Top 5 Useful Astrology Blogs for Forensic Astrology

Top 5: Useful Astrology Blogs for Forensic Astrology

This is a little list of some of my favorite blogs and sites I’m spending tons of time on lately.

1. Straight Woo

A great site with general readings for everyone such as new and full moon reports, and educational material about asteroids. I waste hours on this site recording Asteroid numbers, testing them in many charts and reading her short but thorough descriptions of them. I like her writing style, no blathering on, no fluff, no conflict in her statements. Unbeatable information.

2. Day Keeper Journal:

I love day keeper for the genius authors. with a lot of charts on high profile stuff, it’s nice to read about how asteroids behave in situations like the Bill and Monica affair. Very amusing.

3. A Matter of Perception

An exceptional site for those of us learning astrocartography. With a 100 case study using homicide victims and recovery sites on interactive maps and a YouTube channel, these girls won’t disappoint you with their astrocartography wisdom.

4. Astrology in Crime

This Forensic Astrology blog is full of useful information. From techniques used in Forensic Astrology, to astrocartography it’s easy to follow and great for those of us who want to learn more about how skilled Forensic astrologers practice.

5. Constellations of Words

I love Constellations of words. I love it for easy, accessible information on the fixed stars. This site’s got all the information you need on fixed stars and constellations. Because sometimes I don’t want to dig through a bunch of books. From Manillus and Robson to Ptolemy she quotes them all. With this site, you don’t have to get your whole library out.

Welcome! My name is Michelle, I am student of astrology. I spend my free time practicing forensic and Horary Astrology in regards to missing or murdered people as well as personal readings. For the sake Of science I enjoy trying different methods of reading at the same time in some cases. When I am not doing personal, and forensic readings I enjoy looking at eclipse charts, and testing asteroids with astrocartography charts. Forensic and classic astrology are my favorite, Asteroid Astrology is interesting to me. I have been dabbling in that alot lately. If someone you love is missing or has a cold case please ask for a free reading from me. If you would like a personal reading please visit my website,

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