A How to AMA: Reading a Yod

​Patterns are really cool. Especially yods, they are special. The best way to understand your yod is to break it down is one aspect at a time imo. Alot of people see patterns and look at them as one entity. They over look the three aspects it takes to make a t square, yod, grand trine in the first place. I interpret the aspects One by one.

I have always read the inconjunct aspect as a price to be paid for what what we gain. It reminds us nothing is free. Even gifts have a price or strings attached with the quincunx. There is an element of the unexpected. What we gain removes something else. For you the success or opportunity that is easily gained (sextile) may come with the demand to relinquish something else (quincunx).

These gifts and situations can be better described by the placements, houses ruled and aspects of the planets read one at a time. I recommend looking at older Charts drawn up at times you had the yod activated, or times where the above themes came up to see how they fall in line with the events that occurred. Consider if the themes effected you earlier in life and examine your natal chart in-depth.

Good luck with the yod. As a whole the yod is often refered to as the finger of God. Many people with great power have yods… Hitler did i hear. (Not to compare you to an evil person, but off the top of my head only he comes to mind for this pattern). His infamy and influence will never be forgotten. He held great power and misused​ it. The gift he had was abused and he paid the price for abusing his opportunity.

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