Solar Return and Arcing Venus

This year Solar Return Venus is with fixed star Bungula. Bungula is said to bring on a lot of self analysis. Possibly through interest in the occult. This conjunction may leave you feeling insensitive towards others, stubborn, vengeful, and a little salty or mean. It could make romantic endeavors risky at best. Be wary or careful of this during early summer as the July solar eclipse will square solar arc Venus and your progressed moon. This eclipse should be a meaningful one that brings romance. Be choosy and be guarded at that time. I will discuss the eclipse deeply in another post. In this post I will stick with adressing Venus soley in this post to avoid overwhelming you with too much information.

Solar return Venus and Saturn in aspect by sextile might just keep you out of a sticky situation. Although you may struggle with feelings of rejection It is a situation where all that glitters isn’t gold. What seems or feels like rejection works out for the best ultimately. This aspect can make you want to make changes to your financial situation or bring about some unhappiness pertaining to finance.

This year solar return Venus was conjunct solar return Jupiter which could bring about impulsive behaviors involving over indulgence, and over exaggeration. There’s a tendency to want to,”go big,” in many areas of life. Watch out for the tendency to over do it socially, financially, and don’t squander your good fortune to mask pain or make an impression on others. Problems may seem bigger than they really are. Values and principles may be challenging.

With solar return Venus opposite Uranus you might feel alien among other people and at social gatherings. Beware of prejudice and the need to judge others. Romantic encounters can be short lived or sudden. Solar return Venus square Pluto can bring about intense sexual encounters. Most likely it will raise issues involving old memories, deep anger, passion, and ancient resentment in yourself and others. Keep your reactions to these triggers under control. Realize that others arent intentionally trying to stir your emotions and upset you. Take negative feelings and turn the energy that stems from them into something constructive. Some outlets may involve your religion or spiritual activities. It’s a good time to create arts and crafts. These things are examples of creative release that could serve to help you process issues that are the root of deep seated pain and feelings of alienation.

Solar return Venus is placed in the fourth house of your solar return chart. It’s a bad time for new endeavors or enterprise, keep working on what you have been working on. Thoughts and activities involving social and family interactions may increase. Entertaining, redecorating, books, art, music and improvements to your home base may make you feel happier with life. This particular placement may leave you feeling home sick, missing your father or indicate legal issues surrounding family matters.

With Solar return Venus landing in the natal 8th house is important. Solar arc venus lands in the 8th house as well. Intense romantic interactions are brought up again. Joint income, taxes, loans, insurance issues and estate planning may take center stage. It’s a good time to consider group therapy or support groups if things get too stressful this year, you could learn a lot about yourself. It might be a year of feeling that others are imposing on your values by trying to press their own beliefs on you. It’s unlikely that you are in the mood to allow or tolerate such behavior in others.


Of all things discussed regarding venus in your chart the aspects to saturn are most meaningful and impacting. Remember that what looks like it is the most appealing really won’t be what you wanted in the end. What you will attain through others will still have a price that you must eventually pay. Worry and anxiety related to any legal matters, romance, socialization and the opinions of others can get under your skin. That is okay though because in spite of all the worry it will work out for the best.

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