How To Predict Love with Astrology


I am going to start a, “How To,” series about predicting events with astrology. These techniques might not be methods that other astrologers use. They may not be the popular indicators many people discuss regarding specific events. They are simply signs in the charts that as an astrologer I have seen come up often before certain occurrences.

Today I am going to talk about forecasting love and marriage with Solar Arc Technique. You have to look at many aspects of the chart to predict love. Forecasting is complex. Having your sun sign horoscope say, “romance is coming your way today, next week, ect”, is not a reliable way to assume long term love is going to manifest in your life.

The Nodes:

When love that results in marriage is predicted in the yearly forecast there is almost ALWAYS nodal activity in the solar arc chart for that year. I’m using the term almost because I am sure that other astrologers have seen charts that result in marriage with out nodal activity. I have not. Of course this is my experience. I myself have never read a Solar Arc chart with out nodal activity  where in the end there was marriage. Typically I see a lot of Node/Venus aspects, Node/Saturn and most commonly Node/Path of Fortune.


Typically in these charts we will see the ruler of the seventh house or Venus interacting with the node. I frequently see Venus crossing the Ascendant or notice that she has already crossed the Ascendant when people end up meeting the person they will marry or fall in love with. Often in times of Venus Arcing the first house it coincides with MANY romantic interactions and in the end ultimately results in a committed partnership or marriage with one suitor.

Love predictions can often be confusing to a client. In one case I told a client I thought this would be the year she met her spouse because of Venus crossing her AC, Nodal contact with natal Venus, and Saturn squaring her path of fortune. I should have worded it more strategically because the man she was in love with went back to his ex and then moved to the other side of the country.

I could tell it hurt her, and I was left thinking, “Oh no, I should have been more careful about promising inevitable love”.  They both moved on and saw other people for sometime, I think it was for about a year but stayed friends. Things didn’t work out with his ex, and my client began flying out to visit him quite a bit. The reading and prediction occurred in September of 2010. Five years later, in 2015 he proposed, after that they were married and she joined him in the state he moved to on the other side of the USA. I hope they live happily ever after.


Saturn is the planet of bonding, responsibility and commitment. He rules maturity, structure and duties. As I discussed above Saturn was contacting my client’s path of fortune.  In my own Solar Arc chart the year my husband and I fell in love arcing Jupiter was conjunct my natal Saturn. My husband’s arcing Saturn contacted his Path of fortune. There is always a lot of Saturn to go around in any chart where committed love is going to be predicted.

Path of Fortune:

I would go as far as to say that the Path of Fortune is one of, if not the most important parts of prediction in love. I would say the same about the node. One very powerful aspect I have come to find is quite telling in love prediction is when the node and the path of fortune speak with one another. In all of the charts discussed and numerous others  that predict marriage Node/Path of Fortune are in a serious conversation with one another.

As I reviewed the charts for this article I went back and looked at the year I met my first love. I was crazy about him. He was 16 and I was 15 when we embarked on our short lived but intense relationship. Things obviously didn’t work out. The solar arcs in my chart at that time did not indicate love, marriage or anything of that sort. As one might expect there was a lot of Pluto energy, bringing up jealousy, controlling behavior, transformation and sex. No node contact though and no Venus contact. My seventh house and fifth house rulers were not involved in the chart what so ever. Nothing to indicate that it would last long, or could even be considered love that results in marriage.


I see Chiron action a lot in love charts. Chiron activity makes sense to me in love charts because it represents aspects of ourselves that need to be healed. It shows us how we can help others to heal their wounds too. Often in marriages two people are brought together to heal one another’s wounds. Some times these wounds are so painful we don’t even have the capability of acknowledging them as real issues holding us back in life.

So often I speak with clients and hear them say things like, “I was so much happier before I moved in with xyz.”, “xyz and I are fighting nonstop”, “he says that I am (insert description here)”. Often we form relationships with others to heal part of our selves that we can not acknowledge. It is through these relationships that we are some how forced to recognize or acknowledge a part of us that we deny. This pull of love and hate exists in our relationships to help us acknowledge things about our selves we hate or can not accept.

One of my clients fell in love while her Arcing Chiron was on her mid-heaven. They had only known each other a short time before got pregnant by surprise. Most people might feel upset or afraid of an unexpected pregnancy. She was afraid yet also very happy, as was her partner. They are currently planning on getting married in June 2016, and have two of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

They fell in love in 2013. At the time arcing Venus had also crossed her AC. I know that arcing Venus crossing the AC was discussed earlier in this article, but the client used as an example is not the client I am discussing now. This client I am discussing now also had her path of fortune and node speaking by conjunction as I mentioned, very common combo in marriage charts.

Chiron Arced aspecting my Mid-heaven, Sun, and Moon on the day I met my husband. Another client had Chiron transited by Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction the day he proposed to his now wife. This client’s house of marriage is ruled by the moon and Jupiter disposits his Sagittarius moon as well as his wife’s. His first house of the self is ruled by Saturn.

The AC and MC:

It is important to note that in charts where marriage is going to transpire eventually the angles are activated. The Ascendant rules the self, new beginnings, choices we make and our identity. When we fall in love it is obviously a new beginning that causes all of these things things change.

The Midheaven rules our status and place in the community and our public image. Marriage and love change those things as well. Our relationship status goes from single to in a relationship publicly, and last names change.


Next time I post a how to or top 5 article it will be on Davidson and synastry, a method of looking into relationships to see dynamics and energies between two people at play. I really enjoy the astrology of love and relationships. I am hoping that you guys will as well. I am always open to suggestions on topics. From Forensic Astrology to Prediction I am happy to  write up a post on some thing you guys are interested in. Just leave a comment and I am on it!


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