The Mackenzie Brahnam Reading

Paige Johnson

For Paige's reading chose the time 1am when she was allegedly dropped off at 15th and Scott in Covington, Ky. The chart rose at roughly 12° Cancer. This means Paige is represented by the Moon. In this chart there is…

Lucas Hernandez

  The Natal Chart I looked at Lucas's natal chart and went over his closest aspects.  Although I won't adress all his aspects I will adress the ones who are the tightest and in my opinion the most important.  Firstly,…

The condition of the Moon

Solar Return Moon with Algol: One of the most feared fixed stars is Caput Algol. Astrologers have reffered to the star as the demon star. I agree that it is scary. Not because it's actually bad but because of the…

Zaylee and Shauna Fryar cold case

It all started with what should have been a short trip but it was one that was also sudden and unexpected.

Brad Hale Astro Cartography

Brad is missing from Bellingham, WA please feel free to use the map if you are out this summer looking for Brad Link: Check Out Brad Hale's Astro Cartography Map for Key Areas of Interest

Kara Kopetsky

Introduction to the case, and one burning question: What I am doing in this reading is comparing the natal, solar arc and Transit charts to the day Kara was found. I wanted to see what would show up if I…

A How to AMA: Reading a Yod

​Patterns are really cool. Especially yods, they are special. The best way to understand your yod is to break it down is one aspect at a time imo. Alot of people see patterns and look at them as one entity.…

AA Neptune in the first house

According to your natal chart you are a born gifted astrologer. It is exciting that you are learning Astrology. I am reading your chart differently than others in hopes that seeing my own method of reading charts might make reading the themes that occur in astrology easier to read as you practice astrology. I am […]

Toni Anderson KCMO

Please Never Lose Hope for the Missing Before we go further, I want to talk about a few key things people must keep in mind as I delineate this chart or any other. 1. Astrology is not a scientific explanation of…

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