Sky Metalwala

The mysterious disapearance of Sky Metalwala has haunted Bellevue for almost 8 years now. It’s a confusing case with many possibilities and theories. Some believe Sky was sent away to another country to live with his mother’s family. Others believe he was murdered by her. I can’t help but wonder what really happened that day. Where did Sky go? His mother says she ran out of gas and left him in her car to go to a gas station. An hour later when she returns Sky has vanished into thin air. Suspicious I know, who leaves a baby in a car? Alot of people do unfortunately. Those people might be making poor choices but it doesn’t mean they will kill their kids. Julia had been in trouble for leaving Sky in the car before. The police and DSHS got involved. Maybe she just doesn’t think there’s any thing wrong with leaving a baby in a car. I don’t know how she feels, no one does. She has stayed silent sense the beginning and has been called uncooperative by the police. Some day I hope to see some answers regarding Sky. I want to take a minute to say that I, in no way want to imply Julia is guilty of anything regardless of what the reading says. Astrology is not proof of guilt, death, etc. It’s just astrology.

The Event Chart :


In this chart we see the chart ruler, Mars, in 9th house Leo opposite Neptune and the part of death. The 9th house rules areas connected to hunting and fishing. The out doors in general, wooded areas churches, long distance travel and foreign people like immigrants. It can show sky is far away. Leo rules parks, woods, Forrest, places for fun and entertainment, rocky high areas. This position shows that there is alot of speculation surrounding sky and where he is.

The ascendant rises with fixed star Bungula. Bungula brings poor relationships with women and vengeance connected with poison. Mars squaring Jupiter the fourth house ruler of sky’s home, grave and the end of the matter of sky show there was too much force where none was needed. Strength was over estimated. Mars opposite Neptune, the modern fourth house ruler and the part of death can show nothing ever becomes of Sky, he has possibly passed on. At the time water would have been a danger and old astrologers would probably say travel over water was a bad idea for sky. There is a possibility of unforseen attacks, deception and danger through drugs or chemicals. Mars with fixed star Aljabha brings scandal, danger, loss and makes people prone to violence.

The moon is always the co ruler of the missing person in any chart. Mercury and the moon in trine could show a great day to visit relatives, well working machinery like cars. The moon trine venus shows how popular sky was in the media when he went missing. Moon conjunct Uranus can show a major change of lifestyle. Family relationships change, it can show seperation from one’s mom, home, and unpredictable women. It can also show explosive emotions and sudden events. With Uranus involved a situation is usually very sudden and if our little Sky didn’t survive his death was probably quick. The moon is with fixed star Scheat. I always think, “knee deep in scheat,” when I see this Star active. According to Ptolemy, “plant, sow, marry but don’t travel. ,” (robson, p. 74). It brings ambition, escapism and poor judgment as well as murder, suicide, drowning, malevolence and misfortune.

When we examine the 7th house cusp we are looking for clue to show us who the murderer is. The 7th house also rules legal proceedings and contracts. Venus rules the 7th house cusp. In square with mars, sky’s ruling planet it can show an element of revenge in the chart. Agression, over reactions and for Sky challenging interactions with women. Venus conjunct Mercury points to legal proceedings, divorce specifically with Venus involved. It can also bring up a lot of gossip. The first house position shows the perp attracting attention for negative reasons. The 7th house of the perpetrator rises with Alcyone, the weeping sisters. It brings sorrow, suffering, exhile, and is unlucky. I find that odd. Why would the perp be full of sorrow and exhiled?

Mercury rules the tenth house of the mother, publicity, and authority figure like the police. With Mercury in the first house there is information about the mother and i think police know something about her we dont. She may come across as nervous, irritable and unpleasant. Even a little self centered. This position has a way of eluding twords police seeing the mom as evasive and shows she is being forced to answer questions that are unpleasant at the exact time of this event. Questions she didn’t want to answer.

The 4th house rules the end of the matter, the father and the grave. With Jupiter opposite the sun it can show that the people who want to help sky are powerless, his father felt powerless. It’s possible that police were being steered in the wrong direction at the time sky went missing. This aspect paints the father in a negative light. Maybe they were given false information about Sky’s father that made him out to be the bad guy. In sextile to Neptune, Jupiter, is telling us facts at that time are missed due to a lack of awareness or the perception of them is incorrect. This is an aspect that also favors long distance travel. In this chart we see the numbers 28, 27 and 29 come up a lot. I have to wonder if that’s a hint twords mileage. It can also imply it’s too late to help sky by 8:30am 11/6/2011.

I hope to finish up reading Sky’s natal chart soon. I will get a post up about it next time. Thanks for reading. If you know anything about Sky’s disappearance please contact the number on his missing persons poster.

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  1. Sky Metawala was strangled to death by Solomon Metawala in their apartment.

    Point noted is why NO ONE HEARD SKY’S SCREAMS FOR HELP. His sister is not able to do so, while his mother also did not.

    Sky was kicking and screaming his head off for help from his mother.

    Solomon had moved Sky’s body a few times, and one can easily triangulate the areas.


    • Has anyone pinpointed the location of Sky’s remain’s?

      I went up when he was at Bridleveil, but he was too upset to guide me to where his body lies.

      As soon as my funds come in, I plan to retain a service to dredge this small area for him.

      Irene Rodriguez


  2. Sky Metawala was strangled at his home (family condo residence).

    Solomon moved him to the old red schoolhouse by the windmill at Marymoor Park.

    He later moves Sky to a small alcove where he left his remains in front of a tall tree adjacent to a small pool of water. The sun warms him during the day. Yes, his body was threatened to move into the larger body of water. But, it provides a peek a boo at the beautiful homes across the bay along with sailors sailing their sailboats smaller than a 35 footer such as a Catalina.

    I may be too late, the last SENSE I had of Sky’s whereabouts is in a small body of water in front of a University Library triangulating three freeways. Funny one freeway runs through Marymoor Park and family residence. The University is surrounded by these freeways and body of waters.


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