Brad Hale, Bellingham Washington

Before we get started on my post I want to go over a few things about brad’s reading:

There are many indicators of death in Brad’s chart but lets all hope for the best and send his loved ones lots of good vibes. Please don’t get discouraged just because an astrologer sees some negative signs in a chart. This is not a birth chart, and reading his birth chart may say something completely different than this horary chart.

The fighting Spirit:
Mars Conjunct Ascendent with Fixed Star Algol

Algol is prominent in Brad’s chart. This is due to the conjunction of Algol with Mars, and Brad’s ascendant (the 7th house). Algol has an awful reputation and is considered very malefic. In a Horary chart both Mars conjunct the Ascendent, as well as Algol, gives a grim first impression of the likely outcome. Algol is known by astrologers to be active in disastrous situations. Situations such as fires, decapitation, damage to the neck/throat, violence, crime, and horror. These meanings stem from the story of Perseus killing Medusa. In the sky, he holds her head, and Algol is the blinking red eye. Therefore Algol is often seen as a star representing decapitation. I would say it’s certainly the most revered fixed star. It comes with a reputation that exceeds its self. Arabic astrologers called Algol the demon star.

Do you wonder what I think Algol and Mars mean? I think it means Brad was in an intense situation that day and it may have ended badly. Possibly due to his own emotional state at the time, it could be due to the actions of another.

Feelings and events surrounding the situation could be:

Partnerships, joint ventures or legal matters. I think that it’s certainly something to do with someone he openly had dealings with. A business partner, spouse, or opponent of sorts. Whatever kind of relationship it was, everyone knew that they knew each other. He was feeling like he was inadequate. As though he believed he was bogging a person down. He felt like a failure because there was a situation between him and another person he felt unable to fix. There was some kind of stalemate, real or imagined. He didn’t know how to handle it. He may have been thinking about leaving everything behind due to his negative feelings. There’s a sense of him feeling like he has no way out. Like escaping or trying to get out of this situation was pointless.

Mars themes:
Being hurried causes delay and hindrance. Feeling hot-headed, Being unprepared, disorganized, and losing things due to rushing. Others could actually have physically threatened him or his social position, Mars is a violent planet. Mars here brings bad luck and bad timing. He might have been able to handle this energy maturely if he’s a mature man. This could end badly if he is immature, quick to anger, a risk taker or confrontational.

The Nature of Mars:
Mars is a rash, explosive planet and arguments are common when Mars hangs around. There are a few scenarios that could have occurred: At some point, he might have been arguing with someone and took off feeling like he wants to just throw in the towel. Another is that he became engaged in a fight that ended poorly for him.

If Mars was representative of an enemy this person according to, William Lily would be:

Of middle stature, short, with dark, coarse or rough hair, wide-mouthed, with a broad face. He will often have a scar or mark on the face (Lilly loved saying stuff about marks, moles, and scars). This would be a pink or red mark/scar, he is likely a fast living womanizer. He may enjoy gambling and be a known fighter who is incredibly treacherous. (Lily, p. 302).

Brad, being Venus the ruler of the 7th house cusp was described by Lily as mid-statured, somewhat unstable, having a dimple in his chin, being pale or ruddy complected, funny, and mild in temper. He should be moderate in luck and sort of ingenious, (Lily, p.311). I have seen a photo of Brad, but I didn’t notice a dimple near his chin. I went and looked over and over to see if I could find a dimple. I really couldn’t tell if he does have one. In some pictures (like this one), he looks like he might, in other pictures he looks like he doesn’t.

The Path of Fortune is conjunct a fixed star, Scheat. It’s unlucky, bringing themes of suicide, drowning and murder. It’s also known to bring artistic gifts. This could bring up themes of social circle problems.

The Moon

Horary astrologers don’t like the moon conjunct the 8th house cusp. She most recently crossed Lilith, oddly Lilith is connected to the mythology behind Algol, the demon star I discussed above. As the moon moves into her conjunction with Saturn I don’t think it will turn out well in the end. There are multiple signs of death in this chart. The moon’s most recent aspect was a sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter being conjunct fixed star Seginus shows loss through friends, over inflated egos and situations blown out of proportion. Ancients said it brought disaster and deciet.

Location Clues:

This chart is done in a style, “A matter of Perception,” uses by applying planetary placement to a compass.

I’m always concerned about narrowing a location and clues down. I try to find things that could describe where a victim is. I have done just about everything to try to narrow a location down for Brad if he has passed away. There is a three planet opposition (Sun with Uranus opposite Jupiter) in the Horary Chart. I think it might be significant. I find it significant due to the fact there are 9 planets and this opposition involves 1/3 of the planets. Interesting that the line follows a creek or stream as well. It’s common to follow a stream, river, etc while looking for a way out of the woods. I loathe camping and no electricity, I’m no boyscout but even I know to do that. When I saw that line I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was following it, hoping that creek would lead him to civilization. I am pretty sold on the idea of brad being NW though due to the heavy Pisces influence in this chart. I personally will be looking for him myself this summer near the pond to the northwest. If I don’t find him there I will be hiking around the streams and checking other promising areas in my Astro cartography charts. I don’t believe he is far away from the car. You never know though.
William Lily would describe the location as:
A place where fire has been, where animals frequent, hills or high ground. This is the location signified by the Moon. By judgement of the signs and significators, Lily would say Brad is south by east or East by South.
In the tenth house and sign of Picese, where Venus, Brad’s significator is we are looking at a watery, religious sign known for signifying churches, hospitals and jails. This would imply he is near bye such things. I looked at the area on maps and did see a church. Picese also would show water, an area subject to flooding, “where many springs and fowl are”, “places where hemitages have been,” I have no idea what a Hermitage is. I will leave it up to readers to Google that if they feel compelled to. Pisces would show still standing water. I noticed there is some pond or something near a church and the gas station Brad’s car was found at.

Ivy Goldstein Jacobson pays attention to houses to judge the distance and location of a missing person or item. I have used each astrologer’s method of finding direction in an attempt to locate Brad. Ivy’s method which uses the houses as well as the signs says he is SE.
South East seems like a solid answer from the chart sense both astrologers are in agreement. I also used Ivy’s formula to try to judge distance formula and came up with 5-6 miles away. Using the first chart I drew up in November, then totally forgot about, the direction was a resounding North West from his car about 2 miles, or the shooting range his phone pinged. I find that distance formulas are unreliable. I have been spot on in one case but Direction is often a reliable source.
I have had luck in the past with astrocartography. My first time trying it was with the Toni Anderson case and I was really surprised when she was found in the spot Pluto opposite Venus went through. I’m still in the process of practicing and learning this technique. I like to find repetition, patterns and some form of solid assurance in locating missing people with Astrology. I have not found it in astrocartography yet. The issue I have with astrocartography is that lines are continuous, there are many styles out here that differ. So judging distance and techniques are the tricky part. Unfortunately judging distance with Horary is often unreliable, I have to admit, from my experience so far astrocartography is accurate if we can narrow mileage down and decide on a method of use.
I think the location would and usually should be judged by landmarks. Venus, brad’s significator is in Pisces. The direction of Pisces is north west like the first horary chart. The color is white, Picese rules marshy grounds, water/the sea, areas that are prone to flooding, fish, prayer and places of prayer. It rules addiction, drugs and alcohol. Look near water (probably still standing). Look on the ground or low in a place that floods. Pisces can keep a secret, so it might be hard to find him.
Taurus is the sign ruling Brad’s first house. Strongly tied to agricultural matters, it shows farm buildings or feeding grounds. It would imply there are shrubs and low laying plants in the area, when searching look on the ground because Taurus is an earth sign. It should be a beautiful summer here in Whatcom. I hope that as people are out and about enjoying the weather, hiking and spending time outdoors that Brad Hale is not forgotten. Every day his family is missing him. If you are hiking please think of the family and hike near where you can look for Brad. You might just find him and fullfill a family’s need this summer.

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  1. Reading is spot on. Let his wife and her family burn in hell for what they’ve done.

    RIP Brad, love you


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