Eclipsed arcing Saturn in the 12th house

During years passed saturn began to arc your 12th house. It is still there and this year it will get eclipsed in early February. With this slow, long term placement subconscious or repressed fears and worries are brought up. These things, along with what we hide away from ourselves or others need to be considered at this time. Issues that occurred long ago surrounding loss, fear, disappointment, secrets and depression can become heavy in your life creating barriers to happiness and your ability to be productive. It’s a time where you will be forced to take responsibility for your past actions and feelings. Then you are forced to handle them in a mature manner now.

Solar return Saturn in the natal 10th is all about getting what you put in and possibly upgraded status. Gains come with more responsibility or strings attached at this time. January February are a good time to establish long term goals for your self. Solar return Saturn in solar return 4th house leaves you feeling unhappy about family occurances or relationships. Watch out, you may end up with extra responsibilities, dealing with the family or situations involving the home. These placements may leave you feeling gloomy, stuck in the middle, or like you don’t belong. Growth that is brought on by Saturn is hard, hard work. You may not enjoy this period of growth but remind yourself that you only get back what you put in. Saturn makes us reap what we sow.

You can often find your self wanting to stay at home, avoiding interactions with others. An older person may take center stage in your life. Saturn is one of those planets that bring confinement so seclusion or even illness can occur. Can take good care of your health and teeth at this time.

With the January 31st eclipse kicking you in the second house I would not be surprised if financial issues and a reconsideration of values arise. Now is the time to get responsible about money if you haven’t. If finances have been handled irresponsibily now those ghosts come back to haunt you.

Now that we have covered these issues ask yourself over the next week the following questions-

1) looking back on the past do you notice anything surrounding your subconscious behaviors, fear, insecurity or mental health that has to be rethought or dealt with?

2) Do any of these issues currently block you from moving forward or finding happiness right now? Are you dealing with any current issues that fit the patterns of the three saturn placements?

3) if you do notice these patterns in your life how does knowing about them help you plan for your year a head? What can you do to make the best of Saturn’s energy for and in the future?

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