The Astrology of Madeline Endman

Details of Disappearance

Madeline disappeared from La Crosse, Wisconsin on July 29, 2005. She and her mother had gone to the laundromat at St. James and Caledonia Streets. Madeline left to go home while her mother stayed behind to finish the laundry. When her mother arrived home, Madeline was gone. Many agencies classify Madeline as a runaway who may have remained in the local area after her disappearance, and when her mother died in 2010 at the age of 45, her obituary listed Madeline as having survived her. However, there has been no trace of her since she disappeared and police believe she may have been the victim of human trafficking or murder. Her case remains unsolved. Investigating Agency La Crosse Police Department 608-785-5962


16 to 32 miles of radius, could be on natal Mercury line or natal Pluto line they are in opposition at 16 deg. Natal IC at 16 deg cancer.

4th house Profection year

At the time of Madeline’s disappearance she was in a 4th house Profection year. The fourth house rules the grave, end of life conditions, your funeral, and what happens to the body after death. It is associated with our home, parents, and out family. The Greek name for the fourth house is hupogeion, meaning under the earth. In horary Astrology it represents the end of the matter or outcome. Valens considered this house to be dangerous and one of retribution and constraint. It rules matters that are hidden and matters after death. It also rules store houses, fields, and a few ancient astrologers associated it with prison. Any of these themes may have emerged for Madeline during her 15th year of age. Leo rules her fourth house so we have to look at the sun for more information on how her year may go.

First house Taurus is where Madeline’s natal sun resides. The first house and its themes would come into play as well during her 15th year due to the sun being there at its most basic the first house represents the vital life force of a person along with the physical life of the native and conditions during youth. It’s seemingly negative to have the fourth house ruler of the end of life in the first house of health and vitality. Sahl Ibn Bishr associated it with life and death. All Bruni associated it with the length of life.

Because Taurus is an earth sign that suggests she may be low to the ground or even in the ground. Out doors earth signs can be gardens, parks, muddy locations or that she may be near a bridge. Taurus in particular can obviously represent places where livestock is since taurus is a bull. But, according to William Lilly it represents plain grounds or areas where bushes have been dug up. Areas where wheat or corn grow are associated with Taurus as well. It can imply that she will be hard to find.

Su= Ma|Ur: this midpoint is associated with surgery, contradiction, and an urge for freedom. It is associated with the struggle for survival and the heart. It is also associated with blood loss. I feel that this midpoint activity is creepy because the heart is ruled by the sun and associated with the midpoint. This axis is often referred to as the operation axis and can bring injuries to the life force (sun).

Mercury opposite Pluto also occurs in the first and seventh house. It is an aspect of troubled thoughts, mental manipulation, intense thoughts at best. It is a negative aspect. Trouble with traveling in local one’s environment can occur and we can assume that to be true because Madeline never made it to her house alledly. Trouble with neighbors can occur, communicating with others becomes a struggle, confidentiality or secrets are misused. There is an element of opposing forces and misleading information given or manipulated information.

Mercury opposite Pluto = Ma|Sa: this is a harmful and destructive midpoint because it destroys vitality. It is associated with cases of death. Combined with Mercury it can be associated with murder and death. With pluto brutality, rage and destruction. Murder through bodily injury. ME & PL = ve|Ur: This midpoint is associated with tension in one’s emotional life. It is associated with unfaithfulness. With Mercury there is this element of stimulating ideas in others. With Pluto there is blind love.

Sun with Hamal:

In Madeline’s natal chart the Sun is with fixed Star Hamal in the constellation of Aries. Aries represents the ram with the golden fleece. It was a gift from Mercury, upon which Phrixus and his sister Helle escaped through the air from their step-mother Ino. After arriving in Colchis, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Jupiter and its fleece was hung in the Grove of Mars, only later to be carried away by Jason. According to Robson, By the Kabalists Aries is associated with the Hebrew letter He and the 5th Tarot Trump “The Pope.” Ptolemy said it is of the nature of Mars and Saturn (that’s bad mkay…) and, to Alvidas, of Venus and Saturn. It causes violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. (Robson, p.170.) With the Sun it is said to bring dissipation, evil associates, loss and disgrace. [Robson, p171.]

Sun is with fixed star Schedar as well. This star is in the constellation Cassiopeia. She the the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda. She is said to have boasted that not only Andromeda but she herself was fairer than the Nereids, who were sea nymphs if I recall. Due to the boasting she was bound to her chair and condemned to circle the pole head downwards as a lesson in humility. (Robson, p.36.)

Influences: According to Ptolemy this constellation is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It is said to give haughtiness, boastfulness and exaggerated pride. Yet at the same time the power of commanding respect. It is associated by the Kabalists with the Hebrew letter Beth and the 2nd Tarot Trump “The High Priestess.” (Robson, p.36.)

The Moon rules the IC and is with Aldebaran. Who is the nature of Mars. It is said that the native will make enemies through whom danger will threaten when the moon is with this star. The name Aldebaran is from the Arabic for the follower, presumably as a hunter following prey. Watcher of the east. Which I personally find very creepy. What is even creepier is that I checked out some transit and natal asteroids. #3536 Schleicher is associated with stalking and obsessive persuit according to Martha Lange Wescott. The asteroid is very powerful in the chart by transit and is in conjunction with the natal IC very tightly. To double the creepy factor transit asteroid 6157 Prey is there too. This makes me feel like she got followed after leaving. I feel strongly she was taken. I looked at asteroids amber (amber alert and abduction). In Madeline’s natal chart amber is tightly conjunct asteroid hunt… As though she was potentially hunted down and abducted.

The suspect, Mars in ♓ (taken from William Lilly) :

A mean stature, rather short and fleshy, bad complexion, far from handsome, debauched looking, light brown hair, sottish and stupid, lover of women, deceitful, idle and worthless. Not friendly to anyone. If in square to the moon he is a fit companion for the lowest and most unprincipled of man kind. Very unfortunate and probably a wondering vagabond who travels the earth with out a friend or home. Maybe in the army. He hath a marke or scar in his face, is broad—shouldered, a sturdy strong body, being bold and Proud, given to mocke, scorn, quarrell, drink, game, and wench: which you may easily know by The Sign he is in; CORPORATURE.] A short stature, ill composed, not, not very decent, a good large Face, palish Complexion, the Body fleshy or swelling, not very straight, but incurvating somewhat with the Head. Anthony is a name associated with Mars. MARS – A Martiall Man, is many times full faced with a lively high colour like Sun—burnt, or Like raw tanned—Leather, a fierce countenance, his eyes being sparkling or sharp and darting, and a yellow colour; WHEN ILL PLACED.] Then he is Pratler without modesty or honesty, a lover of Slaughter and Quarrels, Murder, Theevery, a promoter of Sedition, Frayes and Commotions; and Highway-Theef, as wavering as the Wind, a Traytor, of turbulent Spirit, Perjurer, Obscene, Rash, Inhumane, neither fearing God or caring for man, Unthankful, Trecherous, Oppressors, Ravenous, Cheater, Furious, Violent.[CORPORATURE.] Generally Martialuts have this forme; they are but middle Stature, their Bodies strong, and their Bones big, rather leane then fat; their Complexion of a brown, ruddy Colour, or flaxen, and many times crisping or curling, sharp hazle Eyes, and they piercing, a bold Confident countence, and the man active and fearlesse.

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  1. Hopefully there is going to be closure and we will get answers one day


    • I have had a really busy week and had hoped to get some time to look at the situation but ended up having to work from 10-7 on my day off 😔 this week. It’s been wild at work for a while now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to read her chart soon though. I’ll message you right away when I get it up.


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