6 Great Forensic Astrology Books You Should Read

  1. Christian Astrology by William Lilly: This book was published in 1647. Although Olde English is not always easy to understand this is a great book for Forensic Astrology. CA is still considered to be an authority on Forensic Astrology today. It is the source of where the majority of the information on horary comes from. Might as well get familiar with the roots of the practice, theory and how to practice it. Lily knows his astrology and is rumored to have predicted the Great Fire of London fourteen years before it even happened.
  2. Horary Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis : This is a fantastic book that I still use and reference today. It is great for beginners who are just starting out with Horary. It can teach you the basics and more. This book contains at least two or three readings regarding missing persons. Lots of information regarding looking for lost items. An appendix of fixed stars and malefic degrees, an amazing appendix of Arabic parts and more. Easier to understand than William Lilly, this is the book I recommend to beginners of Horary.
  3. Rules for Planetary Pictures written by Alfred Witte: although this is by no means a beginner’s book it is really good for deciphering specific combinations in Forensic Astrology. If you can figure out how to use Uranian Astrology and this book, you can get a lot of specific information about a chart or event. I think every astrologer should own this book but especially the Forensic astrologers out there.
  4. Ancient Astrology Volume Two: written by genius, Demetra George this book is invaluable for learning about the houses and their meanings. Demetra probably has written the most comprehensive book on the houses that I have ever read in this book. I would not expect anything less from her though. Her teaching skills are absolutely shining through here in this book.
  5. Combination of Stellar Influences: this book is cosmo biology at its finest in my opinion. Ebertin’s book is a invaluable tool and resource for your library whether doing Forensic Astrology or just basic readings. It covers the delineation of multiple Planetary combinations and midpoints with planets and personal points.
  6. The Rulership Book by Rex Bill’s is a great book. It is like a dictionary of Rulership. It covers an entire glossary of Rulership topics. The Rulership of the planets, signs and houses are all combined in a easy to use book that you can quickly refer to for your Rulership questions.

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