Solar Return and Arcing Mars

Solar arc mars aspects natal Jupiter. This is fortunate for the most part and shows a clearing of the air. The possibility of creative activities makes me think you should be careful with birth control. You may have a weakened…

Eclipsed arcing Saturn in the 12th house

During years passed saturn began to arc your 12th house. It is still there and this year it will get eclipsed in early February. With this slow, long term placement subconscious or repressed fears and worries are brought up. These…

How To Predict Love with Astrology

I am going to start a, "How To," series about predicting events with astrology. These techniques might not be methods that other astrologers use. They may not be the popular indicators many people discuss regarding specific events. They are simply signs in the charts that as an astrologer I have seen come up before certain occurrences.

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