0 Aries New Moon of 3/21/2023

The Aries New Moon is going to be a hard one. I dislike gloomy forecasts just as much as the next person but I think we might be in for a wild ride with this new moon. For starters it occurs with in a degree of the aries point or vernal point. This sensitive point is the one used to predict matters of the the world or larger society as a whole. So if this logic is correct, we may see the new moon play out on a large scale. It could possibly impact the world.

On a basic level having a new moon in Aries can make people more conscious of certain objectives or purposes in life. It is a rash, quarrelsome, and hasty energy that combines with boldness, audacity, courage, and a quarrelsome nature. It can be a very good time for finishing up projects, traveling, ending toxic relationships, and cursing others according to the Picatrix. Sun in Aries can represent a ruthless leader on a mundane level, while the moon rules nations and the populace. With this taking place in the first lunar mansion I was intrigued. Apparently it is in the horns of the ram. It is not a well recognized Mansion for marriage or partnership because it is said that one alliance can try to over power another. It is associated with murder and creating discord.

The New Moon hits the Saturn|Pluto midpoint. The midpoint is associated with violent crime and mass murder. It can represent fanatics, compulsive people, and application of force on a larger scale. On a personal level it is capable of creating financial difficulties and issues with real estate. Cruelty pertaining to those who work hard labor can come to the forefront. On the other hand the combination of the sun and moon with the midpoint is good for finalizing pending matters, divorce, and slow adaptation. It’s beneficial for deep science and achievement brought about in the field of science brought about by large groups of people.

A concerning Uranian formula will be active with the New Moon. Hades + Kronos – Zeus. The formula is negative in nature. It is said to bring matters of war atrocities up along with large and destructive fires. Hate born out of meanness couples up with goal conscious meanness. Brutality and cruelty born out of hate.

I am wishing everyone safety and blessings with this New Moon.

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