A.M. Solar Return Reading

At this time in your life you are beginning to become more comfortable with being yourself around others. This is a good year to finish, build or bring about permanent conditions in your life. You’ll deal with money issues, changes and conflict especially in November when pluto returns to it’s retrograde position in the solar return chart. An issue you’re putting off or dreading may have to be confronted. The issue might be a minor one. It’s an issue that could involve males in positions of authority such as a boss, father figure, ect. Either way the situation is one that will not be under your control. November will seem to be a time of one conflict after another.

Pluto was the first natal planet to rise in the reading highlighting major changes coming up for you this year. You could meet a person or situation that changes you in a major way. With the solar return ascendant in Leo you could find yourself in a position of leadership or some how taking center stage. It’s a time where you will learn how to handle relationships and cooperation. With the solar return moon in Leo as well themes of children, romance and learning to love and be loved are brought up. Some one is going to become the central focus in your life or you in theirs. Likely it’s a woman.

With the solar return moon conjunct the charts ascendant we see significant emotional change occuring on a personal level. Confrontations can arise if you don’t remember not to take everything personally. New adventures such as a move or vocational change may occur.

With the solar return moon conjunct Uranus issues surrounding women are brought to the front line as well as love, happiness, the healing of old emotional wounds and harmony. At this time you learn about loyalty, responsibility and the working bonds of love relationships. Still there are unforeseen elements that will impact the domestic scene. It will likely involve financial set backs that are out of your control. Compulsive behaviors might develop on your part. This maybe your way of handling stress. Beware of self indulgent behaviors they may cost you quite a bit. There is a danger of loss due to poor judgement or extravagance on your part. Pushing others into commitment can cause arguements and love disappointment so beware of jumping into anything too quickly.

There should be a lot of joy and success coming for you over the next two years. Another thing that came up in both your solar arcs and Solar Return Reading was the possibility of conception and falling in love. By late September a needed confrontation might bring up a sense of relief. The release of energy at that time may call for you to take some form of action. Minor accidents and injuries can occur at that time as well beginning in late September early October. At this time interactions involving responsibility, delays, restriction circumstances and interaction with authority figures pops up as well. This situation will not be as dire as you percieve it to be. It’s not a good time to make serious commitments or buisness deals during September or October. Opportunity that emerges at this time will only create disappointment later on for you so steer clear of commitment. On the bright side of things it’s going to be a time of establishing long term efforts twords achievement in your life.

By March 2019 Neptune Reaches it’s retrograde degree. It can bring you some deceptive confusing situations. Do not make any important choices until April 2019 when the influence of this situation has passed. There could be an element of not having all the necessary information about this topic or situation. On the flip side Neptune is capable of causing dreams to materialize. The placement maybe a positive one.

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