Leila Faulkner’s Locational Tarot Reading

I have read the cards using a 5 card spread to find missing items. The first reading I did was a double cross and it seemed like it was less interested in describing the environment and more interested in describing the events that occurred and the people involved. I feel like this spread gave us more locational information than the Celtic cross personally.  Now before we delve in to this I have to say that this is just a tarot reading,  take it or leave it.  This is what the cards mean and the location clues that were described in the cards. It doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t mean anything to the investigators who know the facts.  I hope that this helps and doesn’t hinder.  It really kind of worries me that this kind of work might hinder more than help. But it’s ALWAYS free and ALWAYS worth a shot.  When there is no where left to turn this is all we have to fall back on. Right?

1) Leila ‘s location is described by the card emperor reversed.
With the Emperor reversed we might need to be looking for a place with a lot of yang energy. It’s masculine. In my opinion the Emperor may be telling us that Leila is near a business establishment that maybe made of concrete as the throne he sits on is made of concrete. The location may be under the control of someone or some entity who has authority like the government, military or some organization of power. The Emperor represents authority in general and authority figures like the police, the government, father figures. People and entities who make the rules we have to live by. It’s about law and order. Some of the key words associated with the Emperor are structure, boundaries and foundations. I wondered what that could mean for Leila. Could she literally be near a structure or building/business or the foundation of one? It’s quite possible if she is near a business that there was a loss of jobs there due to a miss management of funds as the Emperor reversed can imply job losses in a career reading so I have to wonder if this is an indicator of a business establishment that closed or laid off many people. The planet that rules this card is mars, mars represents battles, battle fields, fighting, wars and daily work in general. I would suspect that people worked or do work nearby and that she’s near a business. Monuments and boundaries are also represented by the emperor. If we look at the cards imagery a few possibilities regarding location emerge. The Emperor sits on a concrete (which may literally represent concrete) throne (the ones represent sovereignty. I wondered about nearby sovereign land. The Emperor reversed can also indicate battles lost in a predictive reading about such a topic and I thought about that for quite some time wondering if that was a possible clue as well. Again boundaries are represented here in general and I thought about that as well…could this place be on a boundary of sorts? This card is represented by the Hebrew letter heh. Heh apparently means window and represents the direction NE, it’s color is bright and glowing red. The Emperor is represented by the signs Aries and Scorpio. The sign of scorpio is brought up in the last card of the reading as well as it rules the judgment card. The direction of scorpio is NE as well. This direction is brought up three times in the reading.

2) description of location using colors was provided by the ace of Pentacles reversed. In this position we have to determine the meaning of the card and colors on it. This card being reversed can represent a financially doomed business venture. So we again are hearing about this doomed business. Job losses are brought up again with the card being reversed. This card represents stunted new beginnings and dead ends. It made me wonder if this was a literal description like a dead end road, dead end business venture. This card hinders growth when reversed and can indicate a gross mismanagement of funds may have occurred in connection with the place. Maybe even an abuse of money occurred or is occurring. Some how nature’s growth could be hindered in this location according to the cards. Broken machinery can be about the area and the word, “jagged, “ came up. The color grey allegedly represents a literal gray area, or transitions from one state to another. I considered the idea behind this meaning of the color. A boundary is represented by the Emperor and here we have a statement about the color we can absolutely apply to the reading. Is she near another state or boundary to another state, an area under transition, a boundary of sorts? This is a big jump I realize but it strikes me as something that stands out. The color white represents the spiritual, yang energy just like the Emporer and masculine energy like the Emporer does. Red represents energetic activity or just energetic energy in general. Green represents nature and growth but because this is a reversal growth would be stunted

3) symbolism describing location is found in the 8 of cups reversed. This card at its most basic means that you should pursue a new path. The word path came up often in the reading as did the imagery of paths in the cards. This card can represent an organization or area that had plans for change. It may have to do with silver or gold. There’s probably a body of water, river, etc as shown by the image on the card. There’s possible plans to dramatically change the area somehow. However, the change may not come to happen sense this is a reversed card that prevents changes. The mountains in the card can imply there may be hills or mountains in the area or they may be visible from the area. The water pictured indicates a body of water and the rocks may show us rocky or stony ground. The path could be a secret one the cloak being worn in the card represents secrets and something that has not been revealed. It may be hard to find and even more difficult to access or travel because the card is reversed it would imply that the man has to stay where he is and he decides he can’t travel. The number 8 can indicate secrecy and that which is hidden as well. It can imply that the organization or business is secret

4) what to do to find Leila is represented by the Star reversed. With this card the number 8 emerged again representative of secrets, an organization which has quite a bit of control or power can be indicated by 8. Disregards for money or material items can come about. The Star card reversed tells us to not be afraid of being wrong or failing. It indicates the problems are being dwelled on because there has or will be a minor run of bad luck. There is a lot of pessimism and a lack of hope. Self doubt, insecurity, and there could be some one who is so impacted by the search that it’s causing mental health issues resulting in a physical manifestation. We need donations to come in so we can get more resources for Leila’s recovery but they’re not coming in according to the cards. There may have even been a loss of friendship or a relationship loss stemming from the situation. Every one involved appears to be losing hope. Some things we can do to increase the odds of locating Leila were mentioned though. It is very important to get other people involved and exchange ideas about how to get Leila back. We need help but apparently are having trouble getting it because we are not asking. We need to ask for insight from a higher authority according to the card and then we need to listen closely to the higher authority. We need to really ask ourselves and consider what special insight or guidance we have received regarding Leila. We need inspiration and guidance from a higher power or authority. It is time to stop and take stock of the information we do have. We need to set goals, pay attention to dreams and overcome our self doubt and fear. Disappointment in the past has been blocking progress and has people doubting the direction investigators are taking. Try to free your mind from all judgments regarding Leila and her disappearance. Contemplate the thoughts that emerge when you let go of all judgments consider your associations and how they can help you with the situation. It seems like a muddy mess but help is out there. Just ask for it.

5) what to consider when searching is indicated in the Judgment card. I am so glad this card is upright. With this card legal issues, contract issues and arguments will be favorable for the querrant in any traditional reading, so I’m assuming that’s telling us that something’s going to give and then we go to court possibly It seems that there has been a falling out between two people here and they need to let go. Forgive, forget and reconcile. Know that this card indicates that things will get better. It is important to balance priorities here some how. I’m not sure what that description really indicates or how it applies to Leila’s situation. Most importantly we have to go back to the beginning and repeat the steps again to get rid of flaws and progress forward from here. This card can imply that there can be some element of surprise surrounding what is found if we just go back and retrace our steps here. It’s important not to make any judgments about the situation until things get clearer. We have to put the bits and pieces together into a cohesive whole. There’s a clear message or voice from the past that could come through here and help find Leila. This connection to the past may play a prominent role in the present. Has anyone from the past suddenly re emerged or come up some how. The truth about someone or may finally be revealed but don’t advance to prematurely if you are not absolutely positive about it or you can drop the ball. Opportunity comes in pairs or with the number 2 so work with another person or a group. You are going to have that a ha moment and get the picture, clarity comes from the judgement card. The images in this card are many. We have a cross (a message that awakens inner truth but a cross can imply that there are sacrifices to be made here to get what we need. The banner or banner can indicate that there will be accomplishment. The angel shows us that you may receive an important message or dream. It can also represent development in the case. The wings show us that you can transcend the difficulty. In the card it shows 6 nude people emerging from the ground and leaving their coffins. Nudity implies that facts and truths come out. Coffins imply that there is some kind of atonement. The people remind us that we need to look at the situation through Leila’s eyes. Mountains represent accomplishments after an uphill battle or great effort the trumpet says there’s a message to pay attention to, listen to the call. Creative visualization is recommend when judgement comes up. Imagine your self in the environment and finding her. You can manifest that potentially.
After doing this reading I must say searching in a north westerly direction could be beneficial as that was the direction that emerged most frequently. The sign of Scorpio is represented by the direction NE as well as the Hebrew letter heh. So it came up three times in a 5 card draw. I found it interesting to correlate the major arcana with the Hebrew letters. Heh=window, tazzidi=fish hook, shin=tooth. I wonder if those words will somehow correlate with the case and location in the end. When all the cards are put together they appear to say that this can be a business establishment with jagged, broken machinery near a body of water. The foundation of a doomed business on a hidden path. Near a boundary where nature’s growth is hindered on rocky land. Sovereign land impacted by an abuse of resources like mining silver. Jagged rocky land that is sovereign. Anyway you guys get the point. Put location descriptions together and make up statements about the possible locations.
If you put ALL the key statements about the cards into an equation you can get some interesting information or statements from them in a general sense that could be telling us something about this case.
Emporer + ace of Pentacles + 8 of cups + star + judgement=
Abuse of authority creates job losses and financial problems leading to insecurity and self doubt so find a new career.
Lack of self control (emperor) stops a new beginning (ace of Pentacles) due to a relentless pursuit of money (8 cups)
Authorities (Emporer) walk away (8 cups) from a poor opportunity (ace Pentacles) and bad luck (star) but legal issues are resolved (judgement).


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  1. I live in Troy al and I am familiar with the disappearance of Leila. There is so much in this reading that makes sense. I am a sensitive and I’ve been shown quite a few things that match with this reading. You should check out Wiley Sanders Lead company in Troy al. All the descriptions in your reading match this place and even better is that the owners son has been named numerous times in her disappearance. I’m really blown away by this reading!! The building is concrete, it is of Yang energy (only males are allowed to work there), a big creek runs beside it with lots of jagged machinery all around and that family has a lot of power in this small town.


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