Paige Johnson

For Paige’s reading chose the time 1am when she was allegedly dropped off at 15th and Scott in Covington, Ky. The chart rose at roughly 12° Cancer. This means Paige is represented by the Moon. In this chart there is a three planet pile up of planets conjunct the part of bankruptcy. The Sun opposing the moon shows us that there is difficulty with the opposite sex. With the moon hitting the Jupiter Uranus midpoint it shows Paige is facing major change. She sees an opportunity. Possibly an oppertunity to make money due to the moon Being conjunct the Arabic part of bankruptcy. The Moon conjunct Jupiter can bring illness about through self indulgent behavior. It can also imply that there is a danger of financial loss. The moon opposite 8th house of death’s ruler Saturn (according to the rules of horary ) imply Paige is likely already dead at 1 am. The likelihood of her ever being dropped off at 15th and Scott is slim. What ever oppertunity Paige believes she has comes at a price. A price she’ll regret having to pay. The moon conjunct Uranus shows us that this was a chaotic time for Paige. The conjunction became exact at 1:53am that day which makes me wonder what was going on at that time. At the time the moon began moving in to conjunction with Uranus the environment Paige was in likely became unpredictable emotional reaction would have been at an all time high. Moon square pluto shows obsessed people who are compulsive due to childhood conditioning. Likely due to the negative influence of a mother figure. There’s a determination to fullfill one’s desires. Revenge takes center stage.

Saturn and Uranus rule the chart’s 8th house. By examining the cusp and rulers we can attempt to establish what led up to her death and how it possibly occurred. With Saturn hitting the Pluto ascendant midpoint death is almost assured. It’s a common combo in forensic charts. According to astrologer and author Neol Tyl it shows a high potential for difficulty and loss along with oppressive dealings with others. The 8th house conjunct fixed star Oculus gives a clue that a friend offered help to Paige. It can bring about immobility and problems with the ability to use one’s legs. With the sun opposite Saturn themes of financial loss are brought up again implying this may have had to do with money. Heavy hardships and sacrifice are both brought up. There will be delays in finding out about what caused Paige to die as Saturn is the ruler of delay. Uranus although not traditionally used also rules the chart’s 8th house. Conjunct the Moon, Paige’s signifigator we again have another sign of death. Aspecting the sun moon midpoint we can see her death was sudden. The result of a man likely. Uranus conjunct Scheat brings up an unlucky energy. I don’t usually use fixed stars with outer planets but in this case I will. This star implies, “suffering of a sublime scope,” murder and death or imprisonment. It’s unfortunate. It also shows that the community is interested in knowing the truth about what happened to Paige. It could imply that educational, sports and institutional areas will come under investigation. Scheat is a watery star. Scheat is in the constellation of the Pegasus. He was born from Medusa’s neck at the time she was murdered by Perseus. It’s most likely the conjunction highlights the collective’s desire to know what truly happened to Paige though.

The fourth house ruler is Mercury. The fourth house and Mercury rule the grave so they must be looked at if we hope to find Paige. The cusp of the 4th house is conjunct fixed star Denebolal. It shows that Paige associated with undesirable people. There’s a vindictive element to this crime. Due to Mercury being placed in the 3rd house it could show Paige being in her local environment, a car or near some kind of educational area. Likely it means she was in a car at 1 am though. With the sun at a critical degree seated in the 4th house but ruling the third it shows us again Paige is likely near her home town or in it. The location descriptions of Virgo are the direction SW, and being inside something like a container, near a wheat field, orchard, or agricultural area.

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