Solar Arc and Solar return Sun

This year you should be feeling artistic,  creative and generous. Your spiritual awareness should be at an all time high with the solar return and solar arc sun aspecting Jupiter.  You may be prone to acting a little more flamboyant and dramatic.  With many planets aspecting natal Jupiter and the moon/Neptune midpoint we might see you in a supportive relationship with a man. This man might be your father given the sun’s  solar return fourth house placement but it could be a partner of sorts with the sun arcing your 8th house. In laws,  long distance travel and legal issues are highlighted.

With Neptune and the sun in contact by trine it’s nice to see your spirit and imagination set to soar. Follow your instinct and pay attention to your dreams.  The aspect can also imply possible secret activities and matters.  A sextile to pluto brings improved domestic conditions.  Maybe you redecorate or make changes at home and personally.  It’s a good time to conduct research and get to the bottom of that which is hidden by looking back at old things like news papers, diaries and so forth.  You could come across something very valuable.  Practice self control stay on top of your debts, and use information from your past positively.

In the fourth house the sun can bring a lot of family dynamics up. Interactions may increase.  Support from your father or family could contribute to your ability to be successful.  The sun can make us very ego centered,  so becareful of letting pride and arrogance get out of hand. This behavior can create issues at home or with in your family.  The Sun lands in your natal 9th house. This puts your focus on your professional status.  Think through any speculation and risky adventures thoroughly before you act on them or draw conclusions. With this placement you might find yourself traveling quite a bit and maybe feeling home sick. Writing down information and opinions for the public might just be something that you find yourself doing.

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