Kara Kopetsky

Introduction to the case, and one burning question:

What I am doing in this reading is comparing the natal, solar arc and Transit charts to the day Kara was found. I wanted to see what would show up if I progressed Kara’s natal planets to the day her remains were finally found. In spite of the proof she has passed away, the results are very special in my opinion. They’ve made me consider the question, “do People really die if charts can live on?,” I progressed the Horary chart I drew up on Kara in 2012 and ran it all against the transits. It’s amazing that her natal chart can still be used for predictions right now. I believe her chart is proof on some level she lives on. It blows my mind. I got this idea from Noel Tyl.

It was September 30, 2012, when I did a reading on Kara Kopetsky. It has been very discouraging to just sit and wait for her to finally be returned to her family for ten years. It’s been harder knowing that the person who murdered her has been walking free among us the whole time. Still, I am relieved that finally there has been some answers for Kara’s family (and the rest of us). The guy who killed her is now in jail where he belongs. He won’t be getting out either. Sadly Kara’s closure is due to the loss of another precious young lady and has caused grief for a different family too.  A damn tragedy for two families and many all over the world hoping for a better outcome.

It’s a relief to know she is coming home again. I’m hoping her parents will have her back by early fall or early August and she can be at peace now. Knowing Kara is really for a fact not coming home alive is upsetting. I knew she wasn’t alive. I always have hope that the people I read on will come home alive. To find out that a person I have read on is passed always feels extremely emotional. It always brings on the tears. I still always tell myself Astrology is not proof of Life or Death. Then again it’s always right unless the reader is wrong.

The Astrology of it all:

The lunar eclipse at 26 Pisces occurred 9/16/16. The eclipse happened conjunct Kara’s natal asteroid, CaraCass. I used the asteroid recently to try to find out where Kara was. CaraCass being eclipsed around the time of Jessica Runions disappearing was intriguing to me. Is it a sign of new beginnings? New information about her case coming out? I like to think so. A lunar eclipse is a new moon. New ’s = new beginnings. The fact that natal CaraCass was eclipsed is interesting to me. Asteroid Astrology is not my strong point. To see asteroid Kara was eclipsed at such a relevant time and know that Kara is coming home now does bring me a feeling of comfort. It also kind of gives me a feeling of awe. Asteroids with your personal name are very… Personal. She had personally gotten a new beginning at that time, as well as an ending to her unsolved case She has been found and in spite of knowing she is gone it’s a struggle to accept.

The day Kara and Jessica were found transiting Chiron and the arcing sun activated the degree of the eclipse, and all these factors activated CaraCass. I like to think of the scenario as the arcing sun bringing to light the whereabouts of asteroid Cara (Kara Kopetsky). We can often see a tragedy such as murder and a loss of life through Chiron I’m coming to learn. All this activity lined up in the 11th house. The house of friends and social groups. Strangely Kara’s remains were found near the home of someone in her social circle. The 11th house rules Fidelity and falsehood of friends. According to Anthony Louis, author of Horary Astrology Plain and simple, “the thing at present hoped for”, although Kara has been found I can’t say I feel hopeful. This is not how I hoped it would end. I feel sad as hell.

Prior to Kara disappearing there was a Solar Eclipse at 28° Pisces, in 2007. Solar eclipses are known to bring endings. Ancients believed they were very nefarious. If you track eclipses and planetary positions you will see the world go slightly crazy before and afterward. I worry if an eclipse has occurred, call me superstitious! I don’t even like my kids to leave the house prior and after an eclipse for at least a few days, preferably weeks. I know it’s not realistic to cut them off from the world but I wish I could at eclipse times.

This 2007 eclipse should have ended the relationship (Kylr and Kara’s). But not her life. As my mom says: One door closes and another opens. In this case, it took a long time to open the door and get the other door to the past shut. On the day Kara was found the degree of the 2007 Eclipse prior to her death was extremely active. When the degree of an eclipse is transited it opens up a portal of energy. Situations reemerge. This is a degree very close to the 2017 26° Pisces lunar eclipse as well as the 2007 solar eclipse. I find that fascinating in regards to timing and Astrology. The way one eclipse can blow the portal of another wide open again. Transit Venus is at 29° Pisces. Venus rules gifts, social affairs, and young women. She also rules lost objects, alliances, the mothers, values and love, gifts. In ancient times she ruled the 7th house of committed partners.

I can not say why I find comfort in Venus activating the eclipse degree(s) in words. It’s more of a feeling. As I see Venus here I think of it like this: Lost objects, young women = Kara, Jessica and their belongings, being found. The mystery of where Kara is comes to an end. Some personal objects belonging to Kara have probably been recovered. Mothers and Alliances = this shows the mothers who are very supportive of one another. It may show Jessica and Kara’s alliance as well.  Gifts And Mothers=  Rhonda having Kara back, Jamie having Jessica back falls in line with this theme. Over the years I have watched Kara’s mother and step dad search and fight with relentless strength and determination. She has always stated she wants to have the right to say goodbye. All parents should have that right. Now Rhonda does as well as Jaime too.


Kara’s solar arc aspects:

Solar Arc charts are simply Natal charts moved a degree or so for a year. It shows how a person develops over time. I progressed Kara’s planets to the day she was found. It’s amazing and comforting to see she is still developing and living on. It shows this in her chart. Although she is gone, she doesn’t cease to exist, learn, and develop as a person. She is just somewhere else doing it and dealing with it in her own way.

Saturn=Pluto: Kara is ready for retribution. She had the drive to try to be found physically during this time. It was hard work, but she did it. She did it because she inherited an intense determination. She does what she wants and wants it her way. I can respect that.

Kara is likely feeling a bit depressed about a potential separation. I could not say at this point if the upset is about separation from Jessica or her own family. Right now is a tough time for Kara. She’s Possibly seeing the pain in her family and feels powerless to do anything or comfort them. There may be upset associated with the past re-emerging and she doesn’t want the events known for some reason.

Saturn rules death traditionally, in modern times Pluto does. In Toni Anderson’s case, her natal Pluto-Vertex conjunction was very much associated with the grave and was opposite Venus the planet of romance and lost objects. It created a Line straight to the recovery site in the Astro cartography map in Toni’s case when I was trying Astro cartography. I think with this arcing Saturn-Pluto contact in Kara’s chart lead to her recovery site but I would have to double check.

When Kara was found I think the discovery was sudden and out of nowhere for her, although wanted. I think the girls could have been having a good time together. Maybe Kara enjoyed Jessica’s company and friendship so the togetherness has been hard to let go of now that they have been moved. Her other big issue is impatience. In Kara’s reading, you can see ambition in her and a lot of determination. She wants something done now. Right now.

In August two new eclipses occur. The lunar eclipse is at 15° Aquarius on August 7th  contacts many of Kara’s natal planets. The Natal nodes will be within a degree of the eclipse. Natal Pluto is three degrees away from a square to the eclipse. That makes these eclipses a big deal. They will bring new beginnings and endings to many facets of the case.  The natal position of Asteroid Graves is contacted as well. Could this imply a large development regarding her finally being home again? Could Kara finally be laid to rest by fall or late summer? Maybe. I feel hopeful maybe something big will happen. The Arabic point, “place of murder,” is activated as well as parents and real estate. I wonder if the scene of the crime or murder will be discovered. If Kara’s parents will finally have all the answers.

The point of Deceit conjuncts this lunar eclipse. I think it is possible that all lies will come out. Anyone involved will probably be getting kicked in the teeth by justice by that time.


As time goes bye, predictions in timing:

Come later in August on the 21st the biggest solar eclipse in a long time comes, conjunct fixed star Regulus. The heart of the lion. This opposes Kara’s natal sun almost exactly. It’s a royal star. With great power. It’s important to note that although it is likely to bring positive changes for Kara she will be Experiencing a form of struggle with her identity. She could be feeling unequipped to handle what is expected to happen. Problems may emerge regarding reputation or ego. It could be a situation with her father figure (who should watch his heart health, although it may indicate heartbreak as well.) It’s also possible for a very relevant man to be taking center stage. This is also a time where Kara looks back at her life. The triumph, regret, opportunity, and fulfillment. There was probably something Kara was very passionate about While living. Reflection on that passion makes her feel fulfillment or fruition. In other ways, she’s likely feeling it’s unfair that her life was cut short. She may feel she didn’t get enough time.  I’m hoping that as time goes by this eclipse will bring closure and truth. I think Kara will feel better after her funeral but also feels really nervous about it too. I want to see some level of peace for everyone involved….well except Kylr. I hope his life is absolute hell. I am hoping late summer early fall Kara has her funeral. I’m always hesitant to post or say predictive things in context to such sensitive situations. I must admit I am hoping to see some form of closure as Kara’s parents move to a new stressful and difficult process of living on knowing that Kara is gone.

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