Neptune in Houses One through Three

One of my most popular posts is a reading I did for a favorite client years ago. However, in the reading we are using her natal midpoints, natal aspects as well as solar arc and transit aspects. This makes things very specific for her and personal. I figured that due to the interest in Neptune placements I would write up another post for you guys!

Hope you enjoy the read! Love, Michelle aka Pythia Serpentis

A Little Bit About Neptune

Neptune moves at a rate of about 1-2 degrees per year, taking about 165 years to travel through your chart. Neptune’s job or goal is to dissolve, confuse and blur our boundaries. Typically Neptune is considered the planet of dreams, fairy tales, loss, illusion, deceit, addiction and betrayal. Don’t worry too much, it can bring up good things as well though such as psychic sensitivity, compassion, love at first sight and fairy tale relationships that can be magical. Where Neptune lands for you by solar arc, transit or in your birth chart can show areas of life where Neptune’s themes can tend to pop up and rear their heads. House placement can also show us areas we may tend to slack in, have a weakness, ignore or procrastinate. It can represent where we may be impressionable or too trusting due to feelings of sympathy. I have Neptune in my second house, and guess what? I hate dealing with my finances and often tend to procrastinate in regard to dealing with them. Bernadette Brady said, “The first sign of Neptune contact is a sense of loss, despair, hopelessness or confusion,” in her book, “The Eagle and the Lark,” A wonderful read if you are just learning the ropes of predictive astrology! She goes on to say that when you are experiencing Neptune transits you really can’t, “fix or solve,” your problems, you have to wait them out and let them dissolve or disappear. It slowly erodes, crumbling structures in our lives. Kind of like that biblical saying about building your castle on sand.

Neptune in the First House

Neptune in the first house can impact our image, inspiration, it is possible to experience issues with the nervous system during Solar Arc or transit periods occasionally according to Ebertin, who wrote, “the combination of stellar influences,” The first house represents our will power, our ability to act on our own behalf, our ego and ability to lead, passions and ambitions, our childhood or our immediate environment and personality. All of these things are subject to transform through escapism, travel, despair. These first house subjects may be prone to dissolving. If you were born with Neptune in the first house you could be a day dreamer who struggles with absent mindedness in childhood or from time to time as an adult. You may be quite artistic but prone to laziness. Neptune can give you quite an active imagination, a tendency to always view things as not good enough and struggles with will power when placed in the first house. By transit, when Neptune is in the first house it can bring up feelings like self pity and abandonment. These feelings can erode the way we see ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the outside world. Maybe people will view you as mysterious, glamorous, helpless, or confused, A Neptune transit here can be very difficult for someone who lacks life experience and has not learned from the life lessons that come along as we get older. If you are mature and you have developed a stable and healthy self image you can potentially avoid negative circumstances and problems with self esteem. Just make sure that you have a firm grasp of reality and stay practical during Neptune Transits. Neptune can also bring about psychic or paranormal experiences in some cases due to heightened intuition and sensitivity to the spiritual realm. Ultimately, Neptune’s lessons when in the first house come about to help us realize what our inspirations are. It teaches us about healthy or unhealthy issues with boundaries, and also to love fellow human beings more unconditionally,

Neptune in the Second House

The second house rules our values, personal worth, movable goods, your money and possessions, your earning power and how you handle money. I personally was born with this placement, It is said that a person with this placement struggles with making priorities a priority, they struggle with developing values and principals as they grow. There maybe a tendency to have disappointing or negative situations and events occur that impact one’s ability to stand up for their values so they become compromised. Others or even yourself can undermine beliefs and values, erode or undermine our personal value. Having this placement in the birth chart can imply your investments might not always work out favorably, you might be prone to extravagance, By Transit Neptune here can make a person really prone to feeling moody and even partial to drinking, drug use or smoking cigarettes. Whether placed in the second house by natal or transit Neptune indicate you may find a strange way to make money. I suppose this would apply to me personally as it is really not that common or even remotely normal for people to become professional Astrologers, card readers or mediums. It is never wise to take financial risks with Neptune in the second house. There is risk of losing your earning ability during this transit and it is unwise to go buck wild and get extravagant. However, this transit can also teach you that money is not everything and that there are other things that are more important. This is a transit that will make you confused about what or whom is really important to you. You may tend to be more intuitive about money around this time and be able to avoid financial problems and the people and situations that lead to such problems.

Neptune in the Third House

The third house rules information like gossip, written or verbal information, our thinking patterns, siblings, neighbors, local travel, your car, paperwork, It rules all the familiar areas of your life such as the things we take for granted. This placement in the birth chart indicates that such themes are subject to the influence of Neptune. It is said that because this is the house that rules the thought process that Neptune here can give psychic thoughts or feelings about other people. People with this placement may often have trouble staying mentally focused if Natal Neptune is in poor condition or experiencing a stressful transit, sometimes this is such an issue the native can begin to doubt their mental abilities. It may also bring about deception or confusing situations with relatives, siblings, neighbors, and other themes of the third house. It is a potential for people with this placement to get the wrong idea about people according to Ebertin. Due to the third house ruling siblings, the neighbors or neighborhood there is the possibility of dishonesty, alcoholism or drug abuse in such areas. During a third house transit new ideas and information can surface that dissolve your previous ideas and the things you thought you knew prior to this transit. You can come up with some really inspirational or intuitive ideas and thoughts on the bright side of things. You can begin to develop new more creative ways of delivering ideas and using information. It is a great time to take a cruise or enjoy travel by water if Neptune is in good shape and not making stressful aspects to natal planets. If Neptune is making stressful aspects to a natal planet or negative natal midpoint we may see things like gossip, lies, misunderstandings and poor judgement. If you feel lost, confused or unsure of how to move forward or deal with such issues seek advice and guidance from others. It is a fairly common complaint to experience memory problems with Neptune here.

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Welcome! My name is Michelle, I am student of astrology. I spend my free time practicing forensic and Horary Astrology in regards to missing or murdered people as well as personal readings. For the sake Of science I enjoy trying different methods of reading at the same time in some cases. When I am not doing personal, and forensic readings I enjoy looking at eclipse charts, and testing asteroids with astrocartography charts. Forensic and classic astrology are my favorite, Asteroid Astrology is interesting to me. I have been dabbling in that alot lately. If someone you love is missing or has a cold case please ask for a free reading from me. If you would like a personal reading please visit my website,

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