Lucas Hernandez Natal and Transit Charts

In Lucas's reading I only read certain aspects.  I ignored the trines and sextile aspects because I am not dealing with a happy situation.  There's a number of concerning things shown when we compare the 911 transits to Lucas's natal…

Lucas Hernandez

  The Natal Chart I looked at Lucas's natal chart and went over his closest aspects.  Although I won't adress all his aspects I will adress the ones who are the tightest and in my opinion the most important.  Firstly,…

Kara Kopetsky

Introduction to the case, and one burning question: What I am doing in this reading is comparing the natal, solar arc and Transit charts to the day Kara was found. I wanted to see what would show up if I…

Toni Anderson KCMO

Please Never Lose Hope for the Missing Before we go further, I want to talk about a few key things people must keep in mind as I delineate this chart or any other. 1. Astrology is not a scientific explanation of…

Kara Kopetski Case Review: Death is a Lie

I wanted to see what would show up if I progressed Kara's natal planets to the transit chart for the day her remains were found. In spite of the proof she has passed away, the results are very special in my opinion. 

Where is Jessica Runions: Natal, Solar Arc and Transits

Recently I was given the opportunity to read Jessica's natal chart. I was given her accurate location and time of birth. This kind of information is rarely available to forensic astrologers. Even some of the best forensic astrologers who have written books are left to do so without accurate birth information.

Jessica Runions: A Horary Reading

This star is called Cor Serpentis, 'the Heart of the Serpent', not because the star is in the heart but because it is most characteristic of the meaning of Ophiuchus. (Bernadette Brady)

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