Solar Return and Arcing Mars

Solar arc mars aspects natal Jupiter. This is fortunate for the most part and shows a clearing of the air. The possibility of creative activities makes me think you should be careful with birth control. You may have a weakened system due to your hyper sensitivity. Restlessness may only contribute to your weakened immune system. Most of this stress arises from having bit off more than you can chew. The possibility of legal issues arises multiple times during your reading.

Solar return Mars square Pluto brings up issues of jealousy, power struggles, revenge and anger. Actions from long ago are brought up now and create difficulty for you. Solar return Mars square Nemesis is interesting to me. Nemesis is a goddess, Adrasteia. Adrasteia was the goddess of retribution. This is an area where we might screw ourselves over or get taken advantage of by someone else due to our own carelessness. This brings up themes from the moon with Algol and supports them. It can imply that there is someone who is secretly jealous of you, so watch out for frienemies. Nemesis could bring themes of your own jealousy up. This may show you sabotaging your self. At least those are the common themes. Adrasteia ruled justice, the old saying what comes around goes around applies to her energy. I think of her as more of a karmic influence than I do a vengeful dangerous one. If you do put energy into anything vengeful, illegal or immoral Nemesis will judge you fairly and retribution will be imminent as she makes sure we get what we deserve. Just beware of pride and arrogance, that’s where she gets us…Maybe pride and arrogance is how we get ourselves.

With solar return Mars in the 4th solar return house there could be fire hazards in the home, accidents or angry domestic scenes (likely due to family issues). It’s a good time to move if the opportunity arises. Perhaps to a bigger place sense Jupiter is involved. Solar return Mars in the natal seventh house can bring up legal proceedings and open confrontations that aren’t really all that great. Solar arc Mars in the 9th house could bring up issues surrounding court, publishing and second marriages.

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