Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter rules law, higher education, morality, children, lawyers, judges, gambling, foreign people, and religion. As Jupiter transits through the first decan of Arie many truths may unfold and mortality issues could take center stage. Aries rules the armed forces, rising and falling, childhood, new beginnings, the urge to act and lead. It can make people a little more unruly, hot headed, assertive, and moody. When Jupiter and the energy of Aries combine we may feel like taking initiative or a lead in some way more often than usual. The reputation and morality surrounding leaders in education, religion, law may become more important to us. Faith can be tested and people may seem more prone to being brutally honest, bragging, making premature plans, and losing sight of patience. I would imagine that certain laws, religious leaders and political leaders may rise or fall over the course of this transit. We may see issues in the media surrounding wealthy people who have their reputation on the line.

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