Zaylee Fryar cold case

Zaylee fryar (1).pngI decided to do a horary chart on Zaylee to get a more specific idea of where she is and what happened.  I also think that the chart shows what will happen eventually in this situation. With a horary chart, we can try to gauge distance and direction regarding possible locations as well as garner a description of the said location. I hope this reading helps concerned people and raises awareness about Zaylee and her mom Shauna’s case. At first glance, I can say that a live recovery doesn’t look promising.  This is due to Capricorn rising, the sun conjunct the 8th house cusp and Mercury with Zosma. A sign of discipline,  coldness, and punishment Capricorn isn’t what I like to see representing a little baby that has been missing for six years. With Pluto in the first house, we also would imagine that things are grim. I like to think Pluto represents Shauna as well as Mars in this reading because I hate to think this baby is gone. Saturn in the 12th house with the Arabic part of violence is strike three in my opinion.  Especially since Saturn rules Capricorn and therefore represents baby Zaylee in this chart. With Saturn having no essential dignity and moving slowly we can see it will take a while to get answers as to where zaylee is at. I suppose we can already see its taken a long time.

With the path of fortune conjunct Regulus, we may see some forward movement in zaylee’s case come fall. The path of fortune is an important part of an astrology chart consisting of a mathematical formula.  Saturn (Zaylee) sits retrograde three degrees away from the 2011 Sagittarius eclipse that shortly followed Zaylee’s disappearance.  I was interested to see when Saturn will retrograde past that degree.  It was in June 2017 when Saturn passed this point while retrograde, and it will go direct hitting the same degree of the eclipse of 2011 in late October 2017. I’m very hopeful some how the case will move forward.  We have waited a long time for answers. We can see potential battles and Separation with Saturn here. There is loss, disappointment,  confinement,  and deprivation.  On the bright side of things, the moon trine Saturn bringing good luck, and fortunate consequences regarding women, the home, and babies. An older person with maturity and experience may step in to help things and reflect on what has been overlooked.

With Mercury intercepted in the 8th house conjunct Zosma we see childhood loss. And depression.  Zosma can also bring about issues involving poison.  Mercury, the modern ruler of local travel, neighbors, siblings, those we deal with on a daily basis and young people shows or represents the possible death of zaylee. A trine to Pluto brings news of a death and tells us it’s almost time for some one to pay the piper. Pluto trine Mercury shows us that the research and investigation into the case will be fruitful.  Lost items are found, possibly buried and it will be a sobering event. Moon square Pluto shows the negative influence of a woman involved.  It’s quite possible Shauna is this woman since Pluto rules the 10th house rules the mother. It can show an intense home environment and compulsive behavior some how on the part of this woman. Zaylee’s health is impacted.

Pluto opposite Venus brings up issues surrounding Shauna and a lover. Venus also rules zaylee’s grave if she has passed. The opposition shows us that there is negative social matters and relationships. jealousy and manipulation are at play.  with lovers and social circles, there are questionable motivations, conflicting values or poor values. When Pluto opposes Venus pursuit of pleasure has disastrous out comes. It’s never a good idea to engage in power struggles. There can be propaganda spread and domestic violence. problems with women and entertaining at home, as well as with social events. There is jealousy,  lack of confidence and romantic problems here. Dubhe with mars the mother’s other significator is protective of children and the vulnerable. She has actions fueled by parental instincts in this scenario. She is protecting zaylee.  Dubhe is, in my opinion, the great mother bear but can bring destruction. All in all, I believe Shauna fought with her life to protect her baby. Regardless of addiction issues she was a loving mom and had a motherly instinct.  I would doubt that some one walked away from her with out physical repercussions. I can see in this chart She would have done anything to save zaylee. Acubens with mars is good for astrology and showed perseverance and domestic problems. poison. liars. I suppose it is obvious this situation is full of lies though. So where is Zaylee?  I believe zaylee lays on the Pluto opposite Venus line. According to ivy Goldstein should zaylee be deceased she will be 4 and 1/4 miles from the last known address if we use Venus the ruler of the grave as our significator.  Should we use Saturn she would be 30.14 miles away. It’s difficult to say which is most important.

Here is a link to the horary chart imposed on to a map. I hope people are still searching for Zaylee


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