TM Saturn in the First

This is a time where you are learning to slowly accept responsibility for the way you are though your relationships with your self and others. This energy can manifest in several ways. Some examples of this energy would be an…

Solar Return and Arcing Venus

This year Solar Return Venus is with fixed star Bungula. Bungula is said to bring on a lot of self analysis. Possibly through interest in the occult. This conjunction may leave you feeling insensitive towards others, stubborn, vengeful, and a…

Eclipsed arcing Saturn in the 12th house

During years passed saturn began to arc your 12th house. It is still there and this year it will get eclipsed in early February. With this slow, long term placement subconscious or repressed fears and worries are brought up. These…

Brad Hale Astro Cartography

Brad is missing from Bellingham, WA please feel free to use the map if you are out this summer looking for Brad Link: Check Out Brad Hale's Astro Cartography Map for Key Areas of Interest

AMA: Chiron conjunct North Node

A How to AMA: Reading a Yod

​Patterns are really cool. Especially yods, they are special. The best way to understand your yod is to break it down is one aspect at a time imo. Alot of people see patterns and look at them as one entity.…

Ama: Fixed Star Sirius

Ama: What does it mean when Sirus is on the Midheaven?

Astrological Houses Tarot Layout

Toni Anderson KCMO

To predict something as serious as death we must have three signs of death to state it out loud as responsible astrologers. 

Jessica Runions: A Horary Reading

To predict something as serious as death we must have at least three signs as responsible astrologers.

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