Event Chart: Astrology of Amanda Stavick

Introduction to the Amanda Stavick Case

In 1989 Amanda Stavik left her mom’s house to go for a jog. She was found a few days later raped and deceased in the southern fork of the Nooksack River. Amanda’s unsolved murder has haunted my community for 27 years. The day Mandy went missing I was 10 years old and right down the road from where she was last seen.

I was visiting my great aunt and cousins. There was something said over the radio, and I looked at my aunt because she made a strange sound when she heard the news. Her face said it all, hand over her mouth, and her face all scrunched up I knew something awful happened. She knew it was a bad deal, things like that didn’t happen in Deming.

My cousins and I? We weren’t worried. Both of my cousins went to Baker with Mandy, and knew her. I understand now as I look back on it why. Things like that just didn’t happen here. They sure as hell don’t happen to people we know. A few days later though, we found out “things like that”, can happen anywhere, even here.


Today marks the 27 year anniversary of Mandy’s body being discovered and she is on my mind. Her family is on my mind. So I thought I would reread the event chart I I have drawn up regarding Mandy’s case for the date, time & place she was last seen.

Examination of Moon and Ascendant: An overview of Events

It is always important to look at the Moon and what she says us in a chart. She rules the public, emotions, fluctuations and changes. She will always give us an overview of what happened and what will happen with any given situation.

With the Moon Void of course, peregrine and in Via combusta we can see nothing good will be coming of this situation. A later ascendant shows that at the time she was reported missing it was too late to bring her home alive. Traditional horary strictures would call for the chart not being read due to the condition of the Moon and Ascendant. This is not a horary chart and I don’t like rules anyway.

The last Aspect that the Moon makes is a square to Venus at 1 am. This aspect could show some form of shallow jealousy. Jealousy regarding money, appearance, Venusian things. It could show that there is some form of responsibility that interferes with the ability to socialize, afford luxury items, etc. The moon loves alcohol and emotions while Venus loves parties, fine things and socializing. Being a young beautiful college student with a bright future like Mandy might make some one saddled with responsibility envious.

The Moon is conjunct Arcturus and Spica. Arcturus tells us that success will come with patience and knowledge one day. A person will show up and lead the way to closure once and for all. There is a path that has not been explored in this case and when Arcturus the pathfinder shows up he or she will find the truth. This person has wisdom, leadership ability and vision. Concern for those in need, their emotional, physical, spiritual wellness. He or she is a protector, a guard and teacher who wants to help people find a better way of living, and help them learn. Sense Arcturus graces the sky with his two hunting dogs we can throw in the possibility he hunts and has dogs too I guess. Why not?

Spica tells a little more about what or who we can expect to help us with the case after all that waiting. Spica is a fortunate star typically. According to Bernadette Brady Spica sends gifts straight from heaven and bestows them upon certain individuals at birth. The gift is one of brilliance, extraordinary talent, or skill. In this situation we are waiting for a person who is very intelligent to crack this case. This person likely loves weapons or tools, science fiction or just science in general. This person firmly believes that scientific technology or scientific development will save the day. According to Bernadette Brady Annie Oakley had this placement natally. So I like to imagine this person is likely gifted with the gun as well. As gifted as Annie? I can’t imagine anyone is that is that gifted.

The Killer:

When we look to the midpoints that the moon applied to on that day we can see there is an interesting undercurrent of energy at work in our suspect. There is a lot of emotional tension, self centered needs and impulse at play during this time frame. There is a challenge or issue with sharing emotions publicly or with others. Sense the Moon is in a Libra I would imagine that the issue of expressing one’s emotions in a committed relationship or marriage is the challenge.

With the square between Venus and the Moon it makes me feel like social reception, cooperation and sensitivity regarding the event went well but it was straining for the suspect having to put on this show for others. He pulled it off but it was hard. He was right there with everyone else mourning the loss of Amanda.

He is likely married, and his wife may know or suspect him of this crime due to his odd behavior. At that time he was likely facing separation or divorce. I can see quite a bit of strain in the relationship.

Lilly’s Physical Description of the killer ~ Mercury Peregrine Conjunct Antares and Point of Eros:

Mercury peregrine shows us some one who is bad news. He is shiftless, wandering around the 9th house in the sign of Sagittarius. Conjunct the Sun he takes on the traits of the Sun. Showing an authority figure who is possibly prominent and worthy of trust.The sun represents men 35-45 years old.

I dug around for a physical description of the guy in an old book of mine written by William Lilly. According to Lilly he would probably be tall, have brown hair, oval face, large nose, and a ruddy or sun burned looking complexion…Thanks William that totally narrows down the suspect list.   

Lilly’s personality description of  the killer ~ Mercury conjunct Sun in Sagittarius:

“A man who is hasty but soon reconciled, rash in many things to his own injury, yet well disposed, striving after honorable things, but seldom attaining them; not very fortunate. A person of mean and shallow abilities; one addicted to fraud and deception; incapable of learning anything which requires memory or judgment, and extremely superstitious. He may succeed well in trade or business, but for study he is wholly unqualified. The 9th house belongs to Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius rules all the same things the 9th house does. ” 

Lilly says that in the 9th house we find the class of men. It rules long distance travel, the court system, churches and colleges. Sagittarius rules the clergy, legal professions, travel and import/export business. As I mentioned earlier Mercury is conjunct the part of Eros. Oddly this is the second reading I have had this month where Eros is involved. Crazy. I don’t know, maybe it’s not that crazy.

You may be wondering who Eros is. I will again talk about who Eros is; he is the Son of Aphrodite or possibly a child of chaos. He fell in love with Psyche, a mortal girl. His is a story of love at first sight, Oddly Psyche was not allowed to see him so for her it was not love at first sight. When she did finally see him he considered it betrayal and kicked her out of his home. He is the god of passion, and desire. He is the protector of socially taboo eroticism. He is a hunger for taboo sexual needs that may be impulsive, seeking to be fulfilled.

Similarities in Another Reading & Mandy’s

In the other chart I did this month the victim (Jessica Runions) is still missing. I know that Mandy was found dead, raped and allegedly strangled. The man Jessica was last seen with does have a history of strangling his partners. Eros was activated in that chart as well. Coincidence? I hope. Mercury is conjunct Antares in Jessica’s chart as well as in this chart.

Killer’s Mental State:

Antares is the heart of the scorpion, a royal star of Persia, The royal stars are associated with four Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Antares is Uriel’s star, the watcher of the West. I thought Gabriel was the watcher of the West? Sometimes the more you know, the less things make sense. Confusing, but moving on. Antares brings up obsession with a person or subject according to Bernadette Brady.

Brady says that a worst case scenario with Antares is to be so obsessed with something that there is no resolution. It is a star of self undoing. It can cause subjective, fearful thoughts, lack of objectivity, anxiety and worry. She goes on and notes that this combination is in Marquis De Sade and 18th century French Author’s chart. He wrote eroticism that according to Brady, “gave rise to the term sadism”. Hmmm. Weird. Other astrologers like Ptolemy, and Manilius also had their own takes on Antares. In general most who practice horary will say it brings legal problems, multiple marriages,  fires, problems with eyes, and quarrels. It is said to bring honors and riches with sudden loss. 

The only aspect Mercury makes is the conjunction with the Sun. Bringing up some form of mental illumination. A bright idea for fulfillment of the ego and it’s needs. One last clue I can see about Mercury is an aspect to the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto. This might indicate some weird or extreme thoughts, new ideas, intense mental activity like anxiety or fury.

The sun is the ego and Mercury is the mind so we know for sure this guy is thinking about himself, his ego, and how he can fulfill it. Uranus Rules the fringe or out of the norm, shocking and explosive to name a few. Pluto rules the underworld, murder, rape, death, taxes, and investigation. His thoughts are on a combination of such things. While he thinks of these things he is likely driving around near a church or far from home.

The Sun must be examined in regards to Mandy’s case because he is with our peregrine suspect Mercury. The Sun is giving us a peek at some more information about Mercury and coloring his character. While Mercury is in the 9th we have the Sun behind him, still in the 8th. The 8th house is the house of death, murder, taxes, reproductive sex.

The sun in the 8th house shows some one who may have issues regarding joint finances on their mind. Money from family, their wife, an inheritance, money they stole. Its money that also belongs to some one else. In this chart the 6th house is ruled by the sun. When we combine the themes of the 6th house and the 8th house I would think we are looking at an issue of not being paid for services, or not being paid what we think we deserve for our work. 

The Sun is conjunct Yed Prior in the left hand of the serpent bearer. Its said that this brings a shrewd, conniving, sarcastic character to a person. It also brings about success in 9th house matters (the law). So maybe this person will be successful as a murderer and rapist and walk free? Yed Prior is in the constellation Ophiuchus. 

On Deborah Houlding’s website, Skyscript.co.uk, she says that, “In mythology the figure of Ophiuchus is identified as Aesculapius who was said to incarnate in the form of snakes….The staff of Aesculapius, a rod with an entwining snake, remains today the official insignia of the American Medical Association. ” I recommend that people visit Deborah’s site  to find out more about Yed Prior. So much info and so well written.

Yed Prior was also listed in the Jessica Runions reading so you can also go see more about it there if you wish. The story of Coronis may resonate with this case or Jessica’s. St. Peter and the Maltese Viper are associated with this constellation as well. I feel like it is interesting to note there is a St. Peter’s church in Deming. The tarot card that represents this star is the The Tower. Never a card I like to get or even see in my readings.

Who ever killed Mandy was in my opinion having a rocky time in his marriage or committed relationship. there is an energy at work here that makes me suspect that there may be a pregnancy at play. Work was also probably not going well. This combined to be a sobering and difficult  time for him. It is likely they had separated, she glimpsed in to the reality of his authentic self. It probably scared her or disgusted her. Sense his authentic self has been kept concealed both parties were likely unhappy by what they saw. 

He kind of reminds me of a far less successful Wolf of Wall St. He was two people, his fake family man self, and then his shadow self. It is hard to wear two masks, and live two lives. No one likes a fake, even fake people hate themselves. That is why they are fake in the first place. Eventually in close relationships everyone’s mask must come off. When his came off so did her rose colored glasses. He reacted to her reaction. Her reaction likely was to try to leave or get away from him. He was angry, testing his identity, releasing his anger.

He took his sick inability to be authentic and true to who he is out on another person, Mandy.  He was hoping to get back together with his wife or significant other, and may have eventually. He probably in some weird way believed that he loved her. He loved what she represented though. She was the person who made him appear the way he wanted to the public. Without the wife the false persona that he concocted for himself would fall apart. He needed her there to hide who he really is. 

Due to the moon being peregrine I would not be out of line saying that she may know what he did, or suspect it. He might have victimized other people, not just Mandy. He might have realized that he is a monster after killing Mandy and never did anything like it again. I don’t know. There are many similarities in Mandy’s reading and Jessica’s. This makes me wonder if the killer and Mandy may have had a relationship at some point like Jessica did with her killer.

Twenty seven years later Mandy’s case is unsolved. At least her family got her physical body back for a proper funeral. I hope that these similarities don’t imply that Jessica’s case will turn cold like Mandy’s has. I still have to look at the event chart drawn up for when Mandy’s body was found. I hope to finish that as soon as I get the time. Until next time, Thanks for reading.

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  1. This case is now solved. Was I correct? Check it out.


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