With Solar return Pluto in sextile with the Sun we could have a resolution of relationships and situations that no longer serve you.  It’s not the most powerful aspect but it can revitalize something that was lost. With Solar return Pluto landing in your 11th house  Maybe when this aspect is over you will have been given no choice but to view your life with total honesty.  This could cause you to identify what it will take to make you happy.  Oddly it’s said to bring karmic ties to a child who isn’t biologically yours and a new network of friends.

With solar return pluto in the solar return 6th house we can see a focus on work. Your attitude becomes more relevant . Power struggles with coworkers maybe expected.  The sixth house rules health as well,  so proper diet and excersize may be needed this year.

Solar arc Pluto is conjunct the midheaven of your natal chart . We went over the meaning in depth last year and this aspect can bring and will bring powerful transformation over the years to come. This comes through change that is forced on you and out of your control. The time frame is full of big choices that should be made by you alone. This is a very public time in your life where it could feel like you’re a specimen being examined. Your identity will totally change. You are about to learn that nothing can be gained with out giving something up.

About the author:advice astrologer

Welcome! My name is Michelle, I am student of astrology. I spend my free time practicing forensic and Horary Astrology in regards to missing or murdered people as well as personal readings. For the sake Of science I enjoy trying different methods of reading at the same time in some cases. When I am not doing personal, and forensic readings I enjoy looking at eclipse charts, and testing asteroids with astrocartography charts. Forensic and classic astrology are my favorite, Asteroid Astrology is interesting to me. I have been dabbling in that alot lately. If someone you love is missing or has a cold case please ask for a free reading from me. If you would like a personal reading please visit my website, AdviceAstrologer.com

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