Missing: Molly Tibbitts

The Natal, Solar arc and transits:

Due to Molly’s solar arcs I’m worried about what happened to her. She had some rough stuff going on in the charts. Solar arc sun opposite natal Pluto is something I don’t like to see in a missing person’s chart. The planet of life force opposite the planet of death is unsettling to see. Pluto can be deadly and powerful force to be reckoned with. Sun square the node brings new contacts in to your life. It can put you in the public eye. While Mars with the node can show that if people work together Molly will be located. They just have to try to get along.

On the day Molly vanished with out a trace the transits were stressful. We are looking at an abduction here and the person is an older male. Although I have little hope Molly is still alive she was held against her will. I believe that she was aquaintances with her abductor and it’s possible he was some type of authority figure. However, This could show the abductor as an authority figure strictly because he is in control of Molly’s fate.

Venus square Pluto could show a person who was manipulating and compulsive. Therefore it’s unlikely that this was planned but then again Pluto’s energy can be quite calculating. So we can’t deny the possibility of this being planned. With this aspect we can see that social interaction can lead to deep anger and resentment. Old memories are brought up and something said innocently might bring about serious consequences for Molly. This aspect can bring about jealousy and is not uncommon in forensic charts. Jupiter with natal chiron can bring up themes of teaching molly a lesson. I have to wonder if she said or did something inadvertently to really pissed someone off. This is an aspect that COULD create publicity. The abduction was sudden for Molly. She didn’t see it coming. The eclipse coming on July 27th may bring closure for the case. A Lunar Eclipse is about endings, completion. The eclipse is opposite natal Neptune which might bring closure to the mystery of what happened to Molly. Of course Neptune is a slow moving planet. So everyone with Neptune in the same spot as Molly’s will experience the effect of Neptune with this eclipse. Unfortunately I believe for Molly’s case this aspect will bring disappointment. Health can suffer with this aspect. Again themes of dishonest associations are brought up. This was likely a person she knew. At the time of this eclipse Isis transpluto is with Molly’s mercury. Atropos is conjunct the natal moon. This also brings themes of endings up again. I’m hoping closure will be brought about with this eclipse. The effects of an eclipse are long lasting and I would imagine with in the next few weeks tops Molly will be found.

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