A.A. Uranus in 2nd House


The Little Mermaid

With the fixed star Baten Katos conjunct your Solar Return Uranus it will influence events surrounding Uranus with its constellation’s themes. After reading your chart and thinking of Baten Kaitos the combination reminded me of the journey Ariel embarked on in the Disney film, “The Little Mermaid.” This constellation holds themes of shipwrecks, and sea monsters. On each gif in caption are descriptive terms or statements about Baten Kaitos. I hope it all makes sense to you and can help.

Baten Kaitos 

“Inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude, and simplicity are often forced onto people. Either by a mundane power or a higher power.”


In the Belly of the Beast: Baton Kaitos

At this point you are able to look back on the tribulations of your childhood with new perspective. Now you can take any turmoil that was experienced in childhood and use it to form and obtain your goals and values. What ever it was that occurred all those years ago, this situation has given you an ability to see through B.S. Your vision is penetrating and cuts deeper now from the wisdom gained through that experience.

There is an element of survival of the fittest that may have been instilled in you from the event. The situation likely made you understand clearly how mother nature and people work. This situation may have led you to view people by groupings: the hunter and the hunted, the high-class and low-class, the winners and the losers, ect. This learned perspective makes you want to some how help the helpless, hunted, ect.



More shipwrecks than any other star, isolation, depression, emigration, accidents ~ Rosenburg

The best word to describe the nature of Uranus is sudden. Uranus is always surprising and you never see it coming. Sometimes it can manifest in small ways, like you hear some gossip that shocks you or you get crazy news. Sometimes it can manifest in big ways, like earthquakes, or accidents. This part of the reading is all about Uranus and the impact it will have on you this year as it reshapes and shakes up your personal values in unexpected shocking ways. Watch for Transiting Uranus to rejoin it’s RX position during the first week of February. This is when the energy will be at its strongest and most likely to manifest.

Defining Values & Goals


“Ideas are propagated which make life for the native trying. Fate is usually one of change.”

Now is a time where you will work hard at developing the kind of social status and career you desire. You should not have any trouble achieving your goals and getting recognition. The out look for this arena of your life seems very fortunate and full of opportunity. Getting the help and cooperation of others to achieve your goals should come easily for you at  this time.

Over the course of your prime years you will likely become quite preoccupied, to the point of obsession, with achieving a specific goal or vision. Believing that if the goal is not accomplished you will have some how failed yourself. Maybe there is a goal you have always had, maybe it is a new one you will form over the course of the year. It is likely this is a goal that allows you to make peace with the harsher or more difficult aspects of your past. The situation  that causes you to push for the goal would have occurred during your youth (under 20). It would have been difficult or possibly violent or painful in some way. Now is a time where you want to help others that can’t help their selves.

I believe that the goal you so badly want to achieve might some how call for a reexamination or closer look at this time. It is possible that something unexpected may happen that impedes progress toward that goal at this time. Maybe something will happen to give you more insight into why the is so crucial. Beware of propaganda and false advertising this year. Carefully check any company, person, or entity you place your trust and money in.

Taboos & Inhibitions


Solar Arc Venus square Lilith: This year should be interesting regarding relationships as Venus Arcs The cusp of your 8th house. It appears that you have impulsive needs for fulfillment. Your are learning to be open about and in relationships, but it wont be the easiest task for you to master. At this time you are capable of deeply relating to others you are romantically involved with. While there appears to be a lot of love this year there is an element of isolation and loneliness. There are issues surrounding  your ability  to express your emotions in the relationship. This is shown by Venus aspecting your Saturn/Node midpoint as well as the square with arcing Venus to Natal Lilith. It is possible nontraditional elements of the relationship might cause stress in the relationship.

While Lilith is very representative of sex & relationships in her mythology she is also very connected to the ways which we feel, “different”, or  “isolated”, from society. Lilith can empower when we learn to take our taboo truths or differences and own them. If you choose to repress your truth she can make you feel more alone and isolated than you have ever felt before. Use her to find your authenticity, no matter unacceptable you think it is, or were told it is. Self acceptance is the key to finding happiness when Uranus has left and the tower has crashed.


Depression and Isolation

Black Moon Lilith draws on themes of sexuality, isolation and repression according to her mythology. When she is activated or activating a point in a chart she can force these themes into life. She stirs up things we don’t want to see. The things that for what ever, we cannot accept so easily.We try to repress these issues so we don’t have to acknowledge them. In a best case scenario she will bring a lot of steamy, sudden or unexpected sex with that square of SR Uranus to Lilith. With SA Venus also getting involved with Lilith by square from the 8th house of sex, death, therapy and joint property these themes are further supported.

Speaking of therapy, from this position Lilith may also force you to look at uncomfortable psychological issues. These might be issues that involve sexuality, or death. With Venus arcing the 8th house cusp and squaring Lilith you may need to examine personal values, and relationships with the help psychotherapy. If there are any sexual or death related issues stemming from childhood or social conditioning now is time to confront them. Once these suppressed issues are released we can finally identify what it is our hearts truly desire.

When Lilith makes contact with Venus you have figure out where or how you are struggling with expression; and figure out what is inhibiting your expression. Lilith is mysterious though, just like our inhibitions. There are some truths or secrets people can’t admit to them selves. This inability to truthfully express feelings and self is likely responsible for causing confusion and depression for so many people. Think of Lilith. Think of how she went to the swamp to be alone. Take time to withdraw and find the root of your inhibition or shame. A good vacation or road trip to reflect alone can often be what Lilith needs to emerge.


Notes/Themes: Defining Values & Goals

MC=Node: being recognized MC=Uranus: Strong developmental tensions for job and social position.  Assertion and the power of self hood forward. Uranus=Sun/Jupiter: Sudden success, great expectations, expansive outlook, sense of good luck. MC=Sun/Jupiter Good luck success and fulfillment, ego recognition, time of good fortune. Node= Sun/Jupiter: Meeting happy/wealthy/successful people. new plans with others that feel bound to succeed. Node=Mars/Jupiter: Excitement of being on top. Success opportunities, cooperation and support of others. Being valued for one’s work, recognition for a job. Strong assertion of self-hood. good luck, success, fulfillment, cooperation and support of others. Unreliable financial situations, Monetary gain or loss through friends, financial independence is center stage. Values and priorities might change suddenly. An important relationship that was lost in the past, or a new relationship might make you abandon old priorities and values while establishing new ones.

Notes/Themes:  Taboos & Inhibitions

Solar Arc Uranus=Moon: Impulsive need fulfillment. Intensification of the self. Openness about relationships. Moon=Venus/MC: Feelings about romance, relating deeply to others,  in love. Mercury/Jupiter = 21 Lib 05: (Venus): Vacation, Idealism, Appreciation of one’s world, plans/thoughts of romance. (Uranus): Sudden inspiration, effective advertising, curious about new things, presentation of ideas. Saturn/Node = 21 Cap 17: (With Venus):Problems expressing emotions to others, inhibitions, depression in a relationship. (With Uranus): Upsetting the established way of doing things, separatist activities,  going against group expectations.

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