The Astrology of Jessica Adams, Missing From Kennewick, WA

Jessica Adams is missing out of Kennewick, WA and has not been seen since August of 2020. If you know Jessica or where she might be, please contact Detective Hamel at 509-582-1352 or Detective Sgt. Dan Todd at 582-1315.

The Ascendant rules the quested, in this case Jessica is the quested. It also rules missing person(s) unrelated to the astrologer in any horary question so we will start by looking at this mathematical point to see if we see anything pertinent to the situation that could be of help. In Uranian astrology the ascendant rules the nature of our personal and wider environment so we will also use this point to look for locational clues that may describe Jessica’s current environment or people who were in it or are in it.

The Saturn/Node midpoint is hit and implies that Jessica may have been a bit reclusive and untrusting of others. Her connections may have primarily been with older people or people living in poverty. Sometimes with this contact between these points it can imply that we may find out in the future that the environment was testing and restrictive for her so she may have left and decided to break away from any unions that made her feel weighed down.

The ascendant also aspects the Mars/Neptune midpoint. Sometimes this midpoint can imply issues with addiction or dependency in life or the immediate environment. It can make our surroundings feel exhausting, as those around us are seemingly sucking the energy right out of us. There can be this tendency to lose sight of one’s goals due to a lack of clarity or incentive. Confused actions and states of uncertainty only further complicate things leaving Jessica potentially feeling vulnerable and sensitive for some reason. This combination can also indicate that someone or something in her environment was or is a deceptive influence. Disappointment in herself or others could have taken center stage along with feelings of rejection due to flat out real rejection by others. This midpoint is not a positive one and is considered a potential death marker. However, this is not enough for me to be sold on the idea of Jessica being deceased at this point.

The Ascendant of this chart rises with a fixed star, the North Scale and a malefic degree called Serpentis. It is said this degree brings tragedy and misfortune. It is heavily associated with revenge and jealousy. Throughout history it has been called, “An accursed degree of an accursed sign,” it is considered unfortunate, but the fixed stars and degrees can be very fatalistic and sound scary. The North Scale was considered by Babylonians and Egyptians to be one of the claws of the Scorpion. The Romans associated it with the scales of justice as seen in the constellation Libra and their goddess Astraea. It is very much associated with justice and judgement. This star is referred to as, “the insufficient price,” you see no matter how you look at this star, whether it is the claw of the scorpion or the scale in Libra there is a price to be paid and maybe Jessica could not pay the price. Maybe this star implies that if there was a larger reward or funds for a private investigator the case could progress. In spite of how negative this star maybe I believe that it implies that there will be closure in the future.

The South Node is in the first house with Venus which made me wonder if she was in the process of letting go of a relationship, roommate or lover because the south node is about release or letting go and Venus is all about relationships. Venus is with Antares in the constellation of the scorpion. This star is the heart of the Scorpion. It is a harbinger of death or endings. This star is about obsessive passion or obsession in general. It is a royal star associated with the arch angel Uriel and is referred to as the watcher of the west. It’s card is the tarot card the Tower.

Mars rules the Scorpio Ascendant in this chart, and it is very close to the sun. This is called combust and it is not considered good. According to Astrologer, William Lily, “The significator of the Querent Combust, shews him or her in great fear, and overpowered by some great person.,” Essentially this implies that although Jessica was likely a tougher person she was powerless against the sun, whom rules the 9th house of foreigners, second husbands, in laws, etc.. This could imply she was overpowered by a person or friend who was a foreigner or fell under 9th house rulership. Because both planets are in the 11th house, I would imagine they have a social connection with each other and belonged to the same social circle. Another potential scenario is trouble during long distance travel, as the 9th house rules long distance travel.

The moon is co ruler for any missing person so we must look at the aspects of the moon that are separating to get an overview of the events that have already transpired. After that we will look at the applying aspects to see what will happen with Jessica’s case in the future. With the Moon ruling the 9th house and being in the 4th house of the home and outcome we might suspect that she has gone far away and left the area or even the country. However, this can also imply that she welcomed a foreign person into her home and enjoyed learning about other cultures and lifestyles that differed from her own.

The Moon is separating from a conjunction with the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint. This combination can imply a break in reality for Jessica to some degree. This brings up the potential for taking risks without considering the consequences due to feelings of disappointment. She would have been susceptible to the effects of intoxicants and stimulants if she partook in such things. Evasive and escapist tendencies can come along with this midpoint combination as well.

BUT the Sun/Mars midpoint is hit as well and would imply that Jessica was a pretty solid figure on the domestic front. She likely would not have left her family and relationships behind without getting her affairs in order first and letting them know with this midpoint. She may have even been a bit overbearing or controlling when it came to her children. Only a conflict would have chased her off I suspect.

The tightest midpoint and most concerning is the Mars/Pluto midpoint in contact with the moon by square. This can be a very emotionally extreme midpoint. It can signify that her survival was under threat, and she was forced to contend with aggression or violence. It is a very manipulative influence that could also imply that she would have been a force to be reckoned with or that she crossed paths with someone with these traits. This is a midpoint that can imply she was injured.

The last separating aspect is the Moon square that node. This could imply that her family ties were extremely important, however, there could have been tensions between members of the family. Difficulties with others can arise with this aspect.

The moon applies by square to Venus. Because Venus rules the 7th house of open rivals and enemies along with the 12th house of secret enemies, I suspect that if there was a perp involved it will be revealed and found out eventually. It is good that this aspect is happening because it means that we will eventually have answers as to what may have happened to Jessica. The Moon applies to the Mercury/Saturn midpoint and implies that there may be a discovery that has to do with her vehicle or travel in the future. As far as potential locations we would be looking at a Libra environment. The direction of libra is WEST. It is associated with being up high or high places such as hill sides, mountain tops, places with stony or sandy ground, unions, or unity, etc.

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