The Astrology of Allyson Watterson

I must admit I have a bad feeling about this case. I don’t like doing readings on cases where I immediately assume the worst because I don’t want to see horrible things in the chart when I look.  I did a reading anyway and even though the reading was not 100% positive it did suggest a recovery and it did have two suggestions that she was possibly going to be recovered alive.  We need three indications of a live recovery for me to hook, line and sinker believe it though.  There were suggestions that something more nefarious had happened but I think that the most important thing to do in situations like this is to hold space for positivity. I hope Allyson comes home safely.  Prayers for her family and her. Let’s hope for the best. Please excuse the poorly edited reading. I’m on my phone,  I told her friend that I would do a reading on her and get it up.

When Cupido and Uranus get together we can expect surprises and unexpected events in the family or romantic partnerships. This could imply that the family is shocked at her disappearance or it could imply that she is, “United or reunited with the family by surprise,” as is stated briefly in the book planetary pictures. There is an element of tenseness at play and the idea that this surprise was potentially an explosive one that went down in an explosive manner. I personally picked up on some idea surrounding the idea she had some sudden clarity surrounding a relationship with another person. It is as though she completely changes her mind or perspective on this person. The book planetary pictures states issues surrounding Gas and gasoline motors. Explosion of burnable gas or the potential that she was injured by burning gas. At this time she was suddenly upset. According to planetary pictures she was, “Dumbfounded, shocked, gasped or took a deep breath sharply. Sudden misfortune in love and some kind of truth came out. However the planetary pictures also state, “Family happily reunited continues its former life,” I certainly hope that is the case. We need three indicators that she is going to be reunited with her family to predict that it will be so and on the other hand we need three indicators of death to predict that. It seemed to me as I read the charts that she wanted to take her relationship to the next level and was seeking marriage or a more serious commitment and may have felt like giving an ultimatum that resulted in a break up or dissolutions. Precarious marital conditions. It seems as though she is from a good family, moral and raised with morals. The idea that she was an ethical person who had good manners is a big potential. I don’t think this is a person who disappeared on her own accord by any means. The public may be deceived about some things surrounding this case. It is possible she was quite hot tempered and irritable at this time, overly bold maybe. We need to go back to the beginning of the story or examine the primary cause of things surrounding this disappearance according to the chart. I wonder what was missed? Death is suggested by the position of the local meridian but because we have an untimed chart it is really not responsible to adhere to the idea of death unless we see it suggested some place else in the read.
The solar Arc sun paired up with Natal Jupiter puts her at risk for becoming pregnant or actually being pregnant at this time. The idea of pregnancy is suggested one time to my knowledge so I am interested in the theory but not sold on it. Because the sun rules our physical body the theory really stands out to me. There was quite a bit surrounding financial loss mentioned in the reading and I would imagine that was likely if the charts are accurate. Maybe this is a common theme in her life. Drugs and alcohol were suggested but although they were I would like to also say that speculations and incorrect analysis and false diagnosis are mentioned in those exact terms in this reading. Money shortage is strong though and I feel comfortable stating that this issue was one at play that day. The term false echo is also mentioned. I wondered what on earth that could mean? Mars contacting Jupiter also suggests pregnancy but because they are in contact with Neptune there is destruction and the idea of this pregnancy is potentially hindered, prevented or denied. Often when Jupiter is brought up it is also can indicate other fortunate events as well such as an engagement or wedding.
What came up next really struck me strange, “Cosmetics. Sleight of hand. Personal weaknesses, secrets or want of clarity. Bodily deception. Feeling guilty. Make-up, greasepaint,” I wondered if maybe some items such as cosmetic items have been or will be recovered by those searching. It does suggest she was separated from her bouyfriend either because he was upsetting her or because it was accidental but there was discussion in my books of her being around a man whom is capable of violence who is very strong. Potentially works out a lot, etc. He is very strong. However, just because some one is capable of violence doesn’t mean he hurt some one he is romantically involved with. Being driven around in a vehicle is mentioned as though she is not really out hiking around in the wilderness at all. She seems to be sedentary to me.
As far as the investigation goes it appears to me that there is a man who is likely an investigator with a lot of experience. He will come to an important understanding of what may have happened. He may make a discovery or have an experience. How ever it also seems that this is an investigation that is going to cost a lot. Potentially it will cost more than the authorities can spend and the resources may dwindle. Another potential for the meaning behind the statement that was given in my books is the idea they may have confiscated money from the boyfriend when they took him into custody. It seems like she was in a good healthy state of mind with good judgement so I don’t believe that this is a suicide or break in lucidity by any means. There was an element of irresponsibility brought up and the potential that she harbored some kind of secret and was very tired at this time.
Unforetunately that statement, “Falling from the air. To plummet down or fall fast and hard.,” Did emerge in the reading when I looked up the meaning of the midpoints against the planet in question. Oddly gas poisoning was brought up a few times too, 3 times, with the planet Neptune hitting the mars Saturn midpoint. This is a statement describing this combo, “MA SA NE Death by poison, gas, plague, or cunning (treachery)”. I am not sure if that is just some kind of coincidence about the gas but I felt like I should mention it even though it doesn’t make sense because it did come up. Sadly there is a lot of deception and lies at play here as well. Fighting for or against the existing form of state government. Exercising the power of the state was brought up so I would expect to start to see warrants and searches and seizures if this hasn’t already began. MA NE ZE together again brings up this weird gas theme stating, “Explosive gas; damage though exploding gases. Destruction by fire.,” Drug addiction is mentioned again as we go on with the reading. As is the potential for water being involved. This reading is all over the place but Neptune can just represent deception in general and we may just be getting the message from the stars that this is a situation where there is dishonesty involved regarding the way this all came to be. The next part of the reading moved on to contact between the TransNeptunian planets Hades and Vulcanus. This is taken straight out of my book verbatim, “Brute force. The power of evil. Wickedness. Ugliness. Vices. Grave danger. Raw force. Criminals. Mean and brutal acts. Capital crimes. Murder. Slavery.,” Demonic forces.”
MERCURY and HADES shows us how Gravely worried we are. They represent our negative dialogues and thoughts. They can bring about very sad news. Dishonesty. Errors or mistakes. Silent shame. Mostly though they can be a promise of very bad news. Mercury with Neptune brings Confusion. Lies. Uncertainty. Want of clarity. Mercury contacting Vulcanus can bring themes of false unhappy love, rapture, renouncing love, deceptive hopes, hidden or secret feelings. Midpoints hit indicate happiness spoiled by poverty. HA HA SU describes, “Heavy rains. Cold with hailstorms,” while AR PL HA indicates some one being guilty of a failure to act. General decline. Devalued.,” Solar arc mercury Midpoints makes Mercury the messenger of bad news. Mercury is threatening and instilling fear. Transit Neptune Midpoints show us Misunderstood love. Unhappy romantic life. It is stated to bring Deafening, Loud. Hidden dangers. Difficulties through prevarication (I have no clue what that word means). Death through attempts on one’s life (suicide) (suicide has been brought up twice now). Drowned persons,” These midpoints state that it is indeterminate as to the direction a situation will go.
Tr ascendant + solar arc Pluto = natal kronos is the next configuration I will discuss.
ASCENDANT KRONOS represents, “coming into touch with officials, or authorities. Things which come to the native from above. Workman. Employee. Official. Others are superiors. Things on which one is dependent. Orders emanating from the authorities =AS tenant on undeveloped land.” Sounds to me like she was potentially moved because ASCENDANT + PLUTO = Changes in the place or of the place (location). Moving. A transformation at the place or of the place. To be transient in a place.,” PLUTO KRONOS represents testing and I wonder if there will be some kind of forensic testing that brings about, “Immense upward change and development. Rising. Big changes,” again in a nother midpoint combination it suggests, “Great changes at the place (major environmental changes),”.Natal kronos hits numerous midpoints and suggests she will come into contact with authorities and that there could be speculations promoted by the government (second time this was said). With Mars and Pluto in contqact there is mention of what is likely investigators, “working on schedule. Multitasking. Organizing. Planning. [Blueprints] Duplicates, to copy, repeat, to multiply. Leading, supervising. Alteration in the activity of one’s work and in the working conditions. Dividing, splitting, branching off,” It made me wonder if the FBI may step in? The node with pluto shows Transformation in/through or because of a relationship. Development (growth) in connections. Change of the situation through new connections. New associations that alter events. NE AD PL The hardly noticeable beginning of a completely transforming event, Power of state in development and transformation. NO KR PL Desire to dominate. Developments and changes as regards authorities. JU NE PL brings the Beginning of an unseen fortunate development. To me it appears that another investigative agency may be brought in and if they can all work as a team we could see development. These guys wont give up and will exhaust every resource they have to bring her home IMO.
MOON KRONOS brings up the idea of an Independent woman or Female administrator/Female government employee such as wardens, officials, authorities or high personage. She may be high minded, or be a noble thinking woman. She could be a Landlady. Or some one with Relations to authorities of Rank, grade. The leading or important people. Magistracy. It could be her boyfriend’s mom or her own mom. AS UR MO brings Sudden unusual events, a grave ending, long agony or assassination of a woman. There is an element of being tied to people who are confused and without counsel which immediately made me think of the boyfriend. The separation of a relationship is discussed as are Persons who try to deceive and who are not sincere in their opinions. A recovery is mentioned again now, that is the third time. Logically I am not feeling positive about this case as I am familiar with it but so far a recovery appears to something that could definitely occur. Representatives of the church: priests, chaplains, ministers are brought up immediately after discussion surrounding a recovery. Chaplains aren’t a positive sign in such a prediction.

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