Rui Pedro Mendonca a Cold Case Reading

Rui’s natal chart

Rui Pedro was in a 12th House Profection year at the time of his disappearance, which is discussed in this article

12th house topics include abduction or kidnapping, captivity, and self-undoing. Assassination, bondage, bribery, deceit, secret enemies, imprisonment. Because the 12th house is ruled by Libra, we must look at natal Venus who is with Ras Alhague, in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is “the head of the serpent charmer”. It is associated with perversion and depravity which is concerning at best. Its nature is Saturn and Venus, and natal Saturn is conjunct Natal Venus. Venus is in 2nd house Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, Uranus, and square Jupiter. The transiting midpoint of Hades and Kronos hits natal Venus at the time of Rui’s disappearance and is described as, “purchasable love,” in the book rules for planetary pictures and it chills me to the bone because it could imply that Rui was sold for sex or trafficked. This theory of human trafficking is a real thing regarding Rui.  As we can see it is likely Rui suffered a cruel fate at hands of another or at the hands of others. The Neptune|Hades midpoint of the natal chart is with natal Venus saying that he may have been attracted to or involved with a body of water at the time he vanished. In it’s most simple form this could imply he was thirsty but it can show cruelty related to love or sex as well. However, at this time I am thinking that as far as a location goes this might be a clue that Rui maybe in or near a dirty body of water.

Rui’s South Node sits in his 12th house. The Node has a lot to do with our personal connections that we make. It is opposite natal Mars which rules sexual assault, violence, and masculine energy. When combined with the node we can only guess that this might be a very sexually or erotically motivated crime. It sits with Apollon indicating that the connection may have to do with trade work or business and trading in general which is another indicator that Rui may have in fact been sold. At the time of Rui’s disappearance, the transiting Neptune|Kronos midpoint was joined with the natal node showing that there may be government corruption or secret government activities at play somehow. However, it could just imply that Rui was inclined to have dealings with dishonest people at the time.

The South Node is with fixed star Algorab, which is in the right wing of the celestial Raven or Crow, and it is commonly associated with lying and deception. Oddly in the story of Apollo and the raven, Apollo sends the Raven to fetch water with a cup. Instead, the raven didn’t go do what he was told. He decided to hang around a fig tree until the figs became ripe. When they did the raven ate and ate the figs – until he remembered that Apollo had sent him to fetch water. The raven feared Apollo would be angry, so he lied and claimed that a snake had prevented him from filling the cup. Apollo punished the raven by making it so that the raven would never be able to drink if the figs were not ripe. This story again brings up themes of thirst, lies, and water that seem to fall in line with what Venus and her midpoints may be telling us. Now, the raven didn’t totally lie to Apollo, he bent the truth. This is implying we may know some variation of the truth about what happened to Rui but pieces of the truth are being omitted. Elsbeth Ebertin states this star indicates “The wrong handling of things,” and maybe this implies that the case was not handled appropriately by investigators.

One of the things that stood out to me personally as I went over Rui’s chart was transit Neptune and Hades connecting to the natal ascendant and directed Hades. This again brings up death by water and makes me wonder if he was drowned, denied water, or left in a body of water.  Due to the involvement of Hades this might be disgusting water or a dirty location, it could also imply he drank unclean water.

Transit Venus is @ 29 Capricorn getting ready to ingress into Aquarius and is the lord of the year. This hits Rui’s Jupiter|Aries midpoint. To me this indicates that the prostitute who saw Rui probably is being truthful. I suppose the reading currently matches up with everything we have already heard about Rui’s disappearance. So ultimately, so far, it hasn’t answered the question of where he might be at. To determine where Rui could be we will need to look closer. When I look at the event chart the Moon Rules the Ascendant and gives a good overview of the moment. Mercury rules children and deposits the moon, so it is also important. Unfortunately, with the Moon being in the 11th house we could imagine that social groups or a social group is involved. The Moon is in the 5th Lunar mansion. The main theme of this mansion is, “obtaining information,” Apparently this mansion is associated with spirit visitations in dreams so paying attention to them is important, as is listening to the spirit when it talks in your dreams because the spirit is trying to share important information with the dreamer.

With Mercury, the Moon’s dispositor in 9th house Pisces we may conclude that Rui was taken far off and is in water. The direction of Pisces is North by west. Pisces is associated with water and often someone will be found inside of something or will be contained by something. I have seen two cases in the past where victims in the sign of Pisces were found in their cars submerged in water (rivers to be precise). Again, the 9th house of long-distance travel and long journeys abroad could indicate he was with foreign people who may have been from far off. It could indicate he is far away from where he disappeared.

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