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Please Never Lose Hope for the Missing

Before we go further, I want to talk about a few key things people must keep in mind as I delineate this chart or any other.

1. Astrology is not a scientific explanation of someone being dead or alive. I encourage friends and family with missing loved ones to hold out hope. Regardless of how I interpret a chart or anyone else does. To predict something as serious as death we must have three signs of death to state it out loud as responsible astrologers.

2. This reading is not concrete proof of life force being strong or waning. This is a chart on a piece of paper. It is a reflection of the sky and cosmos at the exact moment I was asked to do a reading.

3. I don’t put my own gut feelings, dreams or other, “psychic indicators,” in the reading. I just read the chart. Sometimes it doesn’t even reflect my own suspicions surrounding a case.

4. Astrology is ancient. I don’t choose what an aspect means between Venus and Mars transiting the first and fourth houses. The meanings of those planets, houses and the aspects existed before I was born. They were here before Jesus was born.

Determining the status of life, and death:

To predict something as serious as death we must have three signs of death to state it out loud as responsible astrologers. Even when I have three signs of death I’m always looking for three more to say the quested is alive. It troubles me to say that every thing the chart seems to state what none of us want to even consider. I tried a million different things to look for some sign of life in the chart. I looked at Arabic Points, I looked at asteroids. Eventually I had to just accept what the chart said and then write it out for this blog.
Regardless of what the chart says I always try to have hope and pray for the best outcome. From the minute I eye balled the chart the message was clear. Sadly I had not even broken it down to interpret it before deciding that the chart says she has likely passed on. There is not anything other than mercury having a mediocre strength or dignity to support the idea she is alive.
The ruler of the chart’s ascendant is Mercury, the Chaldean ruler of the first house is Saturn. Both are representative of Toni, and in also in conjunction one another’s antiscia. With Mercury being the ruler of transportation it sounds like the chart is making sense and reflecting the circumstances of the case so far. With Toni rumored as driving prior to her disappearance I feel the chart is fit to interpret and apply to her case. Mercury jives well with the information that is stated by the press and law enforcement, she was texting, driving and trying to with draw some cash at an ATM.

Mercury in the chart’s 5th house can show traveling with romantic partner, children or social groups as well as traveling to meet with them or people from a person’s social circle. As the ruler of talking it’s showing us some stimulating conversations for better or worse. The 5th house also represents sexual affairs, bars and clubs. We do know that she was on the way to meet up with friends at The Shady Lady, a strip club. I am going to assume that all the 5th house energy applies to either her place of employment or the Shady Lady, which she supposedly never made it to.

Delayed or unsent texts, blocked communication, and problems with transportation are often rampant with negative aspects to Mercury. Misplacing items such as directions, maps, medication, car keys and mix ups in general also occur when things go poorly.

Mercury squaring the Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is unfortunately placed in the chart’s 8th house of death, shows impulsive situations and often accidents as well. Explosive situations such as sudden out bursts of rage and sudden death are associated with this midpoint. Accidents are also common with this midpoint. This midpoint with mercury would fit well with the theory of a car accident, or a sudden unexpected death. There is often an element of, “I never saw that coming,” associated with this midpoint. I hope that she was gone fast if she actually did die.

On Toni’s part we can see prior to disappearing she was very stressed or anxious. She was considering independent actions and making plans. It is possible she was not feeling well and very stressed about her relationship. Was she thinking of leaving? Yes, possibly. Aspects to the ascendant and 7th house from Saturn show some kind of force active in a relationship. It may show some form of forced restriction in regards to the relationship and her immediate environment.

Saturn in the 4th house is representative Toni as well being the first Chaldean ruler. It is a sign of her being disappointed, or depressed about home environment, domestic arrangements, or family relationships. This environment is restricting Toni. Progress is feeling some how blocked from a force in her home. It may show too much responsibility in the home environment as well as bleak circumstances and depression resulting from that area of life.

Venus square Saturn shares influences of feeling rejected, depressed, an unhappy financial state, feeling unloved, a preference towards isolation. Often it influences us to not see things clearly. What we think is appealing ends up being the worst option in the end. I believe that there maybe some form of owing another person for a favor or worry about legal matters, romance, social engagements and disagreements. For Toni it again appears to be a time of Intense worry. Her bank card was declined, maybe she needed to give borrowed money back to someone.

Mars square Saturn might imply bad timing, arguments, delays, impatience, and difficulty. It can show physical confrontation as well. I have had negative experiences personally under this influence, always these issues were with men. Confrontation could have occurred at home or with police as Saturn does rule authority figures and the tenth house of law enforcement. We have to remember that Saturn is in the 4th house though, he is at home. The fourth house also represents the grave as well though and could show Toni there.

Uranus is in the 9th house. Showing the possibility unexpected travel to distant places, Foreign people, in-laws, siblings of spouse, the law, college, the legal system, and advertisement. Uranus is the modern ruler of separations, accidents, and surprises. With the third and ninth houses activated again we see verbal arguments, and the possibility of accidents.

Jupiter at the point of death and Mars conjunct the 8th house of death likely signify death. There are very sexual themes at play regarding Jupiter and Uranus in this chart. I can only hope at best she has run away and she is having amazing sex right now, and alive. Still I don’t think it sounds like something a responsible young girl like Toni, who getting ready to start college would do. By all accounts she sounds lilke a hard worker, and was preparing for her future.

Asteroids and Relationship Aspects

In my opinion the strongest conformation of the fitness of this chart, almost as though it’s a promise of accuracy is asteroid Toni conjunct the ascendant and north node along with Isis/trans-Pluto, and asteroid RIP. I added asteroid Pete and Sanchez along with Roxy and Townsend. Roxy is supposedly the last person Toni texts before disappearing.


The Sun is the bad guy in this chart. He is not to be trusted due to being peregrine, in detriment, and having a very low score or dignity. Although the sun is in the 5th house William Lilly would consider it to be in the 6th house of work, roommates and coworkers. The sun represents middle aged men. It is the Chaldean ruler of the 4th house of home and body.

The Moon is Peregrine as well and in the third house but ruling the 11th showing someone close to Toni, possibly like family, and is the modern astrological ruler of the 4th house of the home and body as well. The moon loves to drink, gossip and spread rumors when she is peregrine. Misunderstandings, and misinformation are abundant.

Asteroid Lie and asteroid Sanchez are conjunct widely and retrograde. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is lying because he is guilty of anything. Again, It’s possible that he will find out about a lie, suspect one or be involved in one. Maybe he is not telling the whole truth for a reason. Maybe the situation is different from what we’ve been told and for certain purposes he feels being dishonest will protect Toni? Maybe if he tells the truth he will be in danger? Lie is conjunct the 11th house cusp of friends, acquaintances, and social groups.

There is a perfect quincunx applying at 0 degrees between asteroid lie and the peregrine sun, ruler of secrets. Sounds interesting right? What’s even more interesting is that asteroid Peter is conjunct the sun in this chart both being opposite the 12th house cusp of secrets. This connects Pete with the Sun and lies in regards to Toni’s disappearance. He either knows/suspects something or is unwittingly close to some one involved. There seems to be an element of people not being completely honest about everything that happened that night.

As the north node conjuncts the ascendant of the chart the South Node sits conjunct the 7th house cusp. For those of you who might not know, they are always in opposition. This shows that a binding relationship or open enemy may be somewhat burdensome or problematic. We often see an increase in responsibilities or commitments with this kind of placement. With Neptune placed in the 7th house every thing is vague and blurry concerning relationships, enemies and dealings with the public.

The South node is associated with unfortunate circumstances. Usually these circumstances involve the marriage, open enemies or committed partners when placed on the cusp of the 7th house. With the South node there is always a need to let go of something or someone. It brings stressful conditions, partners may become moody, demanding or difficult to deal with. The South node is typically considered unfortunate in western astrology. It can show a specific area of threat to an individual as well as who may be the threat through house cusps and aspects to other planets and points.

Sun square moon is another telling aspect. It can show male/female disagreements, arguments or strain.  The sun is three houses away from the moon which could show us an arguing brother and sister. The sun is the brother, the moon is the sister. They weren’t together but both have may have some hand in this situation. The sun moon square is a sign of arrogant people making demands with no thought of the impact on those they expect gratification from. This can show Toni being dislocated, lied to and having a sensitivity to criticism. Sun sextile Mars brings masculine influences, an opportunity to become more physical or an opportunity through a club or acquaintance is shown. Is there some one there associated with this club or group who knows something about this opportunity?

Sun square Jupiter can also show us males. Some one known for bragging about exaggerated social status, professional status, financial status. It brings restless discontent. The need to impress others and possibly over indulgence. Damage may result from this bragging or boasting. This aspect often brings poor speculative ventures.

Hubris brings about a person’s self inflicted down fall with this aspect. Sun square Uranus shows outer forces that can’t be controlled. Disruption of plans, or outer forces of environment is largely associated with this aspect. Explosive tempers or situations can result. Association with friends and organizations are part of the scenario as well. With the moon in the third house is it possible the sun went too far and the moon disposed of Toni’s vehicle in an attempt cover up something?

Uranus square Venus can bring a lack of physical energy, Lack of commitment, Hectic frustrating times for social activities and romance. It can also bring about other things. Short lived sexual trysts, erratic or odd sexual behavior and sudden sexual encounters. With this influence the pecking order is screwed up some how. An ego was threatened. Toni maybe the one who had to straighten out every thing that went wrong.

She could be the one who is being blamed for this screwed up pecking order or assault to the sun’s ego. Conflict and chaos is abundant with Uranus. Because the sun is disposited by Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius whom is in the 9th house things might hint toward situations which would show us travel with a man, possibly in his car. It’s possible Toni was put in a position where she ended up looking like a jackass or was unequipped to do the job expected of her (this reminds me again of the bank card being declined and the possibility of owning some one else money for something). She worked hard to fulfill her plans, but felt like no one thought she was trying hard enough. She felt alone and unappreciated in the effort to straighten out the situations she faced that morning.

The Secret Keeping Sun with Altair

The shiftless and negatively characterized Sun is with the fixed star Altair. Manillus stated that the character born under this star rising is not good, “He that is born on earth in the hour of its rising, will grow up bent on spoil and plunder, won even with bloodshed; he will draw no line between peace and war, between citizen and foe, and when he is short of men to kill he will engage in butchery of beast. He is a law unto himself, and rushes violently wherever his fancy takes him; in his eyes to show contempt for everything merits praise….And, since the Eagle does not wield, but supplies weapons, seeing that it brings back and restores to Jupiter the fires and bolts he has hurled, in time of war such a man will be the aide of a king or of some mighty general, and his strength will render them important service”. (Astronomica, Manilius, book 5, p.341).

Very interesting right? He, the Sun, goes and gets weapons, or supplies weapons. Sounds like an illegal arms dealer, dangerous person or a dweller of the underworld or something. The sun in the fifth house with Mercury (Toni), can show love affairs due to the themes of the 5th house, as well as a patron of the club she left or the one she was going to. The sun can be a real ego maniac and childish. He is always all about himself. Even in astrology the sun always has to be number one. He is the center of every thing. He loves to have a good time and party. He enjoys attention and being complimented. To turn down the Sun or insult him greatly wounds his ego and pride.

Robson States, this star with the sun brings,”Public honor, notoriety, favors from superiors, many friends and some envious ones who cause trouble through writings, some ill-health and losses, danger of bites from venomous animals. (Robson, p.135.). This is a description that falls in line with the idea of Hubris and boasting getting some one into a tricky situation in my opinion.

When the ancients spoke of venom and snakes I often imagine they are referring to toxins such as drugs, alcohol, or enemies. Snakes are snakes though, and could indicate the underhanded personality on the part of the Sun. In the bible it is the snake that talks Eve into eating the apple that curses women to suffer through pain in child birth, and various other things. Eve’s story may reflect the idea of an earlier aspect in this reading. Toni was offered some thing and in the end it didn’t work out the way it should have, or how she wanted it to. Due to her being in the 5th house with the sun and Uranus disposting him one possibility is her body being moved into some one else’s car and transported far off. While her car was disposed of.

Jupiter rules the 8th house of death, abuse and separation. Jupiter rules the 7th house as well. It seems eerie to see Jupiter conjunct the point of death and the third house of transportation, local environment and gossip. Especially sense Toni was last seen driving. When you look at the 8th house we see Mars conjunct the cusp. This shows injury, and death from violence or force possibly from men because Mars is a masculine planet, how ever in this chart it disposits the moon in Scorpio. Cars are also ruled by Mars, as are accidents. The 9th house is the out come of the 8th (death). Again this outcome MAY show Toni in another person’s car.



Fomalhaut is conjunct the cusp of the 7th house. It’s a royal star representative of The  Arch Angel Gabriel, the watcher of the South according to many astrologers and authors who have written about the fixed stars. Author Eric Morse states it represents one of the four horsemen in the book of Revelations. Gabriel is associated with water and purification. He is the bringer of news. He visits people in their dreams in the bible, typically heralding the news of pregnancy. It has been said he can bring the gift of prophecy to those that should have it. Gabriel’s planet is the moon I hear. In this chart the moon is conjunct the south scale.

Vivian Robson says the constellation’s story regards Venus turning into a fish once while bathing. Manillus states,”No peril is left for man to brave, profit is sought by means of shipwreck, and the diver who has plunged into the depths becomes, like the booty, the object of recovery. And not always small is the gain to be derived from this dangerous labor (implying that a diver’s life was usually an unenviable one) “, as well as, “A man born to such a lot plies his skill along the shore; or he purchases at a fixed wage another’s labor and sells for a profit what it has brought him, a peddler in the many different forms of sea products,”. while discussing this part of the constellation’s impact on people it is important to note that themes of Pisces involve addiction, captivity and drugs.

This description given by Manillus makes me quickly think of a drug deal or sale of some kind of Piscean ruled items gone bad. This deal sounds like it would possibly be ending with Toni and her car in water due to what other astrologers say about Fomalhault. This theory would make sense to me sense the GPS in her car, and on her phone have not been available to law enforcement from my understanding. Maybe that is why they aren’t working?

Moon & South Scale:

Drowning, anguish, revenge, criminality, abuse, poisoning, betrayal. Aspects of the moon show Feminine or emotional energy. Negatively placed it can show symptoms of anxiety, feeling unappreciated, emotional sensitivity, large mood swings. In Horary astrology the moon is said to give an over view of events. In this chart, being peregrine I believe it shows us a woman. The last aspect of the moon shows us how the situation ends, this aspect is a trine to Mars. Due to the moon traveling the burning path ancients say nothing good will likely result in the end.

I have come to find through frequently reading horary and event charts of the murdered and missing that the burning path is often involved with the moon or planetary significator in charts of the murdered, abducted, deceased or missing. I would go as far as to say the burning path is almost always involved. Eros is too, I encourage you to find him in the chart. Read about what he means through his Mythology. I do discuss him in other readings on the blog.

Being placed in the 3rd house the moon shows traveling locally once again. Vivian Robson, author of “Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology”, the Moon conjunct Zubenelgenubi (another name for the south Scale brings Trouble through opposite sex, wrongful accusations, disgrace, ruin, mental anxiety, loss of relatives, many disappointments, much sickness, disease in those parts of the body ruled by the sign. I don’t recall all of the health issues with Scorpio. BUT Scorpio does rule the the reproductive organs and can show illness or damage occurring to reproductive organs.

Trans- Pluto, Nessus and Asteroid Cori

With asteroids Isis/trans-Pluto, Toni and RIP conjunct the ascendant so we have another sign of death. Anyone familiar with the myths surrounding Isis would know why this would be associated with death. Isis is the goddess who received the souls of the dead. She protects the dead, funeral rights and children. Hopefully Isis protected Toni some how and ensures her return or proper funeral rights.

Isis is the wife of Osiris, the Lord of the underworld and death. Essentially he is the Egyptian form of Hades. Strangely he is also her brother. Many equate her to the goddess Ceres. After Osiris was murdered by his brother, Set, his body parts were strewn about the world. Isis gathered his body parts and put him back together like Frankenstein. She is responsible for restoring his life.

I input many asteroids into the chart trying to get more information on the status of Toni’s well being. As the chart came up I realized I had mistakenly hit one wrong number, getting asteroid Cori. I was not surprised about inputting the wrong asteroid as it is a lot of inputting numbers in to the database. I was surprised to see that the asteroid was sitting on the South node conjunct Lilith 1181.

Asteroid Cori, was directly opposite asteroid Toni, as well as the chart ascendant putting it in conjunction with the cusp of the 7th house and South node. Also close by is Nessus, symbolizing betrayal, lies, and sexual behavior that might not be well received by the public or others, Eros rules this same theme. Cori seems pretty intriguing for an accidental input. I had to wonder if she might know someone named Cori or something similar.

It’s possible this is a random coincidence. Still my interest was peaked. Cori is named after a Nobel prize winner who discovered the mobilization of glycogen, I’m not so sure if that works well with this situation.  The metabolizing of glycogen is something I know nothing about. I barely passed chemistry with a C and studied constantly. As you can see there are overwhelming themes of the sea, travel, accidents and drowning due to the heavy seventh house’s Pisces influences, and the fixed stars.

Recently I received Toni’s birth Data and I have been working on getting that reading up. She has an unfortunate opposition with Venus and Pluto.

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