Paige Johnson

For Paige's reading chose the time 1am when she was allegedly dropped off at 15th and Scott in Covington, Ky. The chart rose at roughly 12° Cancer. This means Paige is represented by the Moon. In this chart there is…

Missing: Molly Tibbitts

The Natal, Solar arc and transits: Due to Molly's solar arcs I'm worried about what happened to her. She had some rough stuff going on in the charts. Solar arc sun opposite natal Pluto is something I don't like to…

Brad Hale, Bellingham Washington

Please share and read. Brad's missing from Bellingham Washington. Share his photos every where.

Jessica Runions: A Horary Reading

This star is called Cor Serpentis, 'the Heart of the Serpent', not because the star is in the heart but because it is most characteristic of the meaning of Ophiuchus. (Bernadette Brady)

Jessica Runions: A Horary Reading

To predict something as serious as death we must have at least three signs as responsible astrologers.

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