Astrology of the Stephanie Parze Disappearance

I was asked to do a reading on Stephanie Parze by a concerned citizen from her area who recently read my reading on Leila Faulkner. It seems like this is a case where things are turning into a disturbing story already, so I was hesitant to do a reading. I had a what can I possibly do to help attitude. I have no solid last seen or last contact time to draw up a chart, most importantly I have NO birth data which would help immensely since we need specifics. I feel like it will be impossible to get any solid information with out such details. I still wanted to help if I could though, but I really didn’t know how I could help without the information that I needed to draw up a reliable chart. I thought about it and I decided that even if this reading is WAY OFF the least I can do is keep her face in the spot light, I can help to raise interest in her disappearance and MAYBE just maybe some one will see this reading and come forward with information about what happened that night. This is undoubtedly a blog dedicated to astrology but most importantly it is dedicated to finding missing persons and Stephanie is a missing person who deserves to be found whether I can provide an accurate reading or not. It is everyone’s responsibility to get her out there and make sure she is seen and not forgotten.
In Stephanie’s case we have a beautiful young woman that appears to be close to her parents and siblings. She left her parents’ home at about 10pm on October 30th to go to her own home after a night out with her family. She promised to text her mom when she got home but that text never came. When she never showed up for work the following day her family began to worry. Stephanie did make it home because her car and cell phone were later recovered there. On her phone was a litany of abusive texts from her on again off again boyfriend, John Ozbilgen a stockbroker from Staten Island. John committed suicide by hanging after being caught with child porn on his phone after he became a person of interest. Now our only suspect who held the potential answers to Stephanie’s disappearance is gone along with all the information we need to recover Stephanie. Investigators found ten images of toddlers being sexually assaulted on John’s phone. Prosecutors who were trying to keep John in custody claimed he had scratches on his neck after Stephanie’s disappearance, obviously it is likely they were from stephanie, who was a very tiny young woman, standing at 4 ft 9 in. Before her disappearance Stephanie filed a simple assault charge against John claiming he had struck her in the head on Sept. 23rd. She was allegedly the THIRD woman to take out a restraining order against him in 2019. The information discussed is alarming at best. The fact Stephanie has been missing for months now leaves me feeling hopeless but one thing that does give me hope is that there are hundreds of searchers and an army of law enforcement officers who have still not given up on bringing her home. Stephanie was last seen leaving her parents’ house at 10pm so I used 10:30pm for her event chart. At that time, IF this is an accurate chart it appears she had potentially made it home because it appears the chart is stating contact with the Moon (missing people and women) and Neptune (sleep, lies and mysteries) indicate she was asleep, dazed, “Falling asleep, dream, dream state, cerebral state of sleep. Not quite clearly conscious. Dazed,” The chart goes on further to give us images of, Light, thin gas and the possibility of smelling something as such. Midpoints hit discuss her being disinclined toward tender feminine feelings and having objections. There is discussion of, “Women whose husbands are absent. Lonely or deserted women. The lonely hours of relaxation,” then it goes on to state, “Present at a death,” Giving us one possible indication of that occurring at some point that evening. Smell was again brought up and I wondered if some one knocked her out as she slept or drugged her with something to keep her subdued? She was super tiny though so I can’t imagine that would be some thing that was needed. Lastly the midpoints hit by this Moon/Neptune contact suggest the potential that several people witnessed something, or testify to the truth and facts surrounding the disapearance.
The Moon also contacts the transneptunian Vulcanus suggesting she may have been an influential woman or will be. This is some one who is a woman and capable of creating a huge sensation with a lot of public influence. The public and community have been very impacted by what has transpired. Moon Vulcan can show us Stephanie Experiencing enormous obstacles and hindrances through the partner; feeling suppressed through him. Fighting or struggling hard or often forced to fight. Midpoints paint the picture of, “Bundling, cramming, or compressing something,” and again indicate issues surounding a strong sense of scent. Mighty disappointment and deception twords a woman is indicated. And it seems like this was a mental compulsion and there will be Proof beyond a doubt or Facts to back up the true story of what transpired that night that eventually emerge. I believe that there is an element of renouncing love or lover’s grief, hopeless love relationships or Love without prospects are discussed in Planetary pictures. This was a demeaning situation that needed to be addressed because there was an element of Shame, dishonor, embarrassing events and misconceptions at play. I couldn’t help but wonder what that indicates or means to this situation. Did she find out about his issues with child porn? Did he cheat? What the hell does that mean? Next thing that comes up is a midpoint that indicates Solidification. Mummification. Embalming. Petrifaction. Preservation. Able to prevent decay, putrefaction or decomposition. Involved in the preservation of things. (That which is concrete.) If this chart is accurate then it would imply that Stephanie is well preserved. When Neptune gets with Vulcanus we can again see the potential for deception or dissolution. [An extraordinary deception or disappointment. Is discussed in planetary picutres] Then it goes on to say: The church. a religious sect. A religious congregation. Refined mental and religious attitude in marriage, community or the art world. Religious communities. Societies based on a common perception of the world. I wondered if it was possible she is near something religious or like a church?
ARIES POSEIDON is about spirit, ideas, ghosts, and spirituality. Planetary pictures brings up Media and propaganda being at play here. Something that is mostly desired by the general public or The general longing surrounding this situation is brought up but sadly the potential she is gone is also brought up along with the two terms, “Fetish or idolatry”. If Stephanie is passed I thought it was worth mentioning that there is mention of her spirit prevailing and rising above this event. Church is again brought up leading me to wonder if one may be near bye her or if she will eventually have a funeral and be laid to rest by a church official at some point.
The ASCENDANT is the point of a chart that shows us our or a person’s alleged immediate surroundings. It implies that there are potential Disputes, Planetary pictures describes it as, “being threatened. Others are near. That which is in the immediate environment of the native. Under the pressure of others,” then it said something that struck me as really odd, “Working in a manufacturing plant. Handling or have something to do with fire or machines,” I wondered if anything like this could surround Stephanie. The midpoints hit indicate, “Changes in the residence (location) Moving (from residence), To mislead others to do something,” this statement really stood out to me and made me wonder if John had help that night or went into the woods to throw off investigators. The person around Stephanie at this time and in the environment is described in planetary pictures as, “Meanness, malignancy and evil deeds born out of hate or a weak will. Ogre, nasty person,” PLUTO ZEUS can indicate Transformations in the immediate vicinity, To be transient in a place, Changes in or around the place. Evil things in the making, which last a long time. Wicked, devilish. As negative as that sounds it further implies this is The beginning or ending of a time of marked emergency. Sadly this is only the beginning, I wish this was a more accurate time or that I had her birth chart to base this reading on but hopefully this chart will give us some locational clues. I don’t think she is in those woods that her boyfriend was in that night. He went there intentionally to throw off investigators imo if this chart is accurate.

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  1. They found Stephanie on January 26th. The next day they did an autopsy to confirm her identity. I am sure you heard of this by now. She was found on Highway 9 in Old Bridge, NJ. Only 6 feet from the highway. 2 young men were walking to work close by and found her decomposed body. So sad. Your reading sounds pretty accurate especially since you didnt have her birthday or John’s birthday.
    I had no idea! So terrible, she was so young 😦

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