authority figure to Lucas. The 7th house also rules court proceedings as well. Because Saturn slows things down we could really see the legal side of things drag on and on.

The moon is conjunct a fixed star, Sharatan in the constellation Aries. this constellation has a story so similar to Lucas’s story that it makes my skin crawl. In the story Phrixus and his twin sister Helle have a step mother, Ino. Ino hates the twins and wants them dead. She arranges to have the twins sacrificed to prevent a false famine. As they are about to die Aries the ram appeared, saving them. Helle ends up falling in a straight, drowning while her brother survived. Mars directly conjunct the 8th house of death doesn’t sit well with me. A violent planet, the lesser malefic, we can expect that Lucas likely died from  violence. With Mars conjunct Vega we see fleeting game regarding this case. Double dealing and troubles with one’s mother. The main point of Vega’s story is to not be decieved. In the story of Vega a man named Orpheus who loves a woman named Euriydice loses her to the bite of a venomous Viper. He plays music so depressing after his loss that the gods take pitty on him. They suggest he go to the underworld and ask to have Hades release Euridice back to the earth. Hades tricks Orpheus though and Orpheus loses Eurydice forever. It’s a story of lies, deception and manipulation. A story of poison, lost love and great sorrow. Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies sits with facies. Blindness, violent death, war, coldness, detachment, war. Davies shows actions that disregard others. It’s in the constellation of Sagittarius in the bow. It signifies weapons of violence. It symbolizes archery as well. Mercury with midpoint of mars and the ascendant show an argument ensuing, likely leading up to physical violence. Maybe Lucas was being sassy? This is a clue that can show verbalize disputes.

I’m going to close or conclude this article. Excuse the poor editing. I figured getting info up was more important than any typos. I have yet to delve into the transit vs. The natal chart deeply and will do so as soon as possible. Prayers for Lucas and his family.






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  1. How can our Lucas give up and not want to try anymore that is just harsh and so heartbreaking. Our poor baby deceaved felt unwanted it’s really hard to understand why a child would feel like this at such a young age. When all he needed was love

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  2. Hi my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and come with almost all significant infos. I’d like to see more posts like this .


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