Leila Faulkner Uranian Reading

Leila Faulkner Uranian Reading
I have done this reading a million times IN A MILLION WAYS. Then something comes up, I feel like it is just not perfect, or I forget where I was at in the read and get sidetracked. Then I must start all over. I have read on Leila Horary style, read it through annual profections, most western branches have been tried on Leila’s natal and missing persons chart. I feel like those reads were not specific enough and I felt like I wasn’t getting the answers I needed to help with search efforts. I really want answers for Leila, her mom and her daughter but they’re not coming through in a specific manner with most Western branches of astrology. Tonight, I am going to read Leila’s chart through a new lens though, Uranian astrology. I will pair this method with a Book called, “Rules for Planetary Pictures,” Please remember I am VERY NEW to this branch and this reading could be inaccurate. If I am wrong or WAY off don’t hold it against the Uranian astrology branch I have a lot of learning left to do yet. I have tried Uranian astrology on three other cases and felt like it was more specific than any other western branches out there. That’s why I must use it to look at Leila’s case and try to find answers.
We need more info about what happened to Leila. There’s an innocent child, an innocent mother, an entire community who wants to bring her home. Can you imagine spending the holidays wondering if your daughter or mother is alive or not? If she will ever come home again? If you are reading this and you know anything about Leila or what happened please share your knowledge with law enforcement or contact an administrator or mod on the help find Leila Faulkner Facebook Page. YOU CAN HELP! Even the smallest detail or bit of information can help Leila’s family find her and bring her home. Feel free to email me directly as well and I will forward the information myself with Leila’s mother. Any detail, no matter how small could help.

The first thing about that day that struck me as important in the chart was the pile up of the transit Moon which represents the hour and solar arc Pluto in contact with natal Mercury, Saturn and the Nodes. When the Moon and Saturn pair up it can cause depression and indicate a separation from the females in one’s life. It can bring unshakeable unhappiness on an emotional level. It is a lonely aspect and could show us that Leila was alone at 6pm likely avoiding some one. The Moon contacting Mercury can bring up thoughts of young women and imply that Leila was thinking about her daughter at that time as Mercury rules young people and the moon females = female children. It can cause a mind that races and the thought train can change from one topic to another jumping from one subject to another. It can also show movement and motion though. Was Leila on the move, walking or in a vehicle? That is very possible with Moon Mercury contact. The Moon rules movement and so does Mercury, Mercury rules vehicles as well. Contact with the moon and node can indicate a connection with a female person, themes of the moon or the home. It would likely be a newer acquaintance. This acquaintance might be from a women’s group. Women’s therapy group, group of female friends, etc. So we have a general feeling surrounding the contact of these points and planets. Lets look at the midpoints and get into some far more specific details.
The aspects of the moon can last for several hours during the evening so over the next several hours these themes may have come into play for Leila. Some of the midpoints hit by the Moon make statements such as, “Mysterious, missing or kidnapped persons, Fast foods, snacks,” Leila is obviously missing as mentioned in the midpoints. A kidnapping is very possible, but where was she kidnapped from? Was she kidnapped from home, did she leave? Lets keep looking for more information. The midpoints further state, “To Commemorate, honor, or observe an occasion, People who are filled with self-confidence and pride. Having a national sense of honor.,” This to me sounds like Leila was probably feeling like she wanted to celebrate the 4th of July. It was the 4th of July when Leila vanished in to thin air so for some reason this statement pulled from Planetary pictures really gives me the chills. Did she go out for the 4th to celebrate? Was she trying to walk to the gathering her parents and daughter were at to join them and then befallen by some mysterious fate? One midpoint of Mercury makes the statement, “The exercising body. To be in motion. Movement. Physical development speeds up through exercise. (Increased agility of the body through exercise.)The condition of the nerves,” It is quite possible Leila was very anxious and took a walk or run to blow off some steam according to the way the information is combining. The next midpoint describes, “Talks about machines,” did Leila cross paths with a person driving by and stop to talk to them about their car or some mechanical equipment? It is possible I suppose. Going on Planetary pictures states there are Ties and connections with many in different locations as well as her Geographical area or district. She was on a Passageway, channel or path for travel at some point during the hours she went missing. It kind of sounds like maybe Leila was very familiar with her home town and the people there and ended up running into someone in that environment. The book describes the potential connection as, “Acquaintances through working together. Escapades, mischief. Impish or devilish.,” the next statement made my skin crawl, “Tied up to loathsome, distasteful things. Meeting seriously ill persons or corpses,” Corpses and “sick” people?!?! Do they mean mentally ill people? I hope not. I hope this reading takes a turn for the better because I don’t like the way this is coming together. It gets even weirder when it says, “Indoctrinated, brainwashed. Under the influence of other’s opinions. Compelled to much conversation. Controlled by the mind of another person,” Now I am just thinking to myself, “what the hell is going on here? What does that mean?,” The last seemingly meaningful clue from planetary pictures inregard to natal Mercury says, “Secretive. Perception gained through intuition. The ability to hide the real thoughts and keep secrets. Knowledge or news where real meaning is only partly conceived.,” Was Leilia keeping a secret? Does this secret apply to the perp? I wonder what knowledge or news hasn’t been fully conceived?
Leila is further described as, “A person or widow vexed by poverty and illness. Depressed because one is unable to meet obligations to family because of the lack of very basic necessities. People dealing with a hostility. Thoughts of fighting or battles. A warlike mood.,” These planetary pictures make sense in my opinion. I think maybe we are getting somewhere, but I am still confused by all the information to a degree. The Pluto Node combo can bring Transformation due to a relationship. Development of connections. There may be a change of the situation through new connections. New associations that alter events may emerge. The midpoint descriptions that pop up are numerous. The first clue states that change below the surface is brewing at 6pm. The potential for a sneaking crisis is coming about for Leila. Physical transformations, development and change. Changes in living conditions and diet. Are brought up. I should mention that there were indications of food issues in this reading. Was Leila going to get snacks at a gas station nearby? I have seen a map of the location she disappeared from and it is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I don’t recall seeing anything near by other than trees for miles. Do these issues imply that maybe she was struggling with an eating disorder to cope with the issues that were prevalent in her life at that time? She had recently endured a break up, left her home and moved in with her parents. If I recall her parents and child were at a neighbor’s house celebrating the 4th of July…No one saw anything. Leila just disappeared into thin air. The last midpoint I will share from Solar Arc Pluto states, “Transformed writing procedures or methods of correspondence,” This leads me to believe that we NEED to know who Leila messaged, called or contacted that day. We need to know what was left on her computer, what is up with her phone? We need to know who she was talking to that day and at that time. Unfortunately, I do believe that Law Enforcement has yet to figure this out because her electronic devices are all still waiting to be examined forensically. It has been three years, what is the hold up?
An evil change, increasing poverty, growing sorrow and downfall are brought up with Solar Arc Pluto getting involved with Natal Hades. It shows us that somehow the situation or condition worsens. Failure to act on the part of Leila or another may be indicated. This contact can imply that Leila or the person she was with is unreliable and dishonest. The midpoints hit by Hades state, “Babble. Abusive, insulting words. A critical rebuke; chastise. Cries for help. Clamor. Low actions. Ready for a misdeed. Using foul language; cursing, profanity. A complainer, blamer,” With Saturn being involved in this midpoint this is the picture given, “to become a murderer or be murdered as the result of a quarrel. Homicide,” Unfortunately it appears that the person(s) Leila was accompanied by were bad company, sick people who she apparently ended up arguing with for whatever the unforeseen reasons are. Hopefully we continue to find more information as the reading goes along here. Possible clues pertaining to an area Leila may be at currently or may have been at that night that came up described poor, miserable areas. Ugly, vacated or destroyed places. Debris, waste, garbage, litter. Lastly planetary pictures states information surrounding the collapse of corporations and business depressions.
Hindered or slow growth and development is brought up with Pluto contacting Saturn. Slow, gradual separation or divorce is brought about making it difficult to apply oneself to anything. Necessity. Transformation due to separation is brought up. In my opinion this combination is one that implies Leila has passed as development and growth have been allegedly stopped. Eating disorders were again brought up and at this point I think Leila was trying really hard to lose weight. The idea of this situation surrounding weight loss or an eating disorder can’t be denied. I am starting to really believe that maybe Leila was out getting some exercise around this time. The planetary pictures say, “Emaciated body. Eating disorders. Fasting or dieting,” The reading goes on to bring up the themes of Leila or another Interfering in something suddenly and being Embroiled in disputes and controversy. This encounter may involve, “Persons who share the same educational influence,” according to the planetary pictures. The notes from the remaining Saturn midpoint contacts are as followed, “A development which slowly leads to destruction. Serious and unpleasant exchange of thoughts. Farewell party. Connection of thoughts with people who are in another location, far away. To write. Joint travels. Humiliation. To be scorned, depreciated. An injured sense of honor. Lowered self- esteem. In danger of forfeiting honor, esteem and dignity. Being on guard.,” It is difficult for me to speculate about what this might mean but I do. I have gone over it over and over. Was Leila at a farewell party of sorts? Writing to people who were far away? Traveling jointly with some one? I could not say definitively. I have actually struggled with reading these details and I feel like I have had a million scenarios go through my head as I read this.
The Node and Hades is said to bring about poor associations and unpleasant connections. There is one indication that this was a mean act committed jointly, as in more than one person. This connection with Leila and the perp(s) begun under difficulties or with reluctance. Does this imply an abduction? Was she forced to go against her will? It shows a person may be personally experiencing unpleasant things. With Hades there are connections with poverty, vice, vulgarity. According to the midpoints this the beginning or the end of a disagreeable situation happening in the hours of the evening. Possible locations or descriptions of possible perp(s) are as follows, “People Gaining raw materials from junk or the earth (like coal).,” This shows us Leila may be, “Deep in the earth, in a pit. Near Fossils or petrified material.,” Other midpoints show a sad picture, “Lack of self-confidence, pride, honor, and dignity. That which is despised, undignified or dishonorable. Shame. Degradation, Decadence. Demeaning experiences. Demoralize. Dishonorable,” Poor Leila some times this case drives me insane because it really bothers me to think of how it all went down. Co workers or people whom previously worked with Leila in any field should be considered as they were brought up over and over again.
The transit ascendant activates the solar arc sun bringing up themes of Personal salutations or greetings taking place with people Leila has as connections or people with whom she may have personal relationships. ASCENDANT URANUS shows this is a Sudden meeting with acquaintances. Excitement and accidents of or caused by others are brought up. It is indicated that Leila was possibly the source of other peoples excitement or irritation at that time which may have provoked sudden reunions (possibly with an old co worker imo). This man would likely be unconventional, possibly having eccentric habits. “Accidents or Accidents on the day. Sudden events. Sudden physically exciting events. The person who applies his strength. Related to technology or electronics.,” is stated in planetary pictures. So it the Sense of timing and being Invited to something. A possible Social interaction with leading persons in the community and Co-workers is mentioned. Deeds of others or with others caused anger at some point resulting in a fight. This was likely a Common interest group to whom Leila has close personal ties. Nest there is themes of bidding farewell. The sun indicates this is A day of separation, Dying, Catastrophes. What really stood out to me was the statement from planetary pictures that said, “The miner. Connected with miners and coalmines. Activity confined to a small space. The man who works with loss, who narrows, reduces his field of work. Clumsy man. Gauche or crude. Inseparable, callous, indifferent. To be a co-worker or to have them. Getting a thrashing. Beaten up or mauled. Free-for-all, rough-housing.,” I suspect this is a male Person active in community. He has close family connections and is likely married already.
Natal Uranus brings up themes of Negligence resulting in loss of life. Sudden restrictions in the field of work and Enemies made suddenly are discussed along with the phenomenon of something Ripping or tearing suddenly. Then it goes on to say, “Fragments and rags. Demolished. Sudden or surprising actions of other people and excitement through them. Injured suddenly. Deleterious, harmful. Danger of shock. Suddenly appearing pestilence. Sexual violence (rape). Suddenly, unexpectedly re-establishing relations with relatives or intimate old acquaintances.,” Reading that was chilling and absolutely heart breaking. BUT one last statement said, “Events of the State. Governmental intervention. To be ordered,” Could this mean that charges will be brought against the responsible party? Will the investigators find out the truth? I hope so.
The last planetary pile up suggests this may have been about possessions and money. Solar arc Aries and its midpoints suggest Violent and fierce individuals surround Leila. Others feel like they need to show their superiority. This could be connected to someone in a Powerful organization. There is mention of general damages through steam power, and losses through fire. Malfunctions, breakdowns, machinery failure. =UR: damages through rocks, cannons, shoulder-held launchers. Is discussed and reminds me that the book rules for planetary pictures was written for military use. It is not meant to be taken literally. I doubt that this crime involved a rocket launcher or cannon. It could have involved a rock though. There is an element of malice and dirty tricks. Discussion of a Strike. Lockouts. Lack of coal. Lastly it says, “To be detained or restrained. Embargo, barrier, gate, restraint.,” This reading did not completely satisfy me. It did bring up themes of the coal industry and I must admit I was pretty shook to think we may be dealing with a mine shaft, in other readings I did suspect there were indications that Leila was potentially inside of something. Are there even mine shafts or coal industries in AL? I have no idea, never been there. I will be checking up on that though.
Transit node discusses the idea that maybe Leila was using violent people for something or keeping in touch with them. Maybe someone else was using violent people to meet with certain results. It is possible she knew that this person was prone to violence or had heard rumors previously. This person is, “Connected with a mighty society, family or important art. Possibly self-employed or works alone. Possibly a co-sufferer in fire losses.,” Public professional associations (networking.) is brought up and again makes me wonder about Leila’s electronic devices being examined in depth. Hopefully LE looks soon. Lastly the midpoints state situations surrounding Participating in large damage. A Connection with industry or the industrial class (industrial workers). A Connection with strikes. Natal Jupiter indicates a Loss of money through machines. Fraudulent enterprises. A money swindler. I realize that this is a choppy reading that may sound like nonsense. It is not edited, and I am aware people may struggle to understand. If anyone has questions that I can help answer, please comment or contact me personally. Although this reading isn’t completely done, I feel it provides us with enough information to be baffling. I plan on examining the situation further but felt like a 5-page reading was likely enough to digest for a reader at this time.

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