Harmony Montgomery

This chart is the chart for the first press release I saw about Harmon on January 31st. I have been waiting for the retrogrades to end before posting but lost my patience. Where do you think harmony is? Comment below and please share to raise awareness.

Harmony is Venus the lord of the hour and ascendant ruler @ 23.24 Capricorn (10H). Venus is rx which implies delays, recurrences, and reversals of events. The ascendant ruler being retrograde or in bad condition/afflicted can show a short life according to William Lily. There is an element of suddenness to retrograde significators and a rx venus may show harmony in weak condition at best. Venus lacks essential dignity and based on her condition things don’t look like they are going to turn out positively. The only aspect Venus makes is a separating conjunction to Mercury. This could show us what might have happened to Harmony. This conjunction happened in the 10th house. When Venus is in the 10th house it would imply Harmony has attracted the attention of the public but because Venus is in bad shape this is not positive attention. Obviously, this makes sense as this is the chart of a press release involving a missing child.

Mercury here also implies public attention, but in the case of Mercury we are dealing with public information as mercury rules information and the tenth house rules the public eye. We could safely assume that any information that police are trying to keep private will not be kept private for long. The public will garner access to any information pertaining to Harmony and then they will begin to scrutinize that information. Some one is going to have some explaining to do here and the explanation may lead to criticism. If Venus was in good condition, I would say that public relations, negotiations, and legal matters should proceed well. However, I don’t think that will be the case with this situation. The information is there but getting cooperation is not going to be easy.

It is time for investigators to get calculating and aggressive to get the answers they need. If you look at Venus on the 90-degree dial Uranian style you can see she is with Zeus, to me this implies that the investigators are very devoted to finding Harmony. Zeus also likely implies harmony is NEAR as opposed to far. Zeus is also associated with fire energy and there for her location could be associated with fire as well. Zeus is associated with guns, power tools, machines, motors, fireplaces, fuel and the military. The direction of Capricorn is South and could imply that Harmony is under the earth or low to the ground. According to William Lily Capricorn, “shews an Ox-house, or Cow-house, or where Calves are kept, or Tools for Husbandry, or old Wood is laid up; or where Sails for Ships and such Materials are stored; also Sheep-Pens, and grounds where Sheep feed, Fallow-grounds, barren Fields, Bushy and Thorny; Dunghills in Fields, or where Soil is laid; in houses, low dark places, near the ground or threshold. (CA 98)

The Moon always gives a great overview of the situation and will often tell us what to expect in the future. She rules the fourth house of the father, outcome and home along with the third house of information, so these subjects take center stage as they are highlighted by the rulership of the moon. She is situated in the 20th lunar mansion. The name of the 20th Lunar mansion is Al Naaim, meaning the ostriches. It is said to be good for keeping people imprisoned and destroying resources. According to Christopher Warnock this mansion has a close association with animals. It is stated that when this mansion appears it deals with unruly passions, emotions and so forth. Things like unbridled anger and impulsive actions are said to go hand in hand with this mansion. This mansion is said to bring about success involving a quest or goal that is trying to be reached so – that is good news. If investigators are searching, they should have luck on their side. This mansion calls upon people to focus and direct their concentration towards one single goal. It calls for good people to gather and hunt together in the fields. This mansion is said by Volguine to be an indication of an involuntary change of residence. For some reason that really struck me and stood out. Should we be searching for Harmony in fields? What is with the involuntary change of residence? Could this imply she was moved into a new home? I can’t say I suppose, but I can say that I feel good about the Moon being in this mansion because it is said to be good for any kind of hunt and attaining any specific goal. It gives me faith in a recovery.

The Moon is with the fixed star Rastaban, also known as Alwaid. The name Rastaban comes from an Arabic phrase that means head of the serpent while the name Alwaid comes from an Arabic phrase that means, “Who is to be destroyed,”. This star is said to be of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It is said to bring loss of property, violence, criminal inclinations, and accidents. This is a star very much associated with poison. When situated with the moon, Robson states that it can bring about, “blindness, wounds, quarrels, bruises, stabs, blows and kicks from horses,” Eltamin connects Rastaban to public matters that bring success but dishonor. This star belongs to the constellation Draco, which has several myths associated with it that may or may not fall in line with Harmony’s case. In one story Draco is the dragon that guarded the golden apples in a garden. The golden apple tree was a gift to Hera when she married…Zeus…yeah there is that name again. Hera placed the dragon there to guard the tree so no one would eat the apples. Hercules was challenged to pick some of the apples as part of his 12 labors. To get the apples Hercules shot the dragon with poisoned arrows and killed it. Hera, who was horribly sad over the dragon’s death placed him in the sky among the stars where the dragon is seen wrapped around the north pole with one of Hercules’ feet placed upon the dragon’s head.

The Moon’s closest aspect is a sextile to Saturn. This shows that with organization, determination and effort results can be had. Opportunity and more information may lie with in an older family member like a grandparent for example. This aspect may imply that the father was concerned with his own happiness and may not have been deriving joy from playing the role of being a father or the responsible one. As things progress, he can expect quite a bit of strain as the role he played in this situation is put under more scrutiny. The second closest aspect is the conjunction with Mars. This could in its most simple form imply anger, temper tantrums, and frustration on the father’s part. The moon hits the Mercury/Pluto midpoint – meaning the father maybe a very convincing speaker who is prone to flip flopping or changing his stories. It could also indicate that there is a woman who knows something about what happened to Harmony and who is responsible for it.

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