Asteroids of love part 1: Eros and Psyche

Currently I am learning more about asteroids and taking a small break from forensic astrology to focus on more positive aspects of life for a little bit. I’m going to write a series about asteroids and love. In this first installment we’ll discuss Eros and Psyche. Two lovers who were nearly torn apart by betrayal. Don’t worry though, the story has a happy ending. I encourage you to look up the mythology of the couple and hope you enjoy their story as much as I do. Please comment on the article and share your questions or knowledge about these two, find them in your chart and check out what they’re doing by inputting their asteroid numbers #433 for Eros and #16 for Psyche. Please share your results. Thanks for reading, love Michelle aka Pythia Serpentis.


Eros is the god of erotic love, passion and desire. He represents the masculine side of sexuality and is basically Mars on steroids. As the patron god of homosexual love he can give a clues to our sexual preferences when used in charts. He is a whatever floats your boat kind of guy. In chart analysis, Eros shows where our passion, sexual attraction, sexual preference, and physical energy manifests from. Eros can create the need to recreate the excitement of falling in and being in love over and over again. It really makes you wonder about Eros placements in the charts of serial relationship havers and chronic cheaters. Apparently Eros by transit is a timer of sexual activity. Personally, I have never timed a client’s sex life or activity for them and tend to leave these things out sense they’re really personal and can embarrass clients. I will say something along the lines of, “You may meet some one in March, or things could get steamy in May”. That’s about the extent I go to though unless a client wants or asks for those details.

Planetary contacts in the natal chart might show where a person gets turned on. For example, Uranus with Eros, might show something like a person who gets turned on by group activities. Uh-hum, with Pluto we could see people who like bondage, or games of powerlessness vs. Control. With synastry, Eros aspects that are positive can show sexual compatibility and a passionate sex life together. Negative aspects would show the opposite.


Psyche is a higher octave of Venus. She shows personal love and psychic connections to a partner. For Psyche, her conscious relationship with Eros leads her to find spiritual illumination as described in Demetra George’s book, “Asteroid Goddesses“. In the book it states that she represents our psychic sensitivity to the mind and feelings of another person. Stressful placements and aspects to Psyche can show problems with being sensitive to others or blocked psychic awareness. It can also show problems for us when we enter into relationships. Psyche aspects connect planetary energies with Psychic awareness. In synastry, Psyche contacts can show points of knowing and understanding another person intuitively or an inability to know and understand between individuals. To be honest I was kind of bummed by the lack of sexual meaning behind psyche. I guess Eros gets to have all the fun while Psyche shows how we are supposed to “know intuitively,” how other people feel and what they need.

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