Solar Return Neptune and Uranus

It seems rare for a client to enjoy retrograde solar return Neptune going direct and hitting the retrograde degree. This happens to you on February 28th. Sure, there are many bad things Neptune can bring but it can slowly bring to light positive situations as well. For you Neptune will leave you confused about what is true and what is false.  I mean this in a broader sense. Things like religion,  death, your emotions, shared or loaned money, your daily job, and the media leave you conflicted and struggling to get a clear point of view.

Your beliefs might become a little more extreme as you find yourself suspended between reality and illusion. It’s often a difficult time but this time will bring you growth and experience.  A great creativity will be awakened with in you and the struggles of Neptune will help you to change the way you view things for the better. Now is a good time to be on the look out for liars and those who might be out to take advantage of your caring nature dont be too trusting.  Don’t isolate yourself too much or turn to behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse to cope with life, potential hurt or disappointment.

With Neptune transiting your natal first house This is a vulnerable time for you. This vulnerability may stem from a sense of childhood abandonment.  As Neptune gets comfy in the natal 1st house your self image may be subject to changes or being lost. On the bright side of things intuition is in over drive for you.  Artistic endeavors could bring great satisfaction. Discussion surrounding your ego may be a loss sense you cant really put your finger on where issues are stemming from. Avoid self pity guilt, fear and feelings of inadequacy.  Instead focus on spirituality and art. It’s likely that you spend a lot of time traveling to distant places. Idealism will have to be kept in check, don’t be too trusting.

If you are dealing with a court case the verdict may not be favorable for you. The health of a parent could be at risk due to drug or alcohol abuse.  None the less the positive aspects like spiritual inspiration, imagination in over drive, creativity and talent uncovered should be the main focus of this time frame.  It’s probably alarming that Uranus and Neptune return to their solar return degrees at the same time. Both planets are forces that come from with out, not with in. They are not in our control and often we find ourselves in situations where others are responsible for our situations.  Uranus could have career, goal, and lifestyle changes in store for you. Uranus is the planet of Seperation though and this may involve seperation from the family, home or a parent due to its 10th house solar return placement.  Uranus lands in the second house of your natal chart. It can imply a reversal in financial luck or values. Again it can imply a relationship loss.

As I move further along in your reading I can’t help but notice the January 31st eclipse is awful close to your solar return 2nd house cusp. Squaring the sun your solar return 2nd house ruler.  It leads me to believe financial issues will come a long with the eclipse and they impact your residence or family relationships.  Arcing Neptune and Uranus are opposed during the eclipse.  This makes them active as well.  Best of luck to you with this eclipse.  I hope that you win the lottery and things go smoothly.

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