25 Scorpio Eclipse

Blood Moon Lunar eclipse chart. This eclipse is the one that happened two days before Chernobyl in 1986. It was associated with a swarm of locusts in 2004 and a helicopter crash in Brooklyn. In this eclipse saturn will square the sun moon midpoint, Serious and difficult times can come up at best. The sun will be with algol and Mars, the eclipse ruler is with markab. With Mars it is said to bring themes of arguments and is considered violent. It may bring difficulties and losses through Mercurial affairs according to Robson. With Mars on the IC with Neptune I wondered if there will be a rise in domestic violence or family and housing issues brought up. This eclipse happens in the constellation of Libra and in ancient times it was part of the scorpio constellation, so It lands right in the claws of the scorpion. With the eclipse and Saturn hitting the mercury uranus midpoint, there is a need for us to be secure and focus on personal safety. With Mars and Neptune opposed to the Mc we may see a new strain of covid or illness on the rise again. From my understanding the effects of the eclipse will last for about 3.5 months. Anyone else have any ideas on what might occur? Comment below.

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