Where is Leila? A Horary Reading

Recently I was contacted by a missing woman’s mother. I was happy to help out and flattered she would even consider asking me to be of assistance. Many things stood out to me regarding the chart. For starters the chart rose with Spica a fixed star that brings gossip, and propaganda. Spica brings good luck and victory. I have seen the gifts of Spica before in other cases. Arcturus rose as well. Together they brought closure to a very cold case, the case of Mandy Stavick. Nearly 30 years later her killer is facing charges and in custody. I believe that the stars not only speak of intelligence and being gifted on the part of the quested (Leila) but they speak of victory for Leila as well. It may not be a fast victory but in the end she’s going to have the last word.

Venus represents Leila. How fitting to have the planetary ruler of young women representing a young woman. Venus rules love, gifts, money, relationships, lost objects, and social affairs. I have to wonder if Leila was at a party due to Venus ruling conjunct Neptune. Contact between Neptune and Venus warns of problems through love affairs. Misplaced affection and danger near or in water. Neptune also rules drugs and alcohol as well. This is why I suspect she’s at a party with friends. Placed in the 11th house I further suspect she was with her social circle that night. How ever the tendency for Leila to use drugs or alcohol at a party would not be out of the ordinary with this Neptune Venus opposition. That’s where things can really get unpleasant and have serious outcomes. It’s best to avoid water, sexual encounters, drugs and alcohol with this sometimes dangerous aspect. Traps and set ups the victim is unaware of can occur.

Contact between Jupiter and Venus gives the potential for emotional upset due to a lack of discrimination with sexual partners. Self indulgent behaviors such as drinking too much or partaking in drug use can make Leila sick. The problem for Leila likely surrounds a love affair from what I can gather.

The moon gives us an overview of events surrounding her disappearance. That night she was in danger of being deceived. She’s likely in the company of an untrustworthy woman or multiple women. Misplaced sympathy could have been an issue for Leila as the moon conjunct Neptune is negative in my opinion. So was Leila in danger due to a romantic relationship or her social circle? It’s possible to have both be a threat. I am leaning towards the romantic partner she may have had contact with that night. The reason I think this is because of Mars the suspect ‘ s ruler contacting the node/mc midpoint. Finding out her disappearance was a team effort would not shock me. The contact would bring work and cooperation with the help of a partner on the suspect’s part. It was likely a confrontation that occurred in from the of others. There is already issues with authority here for the suspect or perp. So I’d imagine that the police gave him a run for his money and grilled him pretty hard. I refer to the perp as male because Mars is a masculine planet. The suspect’s likely a man, a young man at that time. I do believe that Leila has passed and it was not intended to happen this way on the part of the perp. He was mad and went to far. Sun opposite Mars and square Uranus creates issues involving unpredictable circumstances for him, rash behaviors, and out of the ordinary actions with unpredictable outcomes. It’s likely this was an accident that changed the way he thinks and acts forever. I don’t mean to imply that he has any pity from me. It’s just how the chart read out. Things progressed quickly and got out of control. Some how his status saved the day for him. Maybe he had an alibi or good reputation? I don’t know much about the case other than what the mom has told me. I came up with two conflicting directions, SW and NE. The environment Leila is in was described as being agricultural, possibly a wheat field as Virgo rules grain. Grazing land for domestic animals such as anything smaller than sheep or goats. Places with hay, orchards, inside of something such as a container. Venus in the 11th would show her possibly being neat a partner’s work area or a non profit agency. The moon in Pisces would describe her being near water that is still standing, areas susceptible to flooding, and lastly secluded areas.

I will do another reading on Leila with more details and facts about her case but prefer to start out with cold readings so the facts don’t over shadow the planetary meanings. Thank you for Reading.

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  1. Thank you Pythia for doing this reading on Lelia.


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