Vanessa Morales

When the sun and ascendant combine like they do in the event chart of the police response time at 7:30pm Dec 2nd, 2019 they show us how the victim is physically and can describe sensory clues or awareness such as sight, taste, sound, touch, etc. How we relate to other people in our physical environment can be shown as well so are personal relationships. It would appear to me that there is a male authority figure in the environment who is very experienced or knowledgeable regarding his abilities. Because this is the chart for the police response time, I believe that this information is regarding some one investigating the case. Some one with superior ability, experience and knowledge was there likely right away on the scene. They appear to have been extremely thorough about gathering and collecting scientific evidence from the home and it is said to have gone on for days. This scientific evidence will eventually lead to important understanding or discoveries pertaining to Vanessa’s where abouts. It is possible that the family was experiencing financial difficulties or changes in their economic situation. It is mentioned that Vanessa was removed from her environment or that it some how changed by 7:30pm. I believe that the father or man associated with this crime may have been thinking about changing up his living conditions or had recently moved. There is hints that this person or suspect the baby was with was a younger male who may have been acquainted with relatives or friends. There is an indication that Vanessa is physically changed. Like Ice melts or water freezes the condition of her body has somehow changed. Her environment is described as cold or frozen. This could pertain to weather changes or locational changes impacting the environment. Young Male relatives or friends related to Vanessa are discussed so one could have possibly been involved. There was mention of sexual abuse or molestation but this information may pertain more to the mother’s death. I hope to god it doesn’t apply to Vanessa. The book rules for planetary pictures described the midpoint, planetary interaction as, “Vulgar and evil acts of others. Having to set right the mistakes of others, Danger of being murdered; also danger of other people being murdered. Victims. Downtrodden, abused, exploited. Amend, correct, rectify. Enemies. Suicide that also kills others. Molested. MA HA SU Daily dirty work. Work drains energy. Tired and exhausted. The man who tires easily while working. Engaged in mean or unwanted work. Grave illness. Injury through sudden attack.,” to me this is not sounding promising or positive. Not the answers I wanted to get. Job positions such as, “the custodian, security guard or watchman,” are mentioned as well as imprisonment. This person is watching public proceedings and paying attention to the events surrounding this case. He may get involved publicly some how. He may speak glibly and has likely been present at family gatherings pertaining to the case. He is possibly a runner though and will likely try to get away from the situation. There was mention of a wedding or marriage taking place recently or a big event. This person may have been present. This was a great psychological shock for everyone involved, this guy may be a real smooth talker and narcissistic. He may even speak more than one language or have a talent for writing. He likes to talk about his successes so hopefully there is some one listening, he may brag and be quite smart or educated. The Aries point paired with the planet Jupiter promises success. There is also a promise of propaganda in the media surrounding this case so don’t believe everything you see or hear or read. For what ever reason people may have the wrong impression of Vanessa’s lifestyle or the way the police are investigating. This is an impression that may increase as time goes by. This is about to become a very sensational case because the public is very concerned about Vanessa. There was mention of a woman who desired children and it is possible she is older. She can help the case financially and very may well put up some kind of reward. What ever the outcome of this case we the public are about to be absolutely flabbergasted, amazed or astonished. Unfortunately, when the meridian and Admetos combine it is an indication of death, especially death in youth or at an early age. Sadly, it is not the first indication of death I have seen in this reading. Arson is mentioned as well so I was curious if there have been any fires in the area. There is an element of being restrained or detained at play in the reading, like maybe Vanessa is unable to walk or move around? Maybe it is discussing her father and how he is currently in jail, this is what I suspect. There may be a connection with coal mines or coal at play and it is possible that there is a connection to that industry. It discusses the pressure that the father is under from the public and police. He is hated and in a tight spot right now. This is because he some how personally failed to act or is unreliable and dishonest. Delays will cause difficulties. I would imagine that this case will end with us getting answers but it won’t happen fast. If the father is innocent, he will be able to combat this obstacle. The midpoints hit oddly mention, “A corporation instituted by the people, presided over by the people. Foundation of a ” Community of the People.” Low, brutal, vicious and uncultured people. people inclined toward violence are brought up. This is a case that has created public transformations and it created A transformed family or community. My heart goes out to this family and community, I realize that this must be very traumatic. The terms, “Drive, ride, and journey. Circumstances of driving or riding. People on a vehicle. Traveling people.,” were brought up in Planetary Pictures along with very populated places. A city or town. There is luck through acquaintanceship with women who can provide quick recognition. Houses and buildings for service to the public like railroad stations, city hall, post offices, or libraries are brought up as was, “meeting the future wife.,” whatever that means.

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