Serenity Dennard

1. The querrant, the situation and her environmental surroundings is represented by the queen of wands. Typically this card, like all queens represents a woman over 30. Fortunately the queen loves animals and children. She protects them. She’s also a methodical planner. She could be telling us we need to look in a new direction. This may imply Serenity is with a woman. If you look at the rider-waite queen of wands there’s a black cat seated at her feet. This cat represents the mystery of the situation. The cat represents the mystery of life so I suppose it may imply that the life or death situation is a mystery and to me it certainly is. She can imply that there may be recent developments in the case. Then again I can Also be the queen of wands, after all I am the querrant and oddly my cat looks exactly like hers.

2. The cross represents what is working against the interests of Serenity being found. We have the 9 of swords reversed here. With this card there’s a scandal and loss of innocence standing in the way of progress. Reversed, as it is meant to be read this card implies an end of mourning or grief. It implies that the facts or outcome of the case is not as scary as what we think it is. It warns us that jumping to conclusions is not how we should be handling this scenario. We need to stick with the FACTS and use our intellect or we will make things seem worse than they are. With this card there’s an element of a burden being lifted.
3. Where the question came from is the 5 of wands. In this card we see 5 young people fighting with sticks or wands. Serenity is bold, she’s a fighter and she is typically victorious in battle according to the card. There’s danger that can come about due to this card as well though. In this position it can imply that although you usually win the war you may have to much pride and Serenity maybe viewed herself as invincible as many children do. This can cause double the FALL. Pride brings downfall. This card can imply she might have fallen near some kind of boundary. This card signifies a need for caution, competition, greed and the need for power coming from a rival can be the root cause of the situation. Serenity was likely a STRONG girl. I mean physically tough and athletic. This was a difficult time for her full of arguments and some one was there lording it over her, challenging her authority over her self.

4. What happened, that’s the million dollar question. The answer is in the four of cups. Serenity had all her basic needs met during her unfortunate stay at the children’s home. She became increasingly dissatisfied, emotionally exhausted, depressed and introverted. She was craving happiness and qualities of life that they just couldn’t provide. She needed more than she was being given she took action on her own accord possibly to try to get home or find a home. Four is a number that represents the father, the foundation and home. She wanted to have a home or go home. She was likely prone to not having stability as we are all well aware of and that instability has a lot to do with what transpired. We need to find out what happened by taking a new approach to old problems according to the 4 of cups

5. The current energy surrounding the case is the page of cups reversed. Right now we’re all channeling our imaginations and this may help us find new angles that we’re overlooking. This card typically represents children who are potentially water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The card implies that the situation is one where we may need calm introspection. A reversed page brings delays in news, messages and plans. There is an element of stagnation to the current situation. They need to be more active and look at other avenues of thought. DO NOT FOLLOW THE LEADERSHIP with this card. This card can Also represent a young man. He has a cold and unemotional nature. He may deceive others because he is not what he appears. He brings heart break and so can this card. This is obviously a heart breaking situation.
6. Future or near future of the situation is the fool. The foolish unpredictable, spontaneous it can indicate a whole new phase of the situation is coming. Ironically falls near boundaries were mentioned previously in this reading. The fool’s imagery depicts a man with satchel on a pole looking a head. He is so excited about starting his journey that he does not see the cliff he is about to walk straight off. It represents a new direction or start. Usually this is a positive card. Paired with the idea of a potential fall though…idk

7. Fears I don’t feel like it will be conducive to finding Serenity to discuss our fears. They’re irrelevant this card the queen of Pentacles reversed can imply Serenity trusted the wrong person we fear that she is not lost out in the wilderness.

8. Others and what they think are represented by the 8th position. Also irrelevant but the 2 od wands would imply it would benefit law enforcement and searchers to act decisively. Research carefully before they decide where to search. New creative ideas are needed to find her. All energy should be committed to new avenues. There’s a need for more ambitious and organized effort here.
9. What well go through to find Serenity is the queen of swords. Sadly this is a card that can represent the loss of a child BUT this card typically represents a woman who has experienced loss emotionally. She’s smart, analytical, logical and has common sense. She is a leader who is direct and honest. It’s important for us to all be OBSERVANT with the queen of swords.

10. The outcome of the reading is unsettling at best. This can be a volatile or out of control situation. Interests are competing, law enforcement cannot juggle her case and others. They’re over committed and arguing due to competing interests. This card can imply drowning or accidents at sea. It’s time for law enforcement to get down to business they’re essentially chasing their tails and they believe they are on the right path but they’re not sadly the card may imply Serenity is passed. Free from the chains of life. Temperance is telling us to check the map again and look at bearings. One thing about Temperance that brings me comfort is the imagery. The card shows arch angle Michael pouring the essence of life from one cup into another. It tells us to be patient and wait until he thinks it is time for us to know what happens. There’s a lack of judgment happening here and the law is not taking other people seriously as far as tips go. Slow down or we will miss details. There is a lack of follow ups and follow through here. Make no mistake though Serenity is being watched by Michael, he who is like God. The demon slayer.

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  1. Interesting… I ran across a psychic’s review of the case. The so called “schizophrenic psychic” believed the whole story told to police to be false. Something not good happened at the group home and was covered up and a staff member specifically a male staff member was responsible. Having lived in neighboring North Dakota at the time I never believed Serenity or any kid for that matter willingly ran outside in subzero temperatures and waist deep snow without even a coat. I really didn’t believe she got further than a few hundred yards before she was half frozen and caught or gave up. Winters in that part of the country are brutal. It just didn’t make sense the way home staff says Serenity’s escape happened.

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  2. I’ve tried to tell LE that she is close maybe 2 or 3 miles from the home.. she is wet,,by water. See the tall grubby man face changes.. see the struggle in the truck and he pulls her back in


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