The condition of the Moon

Solar Return Moon with Algol:

One of the most feared fixed stars is Caput Algol. Astrologers have reffered to the star as the demon star. I agree that it is scary. Not because it’s actually bad but because of the negative statements people have held strongly to for years.  Algol has been associated with things such as beheading,  neck and throat damage, fire, illness, and murder. The list goes on but fails to adress the rest of Medusa’s story. Sure she was beheaded by Perseus but the prequel of the story is always left out. Medusa was a beautiful young woman. She had many suitors. She was a priestess who was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple after she refused his advances. After the assault she was cursed by Athena who apparently blamed Medusa instead of her attacker. Athena turned Medusa into a monster out of jealousy.  Athena’s jealousy of Medusa should not be overlooked when discussing Algol. Mythology of Medusa should be considered before we begin to worry about Perseus and how Medusa was beheaded.  Jealousy is another key component of the star. Being with the moon which represents women I believe that the situations brought up will involve female associations and themes.

Last year Lilith was prominent in your chart. She taught you valuable lessons about yourself, your inner strength and through the isolation she brought, you found a piece of yourself that you probably didn’t know you were missing. Oddly Algol has been considered the demon Lilith by some ancient astrologers. So through this placement you are still learning the lessons of Lilith. The lessons should involve isolation, sex and the things we subconsciously repress. In this case it could be anger twords female figures in your life given Algol is with the moon. I would encourage you to review last year’s discussions of lilith again aND stidy up on Medusa.

Solar Return Moon opposite Mercury:

With hard, stressful Mercury/Moon aspects we see situations surrounding blocked emotional satisfaction.  The thoughts you have conflict with your emotions.  You will be thinking with your emotions which conflict with your ideas and opinions.  A Change of heart is to be expected, and when your heart changes an end comes about.  Closure and finality occur.  Miscommunication and conflicting activities will be abundant.  People and occurances may create situations that stand in the way of your progress.  Don’t worry and just keep forging ahead twords your goals.  This is a tough time for travel, paperwork and dealing with authority.

Solar Arc Moon conjunct Mercury :

This will bring unexpected contact with others and possibly an unexpected trip. Interactions with siblings and neighbors could increase.  Information about children or the home may take center stage at some point.  You might consider changing your home environment through moving or redecorating.  Now is a good time to focus on your health, childhood conditioning that impacts your mental and emotional health and the past.

Solar Return Moon in Solar return 11th house :

Much like your progressed Balsamic Moon that I will discuss later, this placement is all about planting seeds for your future and the dreams you have for the future. Dreams of being self employed possibly.  Friends may be taking alot of your time and energy. Even though they are wanting to be with you it might just be a time where you feel out of place and alien among others.  You could have an important new friendship with a female.

Solar return moon in Natal 3rd house:

This looks like a year of constantly being on the go. There is an emphasis on mercurial endeavors such as travel, siblings,  learning , communication and contact with others.  Beware of rationalizing your feelings because it can block you from determining what you really want.

Progressed Balsamic Moon:

The Progressed Balsamic Lunar phase should be spent looking back at your life to gain understanding. You may find Yourself spending more time alone thinking about the journey you have endured up to this point. You may feel alone but it’s in your best interest. This is a time to consider letting go of feelings and ideas you have brought with you. Reflect on what is meaningful to you and what it is you want to bring with you as you cross over into the new moon phase. Let go of the rest and dont try to hold on or it could cause you distress later. At this point letting go of people, items or feelings that no longer serve you will happen even if you don’t want it to. Just remember that you are ready to do this. The new moon will bring new beginings that you have been working for all your life. As one door or maybe ten close, many more will open soon.

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