Jessica Runions Solar Arc Reading

An Introduction and Summary of Conclusions:

Recently I was given the opportunity to read Jessica’s natal chart. I was given her accurate location and time of birth. This kind of information is rarely available to forensic astrologers. Even some of the best forensic astrologers who have written books are left to do so without accurate birth information. I’m relieved and feel honored to have the information I need to try to help this family bring Jessica home.

Now that I have finished reading I have formed a clearer idea of what she must have been like. I have more insight into the dreaded day she went missing and what might occur. This reading gave quite a bit of information. Now that I have finished I am left to consider some possibilities about the situation I never have before. After the readings, I am left with more questions than answers but also more hope.

Who Was Jessica?


(The Upside of Uranus=MC):

A Free Thinker, new ideas, A humanitarian, One who wishes upon stars, Charismatic, Self Aware. Meeting new associations, career changes (new jobs, promotions, etc). 

(The Hard Part about Uranus=MC):

Feeling like a misfit, Not knowing where one belongs or fits in, Spontaneity or unpredictability in actions, Changes to the public image for better or worse, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Identity adjustment, struggles with ego identification or public identification.

It would appear to me that Jessica was kind, good-hearted, a team player and caring. A person who was willing to put someone else’s needs ahead of her own. She was probably a considerate person who was happy to share her success with people. It made her feel good to be there for others and help out.

I think Jessica followed her thoughts and logic. She was intelligent. On the other hand, she was possibly struggling to listen to intuition due to intelligence and logic. This would be based on general/ traditional social conditioning. We are all taught to follow certain guidelines during interactions with other people. Things like: Please, thank you, men take out the trash, women do the dishes, be nice, try to help people, etc. Jessica had likely been brought up to have good logic, manners, and values. Sadly good logic and social norms/manners are likely what landed Jessica in this unfortunate situation.

As September rolled around Uranus Arced Jessica’s Midheaven. The MC is a very personal point. Jessica was beginning to think independently/ differently than others such as parents or society might. Her views may have been becoming more set in stone or changing. The changes in her thinking and views may have manifested in various ways. These views and ideas may have moved away from what her parents believed or taught her. Good examples of this kind of influence on are Republican parents who have different views than their liberal kids. A child accepting and advocating gay marriage while their religious parents are horrified. The list could go on forever but you probably get the themes.

If Jessica believed something or had an opinion it would hard to change her views or thoughts on the subject. Then suddenly her ridgid views would change, just as suddenly as they came. She might have had very set or concrete thoughts of how people should or should not behave publicly forming in her mind regarding male and female interaction, manners, etc. She was growing up and becoming an adult who wanted to stand on her own two feet and still was adjusting leaving the nest. She was focused on being an independent person.

Jessica was finding her individuality and learning to accept it. She was trying to find the right place to fit in socially at this time. Uranus can make us feel different or like misfits if it’s strong. At this time maybe she felt like she just didn’t belong in any particular circle of people. She was likely looking for acceptance and yet at the same time finding her individuality. She appears to have enjoyed the company of others so balancing this conflict might be stressful for her.

Probably a busy girl with a quick mind, and quick to speak up, She was becoming a freer spirit with independent thoughts, and opinions that were solely her own. She was probably not interested in being around people who stifled her freedom, speech, individuality or liberties in any way.

What Happened?

Pluto=Moon (Emotional Manipulation, Power Struggles, Emotional Abuse)

Arcing Pluto and Uranus show how Jessica will be thrust into a prominent public position. It shows that a powerful force of nature will dramatically change her life and the way things were once. An element of fated occurrences is at play when Pluto and Uranus are involved with personal natal points like the midheaven and natal moon.

Pluto being the furthest outer planet is too far out of reach of our personal control. Uranus is far off and out of control as well. Both can show aspects of life where the will of others or fated occurrences can come into play. Pluto can represent abuse and death. Combined with the energy of Uranus, the wild card, I would say they would represent and out of control, unexpected infliction of power from a source outside of the self.

When Pluto gets involved with the moon it is cause for concern. The moon is the most important thing in my opinion sense it’s the fastest in the chart. It can show an extreme emotional interaction and eruptions. It is about power and control, on the other hand, it can show the loss of power. Pluto is intense. He always brings upheaval into lives of the people who experience his influence.

Everyone wants to be in control of their own choices/lives. Jessica is no different. We are typically faced with lessons surrounding control when we are thrust into Pluto’s domain. With Pluto activating her chart in many ways Jessica was learning that sometimes we can’t be in control of everything.These lessons can manifest physically and mentally. They made come in the form of health problems, relationships, issues surrounding death and therapy or mental and emotional compulsions.

Pluto can create strong emotional intensity, powerful emotion, intense passion and great fury. Sometimes we do see domestic violence manifest as well as murder and abuse. At Jessica’s age, many people have not come to accept that there are some things we can’t control or manipulate. This perception never works to our benefit. Especially in personal relationships.

We need to learn to let go of the idea we can fix people who are broken, that others can fix us. At the same time many aspects of our lives, interactions and relationships have to change. We will have no choice when we deal with Pluto and Uranus. We are forced to accept that our bodies aren’t always under our control, sometimes we are under our body’s control. Our relationships aren’t under our control.

Given Pluto Arcing her 7th house I would imagine relationships were the area of life where she was struggling to balance power and control the most. Maybe Jessica was trying to find her own inner power or find it through relationship experiences. Maybe someone else was trying to find it in her.

These relationships don’t always have to be romantic. 7th house relationships would have been an area of power struggles, head games, manipulation and control tactics. Pluto with the moon would bring some intense intuition into play. Jessica probably had a feeling that being around Kylr was not in her best interest. Jessica had instinctively known something was off and she disregarded her instincts. I think that night Kylr had already planned to prey on the kindness and agreeableness in Jessica.

It is hard to identify takers and people who lack morality for Jessica. Manners and misplaced kindness make it hard to set boundaries when people feel wary of situations. This can often put people in the line of danger. It is important to have firm boundaries with abusers and manipulators like Kylr. Sadly the signs of his true personality were unlikely crystal clear to Jessica.

I would imagine that she was unequipped to appropriately identify him as a dangerous person, handle interactions and practice safe boundaries. In my opinion, you would probably need a stun gun and a Ph.D. in psych to appropriately handle interacting with Kylr.

Mercury=Mid heaven: strictly adhering to thoughts brings changes.

Something such as rumors, news, gossip, or verbal statements about personal values might be at play regarding her interactions and communication. It is possible she heard some gossip and it was heavy on her mind. These things combined and caused changes she likely never anticipated. She tried to see the best in people, Kylr included. The deceptiveness may have been hard to see.

With Mercury representing local travel and the midheaven representing publicity, it is important to consider how these two things combined. To consider the fact that her form of transportation and her interactions that night landed her in the spotlight. This highlights how important contacts to the midheaven can be. She will have a captivating public image until at least her next birthday, maybe some time longer.

The Arcing location of the Path of fortune is in contact with the node. As a matter of fact, many many planets are at nodal degrees. This is fateful as well. The node brings out of control and often extremely difficult situations into people’s lives. I have had the displeasure of the nodal axis bringing such situations into my own life.

The future:

Uranus=MC, T. Pluto op. Sun: ego differences

I believe the conjunction of Arcing Uranus to the Midheaven is symbolic of the shocking and unexpected disappearance of Jessica. The aspect contacts a midpoint in Jessica’s chart that shows the public is concerned and interested in her. To see Uranus arc the midheaven shows the possibility that this case could have an element of unexpected closure, shocking twists or information that surfaces eventually.

With Sun involved with Pluto, there is cause for concern. This is because the sun rules our health, ego and vitality. To have the planet of death/ruler of another form of existence with the sun probably won’t ever bring about something positive. The placement of Uranus gives me some form of hopefulness because with Uranus anything could happen. The changes and situations Uranus brings are always shocking. We can’t even imagine how things will work out in the end.

I can’t help but hope and wonder if this is a scenario where maybe things could end far differently than we would expect it to. Uranus is usually a total catastrophe but it is the planet of wishes. I like to think that this conjunction shows how important it is to hold out hope and wish for the best. Maybe we might get what we hope for. This situation is one that will exceed our wildest expectations or go far different than we imagined.

images (4)Algorab a fixed star in Corvus The Crow’s constellation

The moon rules locations that may or should possess any kind of fluids. The Moon’s Themes would include bodies of water emotionally significant locations, the home, and the grave. Due to these themes, heavy aspects with planets that represent abuse and death (Arc Pluto, Transit Mars) I think the Natal Moon’s position is important.

The tough aspects, placement of the moon and House blended with planetary rulerships could give significant information about where she is. Both the 7th house and Moon have interesting rulerships in common. These rulerships both include the native’s body, thieves, open enemies, runaways or places one would remove to, and fugitives.

Arcing and transiting Pluto combine with the Natal Moon and Transit mars. This pile up of planets would probably rule the death itself (Pluto), and actions (Mars) leading up to it. I wonder if the scene of the crime is near the location of Jessica’s current location due to their conjunction.

Uranus could show an unexpected, sudden relocation. Often any outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) combined with the midheaven is representative of relocation. With the moon ruling fluids and the grave in modern rulership and Uranus ruling hydroelectricity, electricity, and rivers (among other things) I would suspect Jessica is near water, or electricity.

Mars with Algorab, the fixed star is associated with lying, loss, greed, and injury. The association of these themes with Algorab doesn’t always make sense to me. I have it strongly placed in my own chart so I am familiar with Algorab. The themes mentioned above don’t fall in line with Algorab’s story. The opposition with these planets (MARS AND SATURN) is natal and unfortunate. These natal planets Arced slowly over the course of Jessica’s life to this position at these degrees. The natal opposition of these planets was transited heavily and activated at the time as well as the year of Jessica’s disappearance.

Sure the Crow, Corvus, did bring about the Princess Coronis’s murder through his tattling to Apollo. Corvus lived though and was only transformed from a beautiful white or silver bird into the black crow we all know and love today. The princess Coronis had a violent and horrible death. Corvus lived in shame for trying to help a friend out and telling the truth. A classic story of, “shooting the messenger”. Oddly the story of coronis is strong in the Horary chart as well as this one.

The arcing Sun:

The Arcing sun is conjunct an extremely terrible cluster of stars, named Preaesepe. The name means Hive. Chinese astrologers called this cluster, Tseih She Ke. The meaning of the term is, “exhalation of Piled-up Corpses”, Preaesepe At 7 Leo, the degree of the eclipses is revelevant. The Sun with Preaesepe may be affected by Virgo and Pisces eclipses. I am curious what this could imply. I have noticed this star cluster has been prevalent in cases where corpses are found stacked up on top of each other. One case I read a chart on and will forever remember is discussed in this article below. Check it out, please.


Could Preaesepe imply that Kylr’s victims are numerous? Together and in one place? Could it show the circumstances of the father’s team locating the bodies as they searched? Could it be a clue hinting toward an area of mass death? Places such as mass accidents, murders, and tragedy? Locations pertaining to ancient battlegrounds? The sight of a battle during the civil war?  I don’t have those answers. I am only left with more questions. Knowing Preaesepe I would not be surprised for any of these themes to occur in Jessica’s case somehow.

Saturn is with Alpheratz the fixed star in the neck of Princess Andromeda. Reading the mythology of Andromeda would lead one to learn that the princess was chained to a rock and left as a sacrifice to an angry sea monster. This is a story that would show rocky, stony, high places with water in my opinion. It is possible this is a site associated violence and Mars/ Aries qualities.

Alpheratz is said by ancients to have been noted as bringing about the possibility of a violent death and imprisonment. I would imagine this theme would be present in a location or in the case. The house placement of the path of fortune could show Jessica being far off. Probably quite a distance from where she was last seen or her local hangouts.

Team Work:

The aspects of the Natal node and the path of fortune are positive. This may indicate success in locating Jessica. This aspect shows the capacity of a team. This is proof of amazing and possibly fortunate teamwork. I have noticed that many KCMO community members are very helpful and caring people. This aspect leads me to have hope that Jessica will be found.

The 9th house rules dreams, prophecy, astrology, wishes, and divination. Pisces and Neptune rule the same things. The 9th house is also a house that rules the court system, the professional class of people such attorneys, the legal proceedings of Jessica’s case, and laws. There could be a legal team or group that will be successful in locating Jessica, finding info, or prosecuting Kylr.

This is an important time for: the team, a third sibling of Jessica if there is one, those who have in law like relations with her and those involved with the court case/ proceedings to pay attention to dreams. Should a person close to Jessica experience any prophetic visions or experiences regarding Jessica it is important to take them seriously.

The Pisces eclipse, it’s Themes and the Team: 

Neptune rules the new February Pisces eclipse. Neptune is deceptive, confusing, and has a way of making people delude themselves. Pisces is captivity, bondage, and what happens after death. Neptune and Pisces rule the water, or any kind of fluid such as oil, gas, chemicals. This is an eclipse that is with the south node.

This means something has possibly been overlooked. New information may be the cause of confusion. Things might need to be re-examined or let go. This is a good time to try to look at things from a new angle. Consider situations and possibilities that might not have been seen or thought of before because of people being stuck on one idea, one path, or conflicting ideas within a group.

With the south node, It is not easy to identify what must be let go or re-examined. Things could show there might be a difference of opinions, ego conflict, refusing to consider a certain perspective in the case by the public or those in authority. There could be a piece of disregarded info that needs to be considered and investigated. Negative thought processes, ego conflict, and hopelessness could be standing in the way of team progress.

It is time to take a little time to care for yourselves, try to rejuvenate, start fresh. This is a productive time for the team to take a moment to gather, practice self-care, pray, and brainstorm new theories and ideas. There will likely be feelings of exhaustion or fatigue and lethargy that come with the eclipse. This is because one phase is ending, and something such as rigid theories and ideas must be let go to get a fresh start. It could be time to move forward in the court case or investigation. Because Pisces and Neptune rule addiction and mental illness we could be dealing with a refusal to acknowledge the information given by a person with such issue.

Did she, siblings, mother or those close to her have strange premonitions or dreams prior to this situation or during the eclipse? These are experiences, occurrences that would defy logic. What were they, and are they relevant to her current location? It is important to be aware of any dreams, or out of the norm experiences that Jessica herself had prior to disappearing. A strange dream she may have discussed with someone could be relevant, dreams pertaining to places could prove helpful. Looking at Jessica’s chart that day we can see this new eclipse activates Transit Neptune’s degree and the Arcing MC.

Transit Mercury the ruler of Jessica’s chart will accompany the sun and the moon as they conjoin.This eclipse will open a portal and something will happen. I am hoping that new information comes out. This eclipse in will bring about an ability to communicate from the grave should Jessica be gone. Because it is a new moon it SHOULD bring a new start, new beginning, new ideas or new information. I am hesitant to spread the message this eclipse will bring Jessica home. Obviously, I hope it does, and I would not say it won’t happen because the effects of eclipses are slow and Neptune is confusing and mysterious. Often things will occur 3 weeks prior to and following an eclipse. Then over the course of years or many months continue to further develop.

I hope the family can get more answers and that the case is back in the media raising awareness and bringing in tips with this upcoming eclipse. I do expect to hear about Jessica or her family again in the media due to this eclipse. This time I hope we get some answers and information about where she is or what happened, not lies or gossip.


(PLUTO=SUN: SUDDEN PROMINENCE, POWERFUL FORCE CREATES MAJOR CHANGE, Moon/mc= positive attitude about life. Intense emotional thrust, the biggest picture. Venus/Uranus= love adventure, excitability. Fated attraction, notoriety.) (PLUTO=MOON: UPHEAVAL AND EXTREME EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. Mercury/Jupiter= welcome solutions, emotional inspiration inspired impressive ideas. Fearing WIPE OUT, CONTEMPLATION OF LOSS. FEELING RESOURCELESS. Venus/Pluto=ENORMOUS FEELINGS FROM DEPTH OF EMOTIONS OR BEING) (POF=NODE: FORMING RELATIONSHIPS=Sun/mc, Mars/ac=excellent teamwork)(Uranus=MC: GEOGRAPHIC RELOCATION, SUDDEN CHANGE: Jupiter/Node: new association, enthusiastic, entertaining image, inventive, recognition of humanity and  agreeableness)


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