Jessica Runions, a Horary Reading

Before we go further, I want to talk about a few key things people must keep in mind as I delineate this kind of chart. 

1.  Astrology is not a scientific explanation of someone being dead or alive so I encourage friends and family with missing loved ones to hold out hope regardless how I interpret a chart or anyone else does.

2. This reading is not concrete proof of life force being strong or waning. It is a translation of the messages that the sky is giving.

3. This is a chart on a piece of paper. It is a reflection of the sky and cosmos at the exact moment I was asked to do a reading. I don’t put my own gut feelings, dreams or other, “psychic indicators,” in the reading. I just read the chart and sometimes it doesn’t even reflect my own suspicions surrounding a case.

4. Astrology has existed since before Jesus was born. The rules are ancient. I don’t choose what a square aspect between Venus and Mars means. I don’t get to make up the meaning of that transit or aspect. The meanings of those planets, houses and the aspects existed before I was around.

5. Distance formulas are very unreliable in locating missing people. In the past I have used them. I have only once had success with distance and direction one time. Sadly that person was deceased so it didn’t feel successful or good to be correct. Direction is fairly accurate from my own experiences.

This is not a yes or no horary question, that makes it slightly difficult to read. Most horary readings are meant for yes or no questions. This is a turned chart. The querant is represented by the first house, the missing person, Jessica is represented by the 9th house. 

All readings I provide on missing people and cold case victims are free of charge. I will try my best to do them for anyone who has a missing or murdered loved one. If you have a loved one in this category please contact me for a free reading.

Step One, Find The Distance:

In an attempt to locate Jessica I used a mathematical formula. Created by Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson. I am not sure if she developed the formula or found it elsewhere. She is a gifted astrologer and author. There are other methods out there to calculate distance they are rarely as accurate as Ivy’s.

To solve this equation I used Venus, who represents young women, lost items, and wives or mothers. Venus is also Jessica’s significator and rules her first house in the chart. I used the path of fortune as the other, “planet,” even though it is not a planet. I chose to to use this point in the chart because it also represents lost objects, possessions, good luck and treasure. It is in Scorpio the same sign as Venus. Although in a different house.

I think that this separation is representing some kind of line or boundary between Venus and the path of fortune. This would show that her valuables are separated from her. They are in one county, town, city while she is in another. This line, or separation we see between Venus and the Path of Fortune reminds me that Jessica and her car were separated. I can’t help but wonder if that is what it is indicating.

The avg. distances of all aspecting degrees between the various significators regarding possible locations of Jessica or Jessica’s body is 139.31 miles. However,  I have to remind myself that Venus and the Path of fortune are the most significant points regarding Jessica whether she is dead or alive.

Their mileage and the formula are listed below. I figure the POF is likely her car. So she is 110 miles away from her car for example or an average of 139 miles. The strongest direction in the chart was SE with NE coming in at second place. The formula and sum of miles: (4.68 * .25) * 94.86=110.99 miles away regarding Venus.

I will continue to examine different rulers, and aspects and apply them to this formula to try to locate Jessica for the querrant. Should Jessica no longer be on our plane of existence we will have to look to a planet other than Venus. The planets we will have to examine to locate a grave will be the Sun, & Jupiter. I will post those distances in another post at another time.

Step Two Find a Description of Jessica’s Environment:

There are so many fiery indications in this chart. Unfortunately No matter what rulership I look at or which planet I examine regarding Jessica I am coming up with the words, “hot and fiery”. I have gotten these indications through many different avenues. Through her first house ruler Venus, the path of fortune, Jupiter the ruler of her grave and body, and her 4th house as well.

Whatever I do, in the end I see fire coming up in this chart over and over again. I am hoping this just hints toward the situation of her car being burned by Kylr Yust & not her body. Sadly I can’t help but notice the many indications she has been killed and her remains were burned, or are near heat/fiery areas. I have to add that there is also a lot of water action happening in the chart as well.

Sagittarius, and Scorpio are strong in this chart as well as water houses. The ruler of Jessica’s fourth house is the 12th house in the chart. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is conjunct the sun in Libra. The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter would indicate a burned state regarding the body, sense Jupiter represents Jessica’s body or grave and the sun is hot, “burning Jupiter”.

Venus in Scorpio shows a burned state by traveling Via Combusta. I have discussed how Venus rules Jessica’s first house and therefore represents Jessica generally in every sense. Venus is sitting in Scorpio a water sign but she is also travelling via combusta.

Via Combusta is a Latin term that translates into “The burned way”, or “the burned path”. The meaning of the term came from the Babylonians and Egyptians initially. It shows fire, delay, hindrance and restriction. When we find our lost or missing significator in this path we can assume safely that the significator is dealing with issues such as death, imprisonment or hidden matters.V

Venus is with a fixed star called Princeps, it’s good for the government, the law and research. It can show lies, impulsive speech and bring about problems in love affairs for those it affects. Princeps is in the constellation Bootes, the herdsman or farmer. He is associated with weapons and farming tools. He allegedly invented the plow. He has two hunting dogs. This brings up places of hunting, fires and farming. With Sagittarius involved we have to acknowledge that the sign rules horses, and bows and arrows.

So maybe there will be bow hunting, Native American history or archery associated with the location. Sagittarius rules mountains, hills with trees, fire places, high rising locations, churches, colleges. Again high places. Sagittarius also would show high locations and mountains or hills. Stony or sandy ground, and clean air.

Scorpio would show places with water, garbage, cemeteries, places connected with death, marshes and swamps (think stagnant possibly foul smelling water). The location may be subject to floods, or have mines, and underground tunnels. There is an association with the armed forces. There maybe rumors of the location being haunted. So possibly haunted houses or land.Sense the civil war raged strong in Missouri haunted locations are many. Scorpio is the sign of secrets so think along the lines of secretive or well hidden.

There is a lot of talk regarding snakes, or reptiles, creepy crawly bugs. The fixed stars discussed may provide more clues to the location through the mythology and key terms. The 12th house connection is important as well. This might show places along the lines of captivity, assassination, secluded areas, private spots, secret fishing or swimming areas, large animals such as cattle. Retreats, places of prayer.

In this chart the Path of fortune lies in the burned path as well. It is conjunct a star fixed star called Unukalhai. This star is in the constellation Ophiuchus, the snake charmer. It is my opinion neither party, the snake or Ophiuchus appear to be charmed with each other. It looks like a battle between good and evil or life and death when I look at the artist renditions of the constellation.

Often this star is called Cor Serpentis, ‘the Heart of the Serpent’, not because the star is in the heart but because it is most characteristic of the meaning of Ophiuchus. According to Bernadette Brady the author of, “Star and Planet combinations”, Ophiuchus initially represented by the Greeks to be a healer, then later Christianity came and took this constellation to have it represent St. Paul and the Maltese Viper.

Sometimes Serpens is shown in other mythology as well. In one account Serpens is the snake who tried to kill Hercules while he was still a baby. Deborah Houlding’s website, “”, has the best article regarding this star. I encourage anyone interested to check it out and give it a read.

On her website it says that, “The Sun crosses Unukalhai around 15th November each year”. That is in three days! Maybe the sun will cast some light on Jessica’s case and new developments will come out.Because the Path of fortune is merely a point in a chart we also have to check on it’s dispositor Mars. Here we have Mars the planet of war, fire, violence, sex, aggression, accidents, danger and men ages 25-35. Mars is at a critical degree and sitting in Jessica’s fourth house of the body, grave, and end of the matter.

Farming is also oddly ruled by the fourth house. We have gone over the constellation Bootes and his star princeps and they fall in line with the theme supported by the fourth house. I find it relevant that here in a house that represents farming and the grave sits the dispositor of the POF four houses away from Venus and Princeps. Mars in the fourth house of the body and grave could signify anything from being burned, to being physically injured.

Mars is considered a malefic planet in horary. Bringing up unpleasant situations, and sometimes illness or injury resulting in death. Combined with Sagittarius we have a sign and planet combination that is double fire, yet in a water house. In horary astrology it is not fortunate for Mars to be in the house of Cancer. Furthermore  Mars is applying by square to Jupiter the ruler of the body in Jessica’s 12th house. Indicating she is well hidden and physically not in good condition at this time. Mars is with two fixed stars, Sinistra and Acumen. Even though Mars is houses away from the POF he is still travelling the constellation Ophiuchus the snake charmer. Bringing up themes of snakes again and a battle of good vs. evil.

This part of Ophiuchus brings with it the story of Aesculapius a demigod, born of Apollo and the princess Coronis. Coronis loved another man, Ischys, and they had an affair during her pregnancy. Apollo sent his sacred bird, Corvus the Crow to spy on Coronis. When Corvus brought light to Coronis’ affair, Apollo was livid and hurt. He cursed the crow for telling the truth, and turned his sterling feathers black. Apollo then told his sister Artemis to take her bow and arrow & kill Coronis. His forgiveness came too late to save Coronis, as she had already been killed.

Her body was being burned on the funeral pyre, but Apollo was some how able to convince someone to save his unborn son from the dead mother’s womb. Apollo gave to Aesculapius, his new born son, the gift of healing and handed him over to the care of Chiron.

Most who use the fixed stars state that sinistra brings death, loss and poisoning. Acumen, on the other hand is the stinger of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpio. The Egyptians saw the constellation of Scorpio as a time when the sun went to the underworld and stayed in the land of the dead. It was associated with the feast of Samhain in Celtic culture. When the veil between our world and spirit world thinned and the dead would return to walk among us.

The two stars in the tail of the scorpion, Acumen and Aculeus are tied in with physical attacks along with emotional ones. Acumen also can indicate the possibility of a jail sentence or prison sentence in the future. Hopefully this indicates Kylr pays for his crime. Scorpio was believed to be one of the 4 portals into the underworld.

Saturn sits conjunct the cusp of Jessica’s 4th house of the body which is actually the 12th house of the chart. It is another negative indication that Jessica not being in good condition. Saturn sitting here is not good, but with the fixed star Rastaban it takes the negativity up a level. Rastaban is from the constellation of Draco the Dragon, it is the eye of the dragon.

It has negative connotations being linked with poisonous snakes, serpents and the like. Much of the mythology that surrounds the dragon involves apples oddly. Two different myths both involve apples. I can’t help but think of the great dragon Tiamat who is linked with intense feminine energy. She was believed to be the mother of all the gods. I would encourage readers to look into the mythology surrounding the Dragon Tiamat as well as the constellation Draco. Interesting stuff.

Jupiter and the Sun in Libra bring themes of expansiveness and Authority figures such as diplomats, treaties, and legal agreements that bring about commitments. Anything legal and binding falls under Libra. Libra is all about Justice.

Leo rules the 12th house showing parks, high visible rocky hills, forests, woods, and “four footed beasts”. As I read this chart I could not help but think of the Civil War, and Native American Battles that could have taken place around those areas. There may be tributes or monuments in the area regarding wars, officials, the military. Libra represents, “Unions”, and there’s a lot of fiery energy, Scorpio rules the military and Mars rules war. All the talk about captivity, and secrets could apply to the situation involving Jessca or the area generally.

I hope the Full Super Moon brings some light to Jessica’s where abouts, and happy endings. Things look positive for the prospect of more information coming out soon, I think there will be more media attention or information. Still it could be as simple as a lead coming in that helps the case or just more media coverage.


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